Here are my ideas for Sly 5:

The cooper gang has gotten back from defeating the collector and is now returning to their hideout when they realize there are guards inside,playing cards.They had to do some research,but they realize they are in Morraco.The local boss was a college dropout from Venice,Italy.He had worked in guard college for Don Octavio.He was watching a movie at his house when he heard yet another guard outside dying.This is foolish!He thought.So he dropped out,got kicked out,and many years later,at age 31,he decided to become a member of FONE,the most popular gang in the world.Sly also saw Sir Raleigh the frog talking to the boss of the city,Clarence" You are the lowest level member!" Said Raliegh."allow me to show you the door,Raliegh the dog." Said Clarence."Raleigh?" Said sly.How'd he get out?Ugh...sly? Said Bentley.We messed things up so bad,Raleigh was never a member of the fiendish five.Dr. Drake took Raleigh's place.And now it says Raleigh would like to become a member of FONE!

Hears my(Dino-drones) ideas'


Cooper Gang

  1. Sly Cooper (Kevin Miller), The Master Thief: Leader of the Cooper Gang
  2. Bentley (Matt Olsen), The Brains/Demolition Expert:
  3. Murray (Chris Murphy), The Brawn/Getaway Driver:
  4. Carmelita (Grey DeLisle), Marksman: Sly's girlfriend and former Interpol Inspector
  5. Guru-Mystic:
  6. Panda King
  7. Dimitri (David Scully)-Frogman
  8. Vincent (John DiMaggio), 2nd Brawn: An alligator who's an friend from Murray's childhood goes by his ring name; "The Vincigator". He joined the Cooper Gang as the 2nd muscle for the job
  9. Zeke-Collecter/Apprentice: A young gecko who was born in a the town of Sunset springs
    • Terrence's mother:
  10. Chan Poa, Martial Arts Expert:
  11. Felicia Sparks/Queen ():
  12. Raoul (Nestor Carbonell): A hispanic Python who known to be a con artist
  13. Mz. Ruby
  14. Grizz: Who is befriended by Dimitri as they both like art.
  15. Gibson: A Platypus


  • Jonathan "Johnny" Sheppard (Troy Baker): Interpol's new Inspector and Carmelita Fox's replacement. He's a German Sheppard
  • Commisioner Jones Monitor (): Johnny's partner. He is a Moniter Lizard
  • Roland:
  • Lt. Fronk:

The Syndicate

  1. Drako ()-Founder/Leader: The the Leader of the Syndicate. Drako was born in an unkown place, He's a Dragon that who want's to rule the world on the next planetary alignment.
    • Trudge:
  2. Hex Alucard (Peter Stormare):A shadowy, devious, twisted and downright evil Romanian vampire bat. Hex is a powerful sorcerer; who is a lot older than he looks; he’s more than 500 years old having used a special body transference ritual for over 5 centuries. He originated in ancient Transylvania; once a holy priest but was corrupted by the dark influence of the devil himself after making a deal to save his life. Cursed to forever live on as a blood sucking creature of the night, Hex as lived for 500 years and has let the darkness complete take him over; turning innocent victems into his loyal minions. He was awakend in the present day by Drako and joined the Syndicate
  3. Cyrille Le Paradox: Who mysteriously escapes from prison
  4. Estaban Vivero: A wrestling manager and
  5. Chairman Weaver ()-Town Mayor: He is crule, aggressive, short-tempered Diamondback Rattlesnake who runs a western town
  6. Mz. Trudy (Cree Summer):
  7. Axel Dasher (David Kaye): Anotorious crime boss and pro-racer on the Monte Carlo racing circuit. He’s a fierce Jaguar who owns his own crime ring in Monte Carlo and all of Monaco but is mainly stationed in Monte Carlo. In his old days, he was just a rookie street racer, challenging anyone and everyone he could find on the late night racing strips of Rio; pretty soon he made a name for himself in racing and made it in a few pro matches; however due to his over confidence and lack of mercy he was targeted by the mob who control the more…seedy sections of the racing world and he was lead to a tragically accident, leaving him scarred for life as well as having his title stolen from him. Soon ater, he lead. His virtually unchallenged except for the constant interference of a rival female racer, Felicia Sparks. He’s incredibly smart and a genius mechanic but he is no honorable racer and cheats on the track. He owns a fancy Hotel/Resort and Casino called, Racing Aces
  8. Cornelious Nexus (Pat Fraley): A highly intelligent and crafty genetic scientist and a master of quantum and temporal physics. This insidious Mile Crocodile is actually the one who taught Dr.M all he knows about genetic mutation and gene splicing. He’s a well-respected genius in the normal community but behind closed doors he’s a maniacal mad scientist who conducts immoral and insane experiments on whomever he can get as a test subject
  9. ???

Other characters

  • The Maka Kong: A wrestler who used to work with Vincent
  • Big Nelson (): Weaver's right hand man, who is a brutish Gila monster carries two hand guns and a gattling gun
  • Jing King: Who is now with her aunt.
  • Octavio (David Scully): Freed from jail and still like Opera. Seen during the Monte Caro Grand Prix and looks a little younger from his last encounter withe cooper gang and thought to be in prison until he was freed for community service of helping the edlderly and entertain them with his Opera and not a mob boss anymore he's a traveling aristocrat
  • The Sulidae Bros: Three different Booby brothers simular to Ed, Oly and Waddle from Sitting Ducks. They were Axel's lazy henchmen and left to be aristocrats and became alies to the Cooper Gang since the 4th episode
    • Dan (Louis Chirillo): The 1st brother who wears a blue topical shirt, a and speaks with a New York accent. He's a Blue-footed Booby. During parties, he wears a blue suit jacket, and a blue top hat
    • Hector (Phil Hayes): The 2nd brother who wears a red waistcoat, a lavender beret, spats on his feet and speaks in a Beatnik accent. He's a Red-footed Booby. During parties, he wears a red suit jacket and a red fedora
    • Andrew (Rob Paulson): The 3rd brother with a little overwaight appearence. He wears a green bowtie, a shirt with and glasses. He's a Green-footed Booby. During parties, he wears a green suit jacket and a green bowler hat
  • Tobio Tokioka: A Japanese racer that particapated in this years Monte Carlo Grand Prix who is Japan's representative. He's a japanese Maqacue
  • Miguel Revira: A Mexican racer that participated in this years Monte Carlo Grand Prix who is Mexico's representative. He is a Mexican Bear
  • Guido Calvino: An Italian racer that participated in this years Monte Carlo Grand Prix who is Italy's representative. He is an Italian Wall Lizard
  • Bernando Garcia: A Braziliain Racer that participated in this years Monte Carlo Grand Prix who is Brazil's representative. He is a Blue and Yellow Macaw
  • Tyson Conrad: A Jamaican racer that participated in this years Monte Carlo Grand Prix who is Jamacia's representative. He is a Jamaican Boa
  • Nigel Hamilton: An Australian racer that participated in this years Monte Carlo Grand Prix who is Australia's representative. He is a Red Kangaroo
  • Joeseph: An Indian racer that participated in this years Monte Carlo Grand Prix who India's representative. He is a Clouded Leopard
  • Cain Prost:


  • Axel's Guards: Mostly hired thugs as guards
    • Rooftop Guards: Chameleons and Nazca Boobies: Carry clubs, broken bottles and megaphones
    • Flashlight Guards: Mountain Lions
    • Patrol Guards: Deathstalker Scorpions and Dingos
  • Weaver's Guards: His hencemen are desert type reptiles some are gunslingers
    • Frilled Lizards:
    • Leopard Lizads
    • Bearded Dragons (flash light guards)
  • Judy's henchmen
    • Rats:
    • Poison Dart Frogs


  1. A Fierce Showdown Royale
  2. Venom in the Ol' West
  3. The Fast and the Ferocious

Episode Locations

  • Prelude:
  1. Mexico City,
  2. Wild West, Texas
  3. Monte Carlo, Monaco