"I am perfection...My life fueled by the burning hatred and jealousy for those threaten my perfection...I run perfectfly...I...Am...CLOCKWERK!"


Born in ancient Giza Egypt, original Clockwerk went by the name of Werkhotem; and was on of the deadiest bloody thristy grave robbers in all the land. He'd raided countless Egyptian tombs, graves, and even robbed from the Pharaoh himself and was unchallenged; that is until one thief came along and threatened his existance. That thief was Slytunkhamne Cooper II. Werkhotem at first thought him a mere amature, an immature street rat trying to make it as a thief who had gotten beginners luck; however he couldn't be more wrong; in fact it was this arrogance and lack of attention that caused him to constantly lose treasure to Slytunkhamne.

It was at this point in his life where he had begun to hate Slytunkhamne for becoming the better thief, cursing him when Slytunkhamne developed his invisability move making him even better. Werkhotem tried time and time again to find a way to thrawrt him but sadly each time he failed; and with each failed attempt his hatred grew ever stronger. Werkhotem had then discovered ancient black Egyptian magic scrolls in the tombs of Anubis, after reading them he discovered a ritual, one that would grant him immortality; but at a price; he'd have to live the rest of his days hating and hunting down members of the Cooper family in order to retain his eternal life, because jealousy, hatred, envy and greed were the prime ingredients for ones own personal fountain of youth; ultimately it had done the trick; from that point on Werkhotem had changed him name to that of which meant "Runs Perfectly" and thus Clockwerk was born.