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"Belle, it's been too long since your passin'... You were always such a tender soul. Someday, I swear I'll see you alive again. I just know I will."
— Ven St. Claire, talking to the picture of his wife in his office.

Ven St. Claire was a Cajun anthropomorphic wasp that appears in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves in the episode Alice in Cooperland. He was the boss of Victorian England. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

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Ven St. Claire


Ven St. Claire was a famous amusement park owner from New Orleans, Louisiana. Together with his country singer wife and young son, anthropomorphic mice named Belle and Ben respectively, Ven attempted to build a new Wonderland theme park in London, England. On the park's grand opening, a tragedy occurred. One of the rides, which in this case was a roller coaster, malfunctioned, and Belle was killed when the coaster began falling apart for no reason. Ven had since been grief-stricken, using his finances to sabotage the company Willington Incorporated, the company that usually made the rides for his parks. This turned him into a powerful criminal, and he thus became a target of Interpol, though Carmelita would never know of his existence. Sometime afterward, he had disguised himself and gone to Hearthrow Prison to visit Mz. Ruby, who he heard could bring back the dead. Ven's request was too complicated for Mz. Ruby to assist him with, so she sent him a book of spells so that he may practice voodoo on his own, though she did teach him the basics pretty quickly. From that point forward, Ven's madness deepened to the point of no return.


Alliance with Penelope and Chronos

His use of both voodoo and technology attracted the attention of Penelope and her mysterious co-conspirator, "Chronos", and they hired him on as one of their time-traveling mercenaries. Knowing Willington Incorporated was founded in England during the Victorian Era, Ven St. Claire asked to go to Victorian England, much to Penelope's surprise, as no other mercenary asked to go anywhere specific. But, seeing as she kn ew that Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III lived during that time period, she allowed Ven to go there anyway, completely oblivious to what Ven's actual goals were or her upcoming role in them.

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Building Wonderland

Upon arriving in Victorian London, Ven quickly went to work, using Penelope's resources to build a giant theme park where many homes used to be. Knowing that Thaddeus would end up interfering with his plans, he quickly ordered his new guards to find and kill Thaddeus. Despite many attempts to sneak into the newly constructed park and/or out of London, Thaddeus' disguises became useless, as Ven was able to use his voodoo to see through them all. This forced Thaddeus to hide in the sewers, the only place no one looked.

Encounter with the Cooper Gang

When the Cooper Gang arrived in Victorian London, Sly's first order of business was to look for Thaddeus and recruit him. However, on the way to the sewers, Sly caught a glimpse of Ven, though neither he nor Bentley knew who he was at the time. When Thaddeus and Sly went off to steal a costume and do recon respectively, Ven was fully aware something was wrong in the park. He quickly did research on the Cooper Gang in case they had invaded his theme park, and while Sly was heading off to bug Ven's office, Penelope had come to visit him to see how his operations were proceeding. Ven had been studying Penelope's physical appearance and history, and he found that Penelope was not to be trusted, ordering his guards to immediately capture Penelope and bring her into an indoor section of Wonderland, where she would be used for a ritual to bring back Belle. It is here where Penelope realized why he took the job he was given: she and Belle looked eerily similar to each other (excluding their hair colors), and Penelope was to be used as a vessel for Belle's spirit. Ven then stated that Penelope was just a means to an end to him, sending Penelope on a guilt trip due to her memories of Medieval England coming back to haunt her.

After a series of jobs, the Cooper Gang eventually confronted Ven inside the indoor section of his park, where he, after a touching reunion with his wife, would completely lose his cool, as not only were his actions completely pointless (He could've just used Penelope for Belle's new body and saved himself the trouble), but his wife also detested, and was horrified by, Ven's choices. Upon Belle asking the Cooper Gang to defeat Ven, Ven quickly blamed Penelope for what Ven thought was his wife's so-called odd behavior. Just before Penelope could be beaten senseless, Bentley, in a moment of great courage, tried fending off the furious bug, but was flung far away from his friends, where a battle between him and Ven would ensue.

Death and Legacy

Bentley's brawl with Ven St. Claire proved to be Ven's undoing, as Ven, in an act of desperation, tried to leave through an open window near the roof of the indoor attraction building. Chronos was one step ahead of him, however, and because Ven couldn't use his cybernetic stinger anymore (Bentley had busted it during the battle with an explosive dart), he was choked by Chronos and flung upward into the laser security, electrocuting Ven St. Claire and killing him for his lack of obedience.

Ben, upon hearing of his father's passing, would eventually be adopted by his aunt, Gwen St. Claire, and the two would create the St. Claire Memorial Hospital in honor of Ben's parents, though the press was only told it was in honor of Belle St. Claire, mainly to avoid bad publicity.


Ven St. Claire is yellow-green and black with long, lanky arms and legs. Facially, he is much more bug-like than the Contessa. This includes features such as antennae and hazel-colored compound eyes. However, he has a humanoid mouth, just like the Contessa. His stinger, which is normally exclusive to female wasps, is entirely cybernetic, an enhancement made by Penelope upon Ven's recruitment. Ven wears a judge's wig on his head, making him resemble a scrapped character from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. He also wears a crimson tuxedo with Penelope's logo on the back of it that has holes for his wings.


Accurately described as a lunatic, Ven St. Claire is incredibly insane, making him tough to predict. His love for his wife has blinded him to the evils he has committed, and is more than willing to kill in her name, ev en if she doesn't like what he's doing. Because of his madness, Ven has a habit of not thinking things all the way through, sometimes doing tons of damage before he realizes he could've done something else instead. He is also fond of using others to get what he wants. Given what he wants and who he wants it for, he is, in many ways, a reflection of Penelope's past actions against the Cooper Gang. Ven does, however, have a very caring side to him, as he does, in fact, care deeply about his son Ben, keeping him away from Penelope's group and the Cooper Gang so as to not get him hurt or killed.


Ven, being a wasp, has the natural ability to fly. Thanks to Penelope's upgrades, however, he can fly very quickly. For reasons unknown, he can also generate tornadoes, most likely through the use of voodoo. Getting hit by these tornadoes disables Bentley's sticky bombs, and if any are on the ground already, then they will scatter and explode when the tornadoes blow them away. He can also summon spirits to attack Bentley or hold him down.


Pesky Ponies

These Hatter-like ponies are Ven's Flashlight Guards. Each has been outfitted with a 10-gallon hat, a laser gun shaped like a teapot with a flashlight built into it, and a large metal croquet mallet used for attacking at close range. And yes, they drink tea at six o' clock.

Horrible Hares

The first of the Rooftop Guards are the fancily dressed hares. These hares have canes with spikes at the end of them, doing more damage than their weaker counterparts' weapons, though they lack the range. What could their favorite month be?

Dastardly Dormice

The second variety of Rooftop Guards, the dormice, may look dead tired, but they are at least lively enough to take on anyone in their way, especially a member of the Cooper Gang. Their croquet mallets, while having a long reach, are weaker in strength. Perhaps it's best if they just simply went to sleep...



  • Chronos had given him the codename "The Hatred", due to his hatred toward Willington Incorporated.
  • Ven St. Claire is based on the scrapped chapter of Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There called "A Wasp in a Wig".
  • Defeating Ven St. Claire will award the player with the "Bug Repellent" Trophy.
  • Ven, while not being mentioned by name, is referred to as "that deluded bug" by Penelope in the Age of Pirates, wondering how his research into voodoo was progressing. This makes him the only boss hinted at in a previous level other than Penelope and Chronos themselves.
    • He is also the only boss in the game who was hinted at and whose eventual battle was hyped in a single previous level, while Chronos and Black Beard, a.k.a. Penelope, had their boss battles hinted at and hyped since the beginning of the game.
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