"Stupid Arpeggio.I double crossed the cooper gang,Interpol,and carmalita.What made you think I wouldn't do the same to you?" Said Neyla on the blimp."neyla,I demand you stop right now or...or...OR...!!!"Demanded Arpeggio.CRASSHHHH!!!There was a cracking sound as Clockwork attacked Arpeggio.Arpeggio's eyeglass rolled away.The Klaww gang had been defeated forever.Or had they?...

Exactly 10 years after the last member of the Klaww gang was beaten,and 10 years since Clockwork had supposedly died forever,3 years after coming back to the hideout,or,if you look at it from then,700 years,Arpeggio was STILL lying on the ground,dead.But when Mz. Ruby broke out of jail,only 11 years since Arpeggio's death,she revived Arpeggio. Arpeggio woke up,the hatred burning inside of him.He knocked Mz. Ruby out,then ran away to his blimp.All his guards were gone,those who left after clock-la was defeated escaped,those who didn't were arrested.Arpeggio,with new wings,soared down below to Paris,to the very place where the final life of clock-la was gone.Arpeggio searched the water,finding nothing but the clockwork heart,eyes,brain,and HATE CHIP.Arpeggio took these to Dimitri's nightclub,which he found was FILLED with guards.When the guards saw him,they were very confused.I AM YOUR NEW LEADER!He shouted.The guards listened,though the guards had very bad aim with every weapon they had."Dimitri is in jail,correct?" He asked."wrong,he's now with the cooper gang."Said a French bull frog."what?I thought he'd never join.He owed what...20 years?I'll bet he did it to get out of jail!HA HA!" Arpeggio said."How about Rajan?" Huh?" He asked. "Visit his palace,maybe he's there." Said the bullfrog."The Klaww gang will be reunited,Whether they like it...or NOT!!!

After 4 months of long travels,Arpeggio came to an empty palace.There were dead guards on the ground everywhere.Arpeggio was confused.Then the last living Rhino came up to Arpeggio and said," Arpeggio,we got news you were dead.How did you find us?How the heck have you lived these long years?" "Oh,no matter.Where is Rajan?" He replied. "He fled,to the jungle.I'm afraid he didn't take me with him.Now there are cops here.i...I gotta run,quick,check the Indian jail!I...ouch!" Yelled the Rhino as he was shocked."freeze,Arpeggio...what?This is impossible!"yelled Carmalita,confused."ahh,But Carmalita,are you missing a Haitian prison inmate?""shut up.I don't care how you came to life,but you are gonna have to go to jail For the following:oh,you know what you did,or tried to do,so stand still!!!" Arpeggio then sacked Carmalta,sending her onto the bridge.Arpeggio then kicked her off the bridge,and holding her,said:"You fool!I have the gift,of immortality,but unfortunately,YOU DON't!!!"

Arpeggio then dropped Ms. Fox into the water.Carmalita struggled to stay afloat,but she was sinking slowly."Listen,bird brain!"She screamed.You may be an inventor,but I'm a cop with a shock pistol.I'll arrest you,just like all the other Klaww gang members!You are going to pay for your crimes,I'll get you,I mean it,I'll get you!" "Ah,but who's going to help you?Ha Ha Ha!" Carmelita then sank,but found a tunnel.She entered it,and swam to the end.She came to another tunnel,and came to dry ground.She started to run to the end,which was longer than she thought.Meanwhile,Arpeggio hired more guards for Rajan's palace,then set out to the jail."hello,I'm looking for the tiger floor.Could you help?"Said Arpeggio."uh,sorry,sir,but there are no tigers in this prison.I'm sorry."Said the prison guard."You shall pay,stupid guard.YOU WILL!"Yelled Arpeggio as he exited.Then Arpeggio set out for the 12 day trip to the jungle.

2 months after Arpeggio's visit to Paris,Jean Bison was starting to thaw out.He swam through the cold water to His old lumberjack camp,where most of his guards were about to set up the lumberjack games."The lumberjack games are cancelled,I have more serious business to "take care of!Protect this camp at all costs!"Yelled Jean."We're sorry,mister,but we only work for our boss,Jean Bison."Said a duck,who had very little money."I AM JEAN BISON!" Jean yelled.Now,who wants a couple coins,eh?5 GOLDEN COINS FOR EVERY GUARD,and after that,2 GOLDEN coins every HOUR YOU PROTECT THIS CAMP!You'll all be rich!So,whattaya say,eh?""Um...well,I'm,that would be stupid,I...""ANSWER QUICKER,NEXT TIME,EHHHHH?"Jean grabbed Mr.Quacker and knocked him out with his axe."Aweee......"The duck was dragged to prison,and was stripped of his loot,700 gold coins."Well,anybody else wanna join"Jean said,in his sarcastic tone."MEEEEE!!!" Everybody yelled."Splended..."Said Jean handing out gold coins.


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