Mugshot was born as the runt of the litter,believe it or not.He was bullied alot,and the only place he could turn to was the big screen.He knew then that he wanted to be a gangster.He started working out,and the results were a surprise to everyone.He was then brought into the fiendish 5 as chief muscle.

                            Sly cooper 1

He had taken over Mesa City,the place Raleigh had mentioned in "the entire life of Raleigh the frog" you must break into his casino,sabotage his alleys,kill all his guards,and "trash the joint".Sly even breaks into his "head",ruining Muggshot's operation.Muggshot admits he didn't want the" thinumus raccamagoocus " but mugshot had already been ticked off by sly,and then it's time for the boss battle that took me 2 years to complete.His attacks are relatively hard to dodge,you must get behind a light or jump with PERFECT timing.You must hit all the mirrors which deflect the light back to Muggshot.AHH-AHHHHHHHHH-AHH-AHH!He screams.This knocks off a THIRD of the so-called muscle.His guns are destroyed.You must do the same on the 2nd floor,but this is a smaller area with holes that will kill you scattered every where.Once doing this,Muggshot is down to his last 1/3 of his life.Wait until he shoots the mirror,then whack it and travel to the next one VERY QUICKLY.Repeat several times until all the mirrors are pointed to the large lamp.He will then be defeated and will say:"this is impossible."

                          Sly cooper 3:honor among Thieves

To be continued...