Takes place in: New Orleans, Louisiana. This is the second level.

Cartoon-like Cutscene

Sly: Back at the bayou. I remember swambs like these like the back of my cane. Back when Mz. Ruby was running loose, I came here. But now, some guy named Voodood the Dood, once of Payne's royal friends, is appearantly turning citizens into, wait for it, tomatoes. Bently says this guy is a vegan alligator. He also eats them in the end, so you gotta feel sorry for them.

Opening Cutscene

Voodood the Dood: *Whistiling while walking into a cave* Cool! Some din-uhhhhhh......guests! What a lovely surprise!

Sly: Enough with  the formalities Dood. We know what you're up too.

Dood: Fine, let's get it over with. *Runs away* PSYCH IDIOTS! BWAHAHA!

Mission 1: Recon

Bently: Sly, do a friend a favor and stake out New Orleans. Marty Gras is happening twenty-four seven with this guy in charge. So I want you to take pictures of the parade float dedicated to him, the kind of gaurds he has, the governor's, A.K.A his, manson, and where he keeps his spell book, which is ironically in the local bank no one contributes to.

Sly: So you're telling me to be secret during a party? Well that stinks. I wanted some beads.

Bently: Focus on the job Sly.

After recon

Sly: What's next? we steal beads?

Bently: Hardy hardy har har.

Mission 2: Government Property