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Spein Cooper is Sly Cooper's clone. Sly first encounters Spein in [[Episode 2: The Thief Within]] in game title unknown.


Spein's past is one of cloudness. It is assumed that he was cloned from Sly in Contessa's Factory, but there is a slight personality to Spein, unlike most other clones. Spein often regards past with bitterness, mentioning very little of it before changing the discussion.


Spein generally displays the dark side of Sly Cooper. He is much more blunt in his observations, and is very ruthless in combat. He dislikes working with anyone, especially Sly. Many times, Spein lashes out at Sly for "not being perfect". Sly is the only one who can calm Spein.


Spein first appeared in Episode 2: The Thief Within, after Sly completes some of Telin's trials. From then, a battle rages between the two, with Spein having a slight upper hand. However, Spein forgets that Sly is a true Cooper, whereas he is just a clone, and quits the fight, stating that there is no point.

From this point, Spein appears here and there, mainly as a stubborn ally. However, when Contessa finally comes out of her hiding place, Spein double-crosses the Cooper Gang with his clones of the gang, which, unlike Spein to Sly, are much stronger to their respective counterparts.