This is just a short story of my bigger story "a steampunk sly cooper story". this take place later in the big story, so count this as a seek peek. this story is 2 part. enjoy
=== Act 1: Prologue===
        It was train whistle that woke up Carmelita, Coming form some sort of steam train. She open her eyes slowly to find that she was laying on a bed in some bunk room on a sleeper car. She was highy stiff this morning with only remember something about a Raccoon, some "crazytalk" about frozen victorian, and a battle with "land ships", though she thought that was all a dream. she was also somehow Drunk like though it seem like she was sleeping the last few days or even the week off(which she was). Also she had a sore neck on her right side,which had a cotton warp around it"Why good morning Ms. Fox." said a Meerkat with a blue top hat and a green vest drinking tea. he was sitting on a white couch on the other side of the room."How are you feeling vixin?""(giggles)Oh Drunkandloopygoodsir.*hic* Noreally, WhereamI?" said a loopy Carmelita (who was oddly enough, calm this morning)." Train to italy. I think that what Andrew said." said the meerkat who then took a sip of his tea." *yawn* byanychance *hic*, heaCooper?" said a sleepy Carmelita. "Before I say that," said the meerkat," Bruce("so that was his name huh" Thought Carm to her self) told me to tell you to NOT do anything with motor skills for the next few hour. this include using your gun; though yes, Sir Andrew is a Cooper."" Ok, *hic* now whydidBruce *hic* told me notto usemygunatthis *hic* time" said a groggy Carmelita trying to get up and out of bed." Well in your state, you be bloody lucky to get to this table in the middle of the room without help." said the Meerkat." Eh, I think *hic* I cando it." said Carmellita." This is going to be funny to watch." said a raccoon in the door" who are you?" ask Carmelita, sitting up on the bed, tail moving slowly back and forth drunkenly." The name Rob McCooper," said Rob," and if you want to know what going to happen if you try this...." and he stop by his twin running (and leaning) backward down the hall." Hello twin!" said his twin before he crash into someone. "What the bloody heck were you thinking when you got up this morning?!?" said someone down the hall." Just one of my son being an fool." said someone else on the other side of the hall. "Cousin, I thought uncle Bruce told you to not do this kind of stuff when on his Tranquillizer potion." said someone on the side that the twin crash on." Wasthat *hic* Sly taking?" ask the groggy Carmelita." Why, actually yes, it was," said Rob," HEY, cuz!"" Yeah!" said Sly." Sleeping beauty up!" said Rob." Ok, I be down there in just a...." said Sly when something happen down the hall," Ok, which one of you wise guy are shooting darts at my neck?"
         "Anyway," said the Meerkat," let me introduce myself. my name is Dr. Jon Howard of the 97' crew, which Bruce probably told you about already. I bet wondering why you are dazed, groggy, practical drunk, and have a sore neck this morning."" Yeah." said Carmelita." Will I hope you do not have the fears Apiphobia (bees) or trypanophobia (needles) for this souvenir that I'm about to show you," said Howard when he took out what look like to be a 3in. long, metal, "bee stinger"," This bloody crackerjack, my friend, used to be in your neck." Carmelita shiver at the very look at that thing, much more now when she found out that it was in her neck." Thatwasinmy *hic* neck?" said a shivering and still groggy Carmelita," Nowonder I fel' *hic* drunk." Yes it was," said Howard," me and..."" Back me up!" said the twin who crash earlier. he was about to fall down, face first, on the train car floor when he was save by two Coopers, Bruce O'coop and some unknown raccoon.
      "Rob, I need you to fold that bed down." said Bruce, holding on to legs of the twin while the other man was holding on to his head, lifting him off the floor." Can do, uncle," said Rob, walking over to Carmelita,"Ms. fox, I need you to duck your head for just a minute." Carmelita then duck her head while Rob pull down the upper bed. "Ok, Now up you go." said Bruce, throwing the twin up on the top bed," Rob, I need you to watch your twin, Kelle, until the toxin wear off."" Can do." said Rob." Ah, Ms. Fox I presume" said the unknown raccoon." Who *hic* areyouagian?" ask Carmelita." Sir Andrew Cooper maden." said Andrew." Ok *hic*, how may (many) peopleare *hic* here?" ask Carmelita." hang on," said Andrew walking to the door," Alright, were going to head count of all the people here on the team. come down here." and before you knew it, there was an army standing outside the door.
"One, Sly""Right here."
"Two, The kid"" Here amigo."
"Three, thaddeus"" Which one?"
"both"" where right here"" That make three and four"
"Five, Otto"" Hallo"
"Six and seven; B.F and Bruce"" Over here"" And over here"
"8, Howard"" I'm drinking tea"
"9, Suzanne"" Right here"
"10, Mr. Fix"" Can I go back to shooting target?"
"11, Louis"" Bonjour"
"12, Dimitri"" Greasy sweet!"
"13, Holmes"(shack)"Stop shooting me with dart."(said sly)
"14, Watson"" Hello (shack), I'm going to kill Holmes."
"15, Cavor"" For the queen!"
"16, Drake"" Are we there yet."
"17, One eye kinsley"" Don't call me that ever aging!"
"18, Ned"" Please don't hurt me"
"19, Carmelita"" *hic* here"
"20 and 21, Rob and Kelle"" I'm here and Kelle...""For the *hic* coper (cooper)!"
"22, peter"" Catch 22"
"23, guru"(guru say something )"" I have no idea what you said, but ok" (said Cavor)
"24, Bentley"" Right here."
"25, Reid"" Don't look now, but there one to many people in this hallway and I think it you."
"Wise cracking nephew. Anyway, 26,  Augustine, my brother."" Stone cold"
"27, Murry"" Alright"
"Ok where missing two..."(then the trunk in the bunk room pop open)
"28!!"( Willson)" And 29!!"( Winthorp)
"Ok, plus me, that about...."" You forgot my secretary, uncle"( Drake)
"Ok, plus your secretary, that gives us 31 people plus an army. Ok, go back to what you where doing everyone."
        Everyone then when back to what they were doing." Ok, now you wise guys get out of Carmelita's trunk and get your bloody tails out of here." said Andrew. The penguin named Ferd Willson and the ferret named Winthorp did as told (Sir Andrew cooper is one of those few people that fought a 25 foot long corc with his bare hands, AND WON. The Quatermain of the coopers he is)."That my *hic* trunk?" ask Carmelita." Yes it is," said Bruce," Me and Sly pick it up at some market down in London when you were asleep, legally of course."" Howlog (long) wasI *hic* asleep for?" ask Carmelita." Oh.., about a week." said Bruce." Aweek, Iwasa*hic*leep (asleep) foraweek?" said Carmelita, somewhat surprise but still practical drunk,"holycarp!" That because Me and Howard had to knock you out so we can remove that stinger out of your neck and let the toxen wear off a bit, though I thought that Bomb would of  woke you up back in London, but you and Kelle sleeped like rocks though it. Even the world renowned heavy sleeper Willson couldn't sleep though it, and that bloody penguin sleeped though alot of things." said Bruce. "Ok, now what hap*hic*en (happen) to Kelle?" ask Carmelita." Oh he," said Howard, who then took a sip of his tea," your bloody luckily that your not him, the crazy raccoon got two stinger to the back and one to the arm. He was seeing flying pink elephant and had multivision, I bet he had a bloody trip to the dark side of the moon."" That is actually one of my favorite songs." said Bruce." There a song called bloody trip?" ask Howard." Sorry that you weren't in the 60's and 70's meerkat," said Bruce," anyway, you still have some of the toxin in your blood Carmelita, but your nowhere near as bad of a state as Kelle up above..."" Wel bo this vor *hic* momther rusian," said Kelle, who then hit the sack and dozes off." Anyway, some of the side effects of both Bruce tranquillizer & calming potion and the toxin are being temporary woozy, dazed, groggy, legally drunk by law, being sleepy, loss of motor skills, slurred speech, slow down reflexes,  burred and double vision, minor amnesia, also staggering when patient tries to walk," said Howard, who then took a sip of his tea," and poor judgment. As Kelle showed us."
         " HEY Bruce, I got are uncle Andrew 45year old whiskey out of it...." said Reid, when he was stop by the look of the Sir Andrew cracking his nuckles, looking at him with the whiskey bottle." I well talk to you later." said Reid, who then started to run back down the hall, with Andrew right behind him." Will Reid is going to get deck today," said Bruce," but I bet he is going to gived the bottle to Rob here so he gets beat up." And with that being said, Reid came running back to the room with the bottle." here, take this bottle." said Reid to Rob while handing him the bottle, who then ran way. Then Andrew came to the bunk room door, look at the bottle, then look at Rob, knock him out with one punch to the face, and walked away with the bottle." Hey guys, what just happen here?" ask Sly, who just miss the show."  Reid, then Andrew, came though." said Bruce." Oh, that why Rob is on the floor sleeping." said Sly," Hey Carmelita."" Hello Sly." said the still loopy Carmelita smiling.
        "You sould of heard youself back in London, you were saying some petty funny things." said Sly smiling." Was *hic* I?" ask Carmelita." Oh that what I forgot to say," said Bruce," you see, my sleeping potions doesn't make you go to sleep right form the dose, it tends to have a little fun with you first. As in making you Very loopy and make you forget about what happen when you wake up, but it sould be coming back to soon enough."" *hic* Ok." said Carmelita." But I do have to say," begin Bruce," whoever made the not unlike alcohol toxin was a genius. I mean, not everyone can make a truely bloody unique compound made out of ozone, carbon, and a little nitrogen, and make it's creator of this toxin a true bloody genius."" Ihaveno *hic* idea what (you) justsaid *hic*, butok." said Carmelita." You catch my drift when the toxin wear off." said Bruce," Anyway..."
        "Hey brother, would it be ok if I play poker in here?" said Reid." Sure, why not." said Bruce." Ok everyone in here," said Reid entering the room. And following him, A line of rowdy and crazy group of hecklers, hunter, and other odd folks,"Lenny (dog), Will(otter), get my nephew sleeping on the floor off it. Ron(human), folded that bed down. Jon..."" Brother, did you unloaded the peanut gallery and bring them here or what?" ask Bruce." No. Anyway, Jon (some insect), get that table over here, Lenny, get my nephew on that..."" I'm petty sure he means Rob down there" said Sly." Anyway, Lenny, Will, get my nephew ROB on THAT bed( the one above Howard). Louis (cat), bring that bottle, Frank(Dog)(" Hey, can I sit by you?" ask Sly to Carmelita."*hic* sure, why not." said Carmelita), bring the other table in here. Hans( Human), bring that bottle opener. A57 (Robot), get the chips. Thank you Hans." said Reid. Reid then open the bottle, only for it to brake apart by a bullet going though it." Bruce, WHY must you chose the crazy ones that are crack shot (Sly FINALY gets to Carmelita though the crowd of odd folks)with guns as sweethearts?" said Reid." Hey, love is blind EH." said Bruce looking at Sly." Whos *hic* he talk all out( about) again?" ask Carmelita." Aw, some ladyfriend." said Sly."Ok," said Carmelita," and why *hic* your eyes green?"" AW *hic*," said Sly holding his neck, who was starting to get a little woozy," I KNEW THERE *hic* FUNNY ABOUT those *hic* darts."" I told you that I needed someone to test out the toxin." said Bruce,"hey, bug, move away," he said to Jon the bug." What is *hic* talking about?" ask Carmelita." Another side *hic* effect," said a drunk Sly," of the tox*hic*in is having green eyes while have the *hic* toxin in you."" Aw, that nice." said Carmelita looking in a mirror at her green eyes." How log would I be *hic* out fo?" said Sly." Hey Sherlock," said Bruce," how many dart did you get him with?"" Four."" I say 16 hours." said Bruce." Um, nice?" said Sly."Anyway," said Bruce," I say to sleep it off..."" EVERYONE," said someone, a bird, at the door," BOXING MATCH BETWEEN SHERLOCK AND B.F., HAPPING NOW IN DUR LOBBY." Then everyone looked at Bruce."Well..., GO." said Bruce. And with that, Most people and the room ran right to the lobby.
=== Act 2: Rail mayham===
       "Hey, where the heck did everyone went to?" ask Rob, who just got up." They went to the lobby for a boxing match," said Bruce," and help me out to get your twin out of here." Then the only people in the room was Sly and Carm." Willthatwas *Hic* some..." said Sly looking at Carm when she started laughing." Whatsofunny?" ask Sly smileing (Let me get you in the joke, durring the bedlam of people running out of the room, Reid took out a pencil and drew a Groucho mask on Sly face.)" Aw Sly," said Carmelita trying to trying not to laugh," Yoursofunny." She then kiss Sly cheek and hug him. Sly was a little confuse and shock, but not so much about being kiss( Sly mind,"...1) Lock the doors before I go to sleep, 2) don't let B.F wisper in my ear.."), but he then shake it off." let us talk *hic* in the din*hic*ner car so I can tell you *Hic* what happen awhile you were *hic* asleep." said Sly."Ok joker." said Carm. A Mouse who was a "Belhop" then look in to the room."Hey.. Wazt *hic* up.*whump*" said Sly falling on the floor out cold and started snoozen away." Light weight." said the Mouse. He then walk off, jotled down something in his book, and close it. on the book cover was a tophat sign.
      "I Mustbedreaming!" said Carm going back to bed (though as you see she not), Which she did every quicky.
Now heres what far.....
              Sly and Co. Try to do a hiest in london, Sly "once thought mosty dead"(there other coopers still alive that Sly other knew about )famliy came, werck Slys hiest, sercet cooper past told, Battle broke out bewteen
Nicker Nacker Whacker Hammer wasp


the coopers and four other people, Police got jack big time, Landships came in....., Police got jack some more....,Cooper hold out, unfroze Ferd Willson and tennessee kid, Carm got stung by one muther of a wasp, unfrozed a cat, destory a tracked mech owned by a master mind villan, use a gatling gun, bearly stop a tirpod \tank attack, tea time truce made, got thauddues "the 4th",...other world USA step in, ended Truce, Police retreat for cover, More mayham, crazier weapon come in(Dino riders,octpods walkers, shock guns....Ect.), Zombie for no reason, a M engine cannon, got the rest of the 97' crew(Otto,Fix,howard,and thuaddues the 3th), Got the world Biggest babbage engine and got it air llifted. set time bomb, all side retreat back to home base, Leaving the cooper back at "the gaslight unverse" London, stop a rabbit form his evil plan, and now there going to italy.....That about it...
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