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This story is about how while Carmelita is chasing interpol's most wanted criminal,she jumps and tries to shoot them,but it bounces off their armor and hits her instead.Once she is weakened,they take her own handcuffs and "arrest" her.But there's much more to it than that.Read to find out if Sly will come and save her once again!


The streets of Japan,9:36 P.M

"FREEZE,OR WE WILL BE FORCED TO USE OUR SHOCK PISTOLS!" Yelled Carmelita on a dark night.The most wanted criminals were standing with guns held up.They slowly approached,and punched her.She was not badly hurt,however,and started chasing them.She fired,and hit one of the many gang members.They were shocked badly.She then turned shock all the way up and fired at another.It hit and the thief fell to the ground.She fired another blast,but it bounced off his armor this time.It bounced off and smashed into Carmelita,knocking her out within a second of being hit.The other thieves ran up to the helpless cop.They searched her,and took out $700 in cash.They then found handcuffs and slapped them on her.They grabbed her by the jacket and dragged her to their hideout.

The streets of Japan, 4:30 A.M, 7 hours after Carmelita's capture.

Sly was nervous.He had robbed 14 banks,but Carmelita never showed up to bust him.Then,he saw a sign that had her picture.She had gone missing,and had been lost for 1 1/2 weeks.He found a person who knew what had happened.He got ALL the information,then set off to find the certain special fox...he came to a suspicious house,the windows were all covered with duct tape.Sly knew this was the right house.He picked the lock,and was greeted with an agonizing blow to the head.He whacked the mysterious attacker,then searched the house.Many thieves tried to kill him,but he dodged all of them.Very soon he found a 7-lock door that was sealed shut with an unknown sticky substance.He could hear a muffled female voice.

Tokyo,Japan,3:30 P.M.

"Shut UP,FOX!I'm gonna shock the tail right off you!Now,like I said,where do you keep your money?Is it a-what was that noise?Lakakay,go check that out.""You got it,boss!"Kakakay then opened the door to find Sly."Wha-UGHHHH!!!"He yelled as Sly whacked him with his cane.He fell onto the ground,and Sly stuck his foot on him."BOSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!COME Q-""What you saying,Kakakay? This better be worth it!Now,COOPER?!!!!Ah,here for your lady friend,are you?We'll return her just as soon as she gives us her money,eh,fox?""no,you're gonna give her back RIGHT NOW,or you're gonna get bloody.""Ha ha ha!You won't beat our weapon designer,who is our boss!You know her,right?Her Penelope!All you gotta do to get a boss is give 'em a couple hundred dollars,some money for weapon design,and,voila!A new boss!Men,beat this shrimp up!I'll send in backup if you need it,but you won't,will you?!!!!WILL YOU?!!!!""No,sir.""Good.Then fight!GUARDS!!!!!!!!"Revin,the head of bosses,walked away into a hidden portal that took him to Carmelita's new position.Sly whacked one of them,making them fly back.Sly knocked a guard's tooth out."Ow!My tooth!That hurt!""I...DON't...CARE!Yelled Sly as he knocked the guard to the floor.Another boss rushed at him,but Sly shot him with his new dart gun.The boss fell back,and started to fall asleep.Sly,who had defeated most of the guys,saw one giant robot.And he saw a small one fly out of the giant robot's mouth.And then the cover of the small robot opened,and out came a dark figure with wavy blonde hair."PENELOPE?!!""Yes,Cooper,it is me.I'd like to apologize for what I did to you people,but unfortunately,this is what I must do to get what I love.Defeat Revin,and I may be able to rejoin your team.But not until you take out the castle.Revin must be sent to jail for a long long time,but unfortunately,I must defeat you.Put 'em up,Cooper!You will not get to that castle!""Sly,use your bow to defeat Penelope!"Said Bentley.Penelope uses her robot to try and stomp on Sly.You must use cannons to weaken her,but she will not be hurt.Once stunned,use your arrow to attack her RIGHT ARM.Once you attack them 3 times,her health goes down some.But her arm has not been harmed.You must now shoot her RIGHT LEG.But first,you must use the cannons to get the leg armor off.Once off,hit her with your bow 4 times,and some of the metal comes off the leg.Then she pulls out a sword and starts swiping.Jump or duck to dodge.One you do this,just start shooting at her LEFT LEG.After 4 more hits,her health will deplete down very far.Now she pulls out a shield and longer sword.You must dodge all this,then attack her RIGHT LEG.But beware the shield.If you hit the leg once,the shield breaks.Attack the leg 9 more times,and her health depletes to empty.The robot will fall on it's knees for a little more than 8 seconds,but will get back up and Penelope will yell,"THIS IS NOT OVER!You didn't even damage my robot a bit!Except for one loose gear in the right leg!!!Ha ha ha!"But it does come back to haunt her.The robot starts to rumble,and falls onto it's knees once more."I'll get you sly Cooper!You may have defeated my robot once,but it is not even CLOSE TO DESTROYED! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!"Penelope then starts to fix the gear as Sly goes into the portal.