(Flight In The Sky Mission 1:Take Photos Of Air Captain Georges Base/Sly)

(Cutscene 2)

(Narration by Sly)

We gathered up all the information we could of Air Captain George.As a kid he was intrested in anything that could stay in the air for 5 seconds.As a teenager he flew an airplane,he was the top pilot they had,when he got ranked up to air captain he got power hungry and started barking more and more orders until he got fired from the airforce.From then on he started hiding out in the bad end of Hollywood taking from the gangsters and mafias then flying away in his jetpack ,and now me and my gang are gonna find him and stop his crimes.

(Setting:Driving in van to Hollywood)

Murray:Wanna stop at McRonalds?

Sly:No we gotta go and stop George

Bentley:Yeah Murray,and besides McRonalds can give you cavaties

Murray:Cava whats?

Bentley:Nevermind...Sly how far are we from HollyWood?

Sly:Were here

(Van Stops)

Sly:We gotta find somewhere to stay

Bentley:Theres a hotel around the corner

Sly:Cool we'll stay there

(Drives to hotel)

Bentley:Sly on TheifNet I found Air Captain Geroge's area of operation.Feel like taking some photos

Sly:Im always up for photos

Bentley:Good I just put an address in your binocucom


(7 Minutes Later)

Sly:*Climbs up on side of building)Wow I didnt know how dangerous this part of the city was *takes out binocucom*

Bentley Over Binocucom:Your here make sure not to run on the building tops they could fall apart easily

Sly Over Binocucom:Ok i'll try no to

Bentley Over Binocucom:No dont try,do

Sly Over Binocucom:Ok,ok so wheres the building where he's having his base of operation?

Bentley:In the building ahead of you

Sly:Really?Seems kinda...I dont know..broken down

Bentley:I know but theres a trap door..

Sly:Wait trap door?


Sly:Well that seems safe

Bentley:You serious?Just go and do the stealth stuff

Sly:Fine jeez *turns off binocucom and jumps down to the trap door*Wow is Bentley serious?*opens trap door and jumps into it*

(10 minutes of climbing down ladders later)

Sly:*huffing/puffing*Gosh...that was long*walks over to window*wow Bentley wasnt wrong about this place its huge...whats that..Carmelita*takes out binocucom and takes pictures of Carmelita in a cage*

Air Captain George:My machine is almost finished

Carmelita:Get me out of here

Air Captain George:No because of I let you go you cant marry me

Carmelita:Marry you??Your not even close to who I want to marry.

Air Captain George:Shut Up you'll marry me and you'll like it

Sly:George wants to marry Carmelita??*leaves the place and runs to the safe house*Bentley i've figured out Geroge's plan

Bentley:What is it?

Sly:He's gonna marry Carmelita

(End of Part 2)