This takes place in: Blackpool, England. This level is like the opening level in the first game.

Cartoon-like cutscene

Sly: Welcome to Blackpool, where the name is lying about pools. This is where some king is at. Bently had limted information on who he is, but at least the hiest is at the same castle we were at multiple times.

Opening cutscene

{A mysterious figure opens vault} ???: YOU!

Sly: Who me?

Murray: Yes, you!

Bently: Couldn't be.

Murray:Then who?

???: SHUT YOUR SOUND HOLES! Everytime I'm in my castle, YOUR in my castle! In the freaking treasure room. Taking all the gold, all the grails, all the rubies, and all of the saphires! I want my grails and some gold! You bloddy Americans...ALL THE SAME!

Sly: Watch out, King George III is treating us American Colonists with disrespect!

???: How dare you take me, King Payne V, and my predecesors of royalty with disrespect! You'll now have to make it out as corpses...

Scene after battle

Sly: Dang....I thought he would never go down.

Bentley: Sly, we don't have a lot of time before Payne gains consiouceness.

Sly: Well then there's one thing to do. Murray get the van, we're heading to the safe house.

Murray: Roger!

{Carmelita enters, sees calling card, and arrests Payne.}

Sly: *Reading paper* King Payne V arrested for kidnappings, grand theft, smuggling of illegal goods, murders, and tyranny. *Puts down paper.* We're not gonna hear the last of this, aren't we?

Bently: No, with a slim point five percent of a yes. The other royalties of the nations were in alligence with Payne, so we'll be in deeep guano.