(I just want to say that when I grow up I am actually going to make this game. And I will include a character from one of my ideas his name is sneaky, so without further ado enjoy).

Story: --- The Cooper gang have gone there separate ways. But sly, Bently, and Murray still hang out. They discover a temple that could give people magnificent powers. How ever a gang of villains beat them there. So the Cooper gang develop a plan to get the gang back together. After going on countless tasks to get them back(which are going to be levels) they discover they need 5 more members. They get a weapon specialist named captain homer. They get slys old enemy Muggshot. They get an alien friend named alien Jim who has incredible soul sucking abilities. General tsao from sly 3. And a squirrel named sneaky who's abilities were related to sly's. And take down all of the evil villain members. Except for the last one who was none other than...... ANDROSS!! The gang team up with Carmilita and Sneakys girlfriend inspector Lisa (from new York). After taking down andross the team split the money they got from the temple and go their separate ways again. Muggshot opened a casino. Captain homer got an animation studio. The panda king got back to screening his daughters suiters. Tsao used his abilities for good. It is unknown what everybody else is doing. THE END.


Sly cooper Bently "The Murray" Inspector Fox Captain homer Inspector Lisa Sneaky Panda king General Tsao Penelope The guru And more.