Plot:Sly,Bentley,Murray,Carmelita,Dimitri,Penelope,and a new member of the Cooper Clan go on an adventure to a desserted island to build Kaine Island 2 but everything goes wrong...well..just read it for yourself.

Prolouge (Setting:The New Kaine Island)

????:Well I guess this is where it ends.

Sly:*cough*give me all you got

????:Whatever you say "pal" (loud explosion)


(End of Prolouge)

(Bentley Narrating) It cant just cant be...its happening right before my eyes..watching it just reminds me of what led us to this horrific event....

(Cutscene 1 Setting:Paris)

Sly:So Bentley you called me here why?

Bentley:Sly I figured out a way to re-fix Kaine Island


Bentley:Yeah *pulls out blueprints*

Sly:yeah umm Bentley i cant understand anything on this paper

Bentley:ok then *puts away blueprints*well theres a deserted island in the middle of the Magnificent Ocean

Sly:Cool we can use the boat we stoal at that pirate place

Murray:And i'll drive it

Bently:Good now lets get *the safehouse shakes*

Sly:wwwwhhhaatttss ggoooiiinnngg ooonnn?

Bentley:I dddooooonnnnntttt kkknowww

Sly:*manages to get outside the safehouse*

Air Captain George:*jumps out of jet*what are you idiots doing on my property???

Sly:Your property?Sir this is our safe house

Air Captain George:Oh it is isnt it *pulls jetback out of backpack*


Air Captain George:This is what I think of your "Safe House"*pulls out missiles*

Sly:*yells*guys get out of the safehouse

Bentley:*rides out of the house followed by Murray*

Air Captain George:*destroys safe house then flys away laughing*



Murray:THE FOOD!!!!!

Sly and Bentley:*looks at Murray*

Murray:*smiles nervously and shrugs*

Bentley:Sly what are we gonna do!?!?!?!?!

Sly:Were gonna take him out

(End Of Part 1)