Sly cooper thieves in time:After it all.


It was the end of the road.The collector was in prison.Penelope had betrayed them,and was also in prison,along with all the other villains,except for Toothpick,who had been killed by an oncoming train while working for the rails in his prison sentence. But it was never really the end of the road.They were traveling back when all of a sudden...they ended up in the Panda King's temple.They went back in,and ended up in Dimitri's nightclub.The time machine was gone."Whuh?" Said Carmelita,dazed."alright,gang.We have to fix time without..."sly managed to say. " Show your bling and let me shine you." Yelled Dimitri,who was very confused considering 5 other people just appeared out of nowhere."who are you?" Asked the old sly,who was just about to fight Dimitri.Dimitri then ran away in all the confusion,and Future sly yelled,"Huh?Dimitri's getting away!After 'em,boys!And girls,of course."So they pursue Dimitri out to the edge of the border.He then falls in,and loses a third of his health.As he struggles to get free,his health decreases further.Once his heath is down 50%,the current will drag him away towards the center of Paris."NOO!" Yells Sly#1."We'll get him,I promise.Just look,he's lost 80% of his health,and JUST reached Paris.How much can he have left?""Dimitri then turns 79 times his original size.He can walk through the water,it only reaches his ankles.Whack him repeatedly,and he'll shrink back down to only 7 times his original size.He just keeps attacking.Once his health is gone,he'll shrink all the way down.Whack him twice,and he'll get dazed.Once he starts to regain strength,he yells at you."You...GUARDS!ATTACK THES-" Sly then whacks him,and he glides backwards into the water.Sly grabs him by the tail and yanks him up,causing a rip in Dimitri's tail."ohhayeai!" He yells.Dimitri is almost beat!He is sitting there,dangling.Sly gets out bandages.He puts them over Dimitri's many cuts and scratches.He puts Dimitri's tail in a cast type of thing.Sly then ties Dimitri to one of the giant blocks."I'll escape,and you KNOW IT,Cooper...and Cooper!?"


"Get your hands off me,Copper bro."Yelled Dimitri.The Carmelita from the past puts handcuffs on him,unties him,and throws him into the police car without effort."I do not wish to go to jail,you stupid Police wrenches!""Dimitri Lousteau, you are being sentenced to twenty years in prison!Resist,and we'll make it twenty-five years!Maybe even 40,50,60,even a life sentence!Okay,thank you for your cooperation.We will take you to the holding cell.Your court appearance is in three days,at three thirty.Rock bottom sentence is two years.Top sentence is twenty years.We'll see how lucky you get..."

Paris,France courthouse # 188.

"I hereby sentence the defendant,Dimitri Lousteau,to seven years in prison!"Said the Judge."Errrr..." Says Dimitri. "Hahahaha,we did it!Dimitri is behind bars!But we still need to find the time machine!Without it,we'll never get back to our time period,and we'll be erased forever!"Yelled Bentley."He's right,we gotta move.Oh,and,little me,Dimitri will soon be your gang member.""Really?But he has seven years!""Exactly,you break him out of jail in Venice,Italy.Have fun,kid,because pretty soon,it's gonna get rough."


"Sly,here it is!We gotta go back,right now!" Yelled Bentley.As they travelled the time vortex,it was clear that things had changed.They came back to the present Paris,France,only to see the news that Penelope has escaped from Europe's highest security prison.Bentley searches for her whereabouts,only to find her last sighting was in front of a time machine.She had taken some people to Medieval,England,her old base of operations.It was obvious she was planning on forming a gang of her own.But we were gonna stop her before she could even hire a single wannabe.I didn't know why she thought she could beat us this time,but something told me she had gotten a bit smarter after breaking out from prison.Bentley managed to find The Grizz's crown,and they went back to stop back at Medieval England for a visit.They found her new base of operations,an old abandoned house.She was having a meeting with her 3 assistant bosses.After that,she called in her 19 other workers.She had 22 workers!We had to take her and her workers down,before they could get away.She was not going to be out of prison for long.Enjoy your freedom while it lasts,Penelope.Because that will not be long.

Episode 1,the Turban tornado

The gang asked Carmelita to join them.She said "We're gonna give that jail breaker a beat down!" She yelled.First stop:Mumbai,India,the present,where Fank Cooper,Sly's brother lived.Penelope wanted to wipe out the Cooper clan to avenge herself.She tried to target 22 Coopers to wipe out every Cooper,one of them being Fank.Word was that Fank was robbing the bank of Mumbai when he was punched and knocked unconcious.Fank was not seen since,and was presumed dead,but we think that it was him who tried to make himself dead,so no one would take him.The mysterious villian was a White Mouse.We at first were confused.But then Bentley said,"PENELOPE!"We all agreed that he was right.But who had she hired to eliminate him?We travelled there,only to find it destroyed.If this wasn't bad enough,the innocent people were being controlled!We knew it was time for a couple photos...

JOB 1:Indian spies

"Sly,I need you to find out who we're dealing with.You need to find their base,take pictures of all the important buildings in the area,and find where Fank Cooper is!If not,you can forget about living!We need to do this fast,because if ANY Coopers die,everyone after him or her,including you,will vanish!"Sly makes his way to a large looking building,with keep out signs everywhere.It was obvious this was the villain's base.Sly took a picture of every side,then continued to search.Finally,Sly saw a large cat walking through the streets,with 4 guards around her.Sly took a picture."Sly,I know her,she must be responsible for all this!And who's behind her...oh no!It looks like they're going to kill Fank VERY soon!'s Penelope!Take some pictures!"The cat,named Lolar,locked Fank up in a dungeon."Penelope,I shall order my guards to kill him in a few hours,right now you and I must have a chat,you said?""Ahm,yes,it seems we should.If you so much as let him escape,I will take my axe and-...""Yes,master.Now,I have some important stuff to do.Would you care to join me?""That sounds nice,but no.I have 22 workers,and must be getting back to 1299 and check on-did you hear that?Go do your work,I'll investigate.""Okay,goodbye,Penelope!I will not fail you!""Uh-huh."

                                   JOB COMPLETE! 

JOB 2: sabatoge

Sly has to climb up to the top Lolar's tower and break into it."Bentley,I'm in position.We need to rescue Fank now,or else we'll have no shot at beating her!" "Okay,then climb in through the window.""Alright,I'm in...Bentley,Penelope is in here!I'm gonna fight her,got it?She needs to go.""Sly,do it if you'd like,But don't get in a fight with the guards!""Whatever."Sly then hits Penelope.Penelope is not hurt badly,however,and she turns around."Hello,Sly,I thought you'd be here.How nice of you to join me.Would you care for some coals for supper?They're quite good,once you get over your tragic death!""Oh,Penelope,you're already beaten!We beat you twice,and why would this time be any different?""SHUT UP AND DIE!"A battle then engages,with Penelope's fists being her only weapons.Whack her once,and she'll get stunned.Whack her again and she almost tips over.Smack her one last time,and she gets knocked out.Sly is about to finish her off for good but she is suddenly gone.Sly,confused,continues on to the dungeon to find Fank 8x padlocked.Sly finds all the keys,then unlocks Fank."And,who may you be?""The name's Sly Cooper.""Whatever.Just get me OUTTA HERE!"

                                  JOB COMPLETE!

JOB 3: The Penelope plan.

Sly hurries to Lolar's room,and breaks down the door.Lolar looks up,and pounces.Sly dodges.Carmelita stepped inside and blasted Lolar.Lolar was so small she got electrocuted instead of shocked.Lolar swayed suddenly and then fell down to the ground.Sly was about to knock her through the open window,But Lolar scratched Sly,drawing much blood.Carmelita and Lolar then get into the arena and fight.THE BATTLE BEGINS!

                                   JOB COMPLETE!


Lolar uses her tail to try and hit Carmelita.It does not hurt,but it stuns you so Lolar can punch you.This will take 1/10 of your health away.After trying 3 times,Lolar gets just a bit tired.Shock her twice and 1/500 of her health POOF!Is gone.But it's gonna take a lot more...and Lolar has some skills!Lolar starts grabbing her cannon.Smack her with your pistol end!She will then get dazed.Whack her some more,until she falls over.She now has 19/20 of her health left.Now,you must avoid her cannon blasts.After firing a little over 7 times,the cannon bounces off her small body,making her dazed.SHOCK HER!!!She will now have 14/20 of her health left.Now,she will fire 3 fire balls at once!Use your shock pistol to shoot the fire balls.When you see an opening,shoot the cannon!This will put it out of commision.She will try to whack you with her tail and punch you,but her punches are very weak.Shock her 18 times to knock her down.She only has 11/20 of her health left,which is just over 1 half!Now,she'll grab dual pistols and start shooting at you!After being dazed,SMACK her 4 times,and she'll sail through the air out of the arena.Follow her!She will be on her knees outside.As she gets up,she yells,"You will not get away with this!"I will get you someday!Oh wait,why wait when I can destroy you now?2 ROBOTS,PLEASE!"They both got in a robot and went back to the main office building.Lolar's robot was way better.Lolar punched Carmelita."Ouch!You're gonna pay for that,Lolar!""Not if you and you're gang pay ME!Carmelita,you thought you were gonna BEAT ME,didn't you?Is it because I'm so small?Well small doesn't always mean weak,weakling!And now,I'm gonna knock you and you're stupid little shockey toy into last month!Or maybe...LAST CENTURY!Ha ha ha!!!"Carmelita then fired a connon at Lolar,who's robot blew up.Lolar fell out,very burnt,with only 7/10 of her health left,and yelled,"NO!!!!THAT WAS MY FAVORITE ROBOT!YOU're gonna pay for ALL of this,woman!The entire main office building then collapsed,and almost hit Lolar,but she ducked away."Let's finish this."Said Carmelita.Lolar throws a bomb at you.Carmelita dodges,and then whacks Lolar until she was dazed.Carmelita then shoots the living CRAP outta Lolar,who falls to the ground in "shock" of losing.She attempts to get back up,but is very weak,and ends up getting smacked a few times.Lolar starts to punch very hard this time.Dodge,then shock her repeatedly until Penelope shows up and shocks Carmelita.Lolar tries to run away,but Carmelita shocks them both.Penelope flies away in her gizmo,but Lolar is stuck.Carmelita then shocks her once more,and Lolar is knocked out.For a long long time.She wakes up 8 hours later in a police car,in handcuffs.As the car drives away,Lolar starts to feel some power within...the power of immortality.But whatever she was feeling then,she would feel sad soon enough,because she was going to jail for over 16 years.Lolar would be 51 by the time she got out!

                                   EPISODE 2:Rat Poison passion

Opening cutscene: "At age 23,Jesse was Penelope's new boyfriend,a Brazilian White mouse from present day Rio De Janeiro.He was very strong,and was much like Sherriff Toothpick,but he did not have a very big temper,except when people called him something OTHER than Jesse..But Jesse loved guns,and carried a missile launcher,a grenade luncher,and 2 handguns with him at all times,not to mention a laser gun,a guard spawner,and a...POLICE SHOCK PISTOL?Turns out,Jesse used to be a valued ally of the police.But secretly,he had been working as a secret spy for Cyril Le Paradox the whole time!And when Jesse had learned that El Jefe,Toothpick,AND The Grizz were defeated,he ran into hiding,and was found later by the cops when Jesse's friend told him that Cyril Le Paradox had been taken to jail.He served only 65 days in the slammer,because he never played a major role in the art theft job,or any of Cyril's workers' scandals,but he was one of Cyril's accomplices.But when Jesse broke out after only 12 days,he met Penelope in the same prison.Penelope had not yet thought of this plan,so they started dating.Before long,Penelope could not date,because she was working on a top secret plan.When she told him what it was,they decided to work together.And that is why Jesse is her first of 3 assistant bosses.And now,we were gonna make that 2.But what was Jesse doing,taking over Rio?You betcha.He had Rio AND 30 miles all around after Rio under his control!We had to stop him before he takes over Brazil!

Job 1:More than meets the eye?

"Sly,I have no guard radar readings right now,so-""Hold up!!"Boomed a male voice that did not seem friendly.We are the guards here.All prisoners were supposed to leave hours ago!That's it,solitary for you!The guard grabbed Sly,but Sly got free.But the guard had his cane!Sly punched the large crocodile,then did it again.But the3rd time he caught Sly and flipped him over onto the hard asphalt.And then it turned night time.

                                   3 HOURS LATER

Murray,all Sly had to do was find Jesse's hiding place...where could he be?"Why hello there,Cooper gang.Did you think Penelope did not tell me you were here?I just wanted to tell you to get lost before I must take further action.I am very sorry,but your friend can not leave just yet.Now,please,help yourselves to the door.Now,get out of my territory!""YOUR TERRITORY?"You stole this from the good people of Brazil!""Now,I suggest you leave RIGHT-"Bentley smacked Jesse,who stumbled backwards with blood all over his lip."PENELOPE AND I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!YOU WILL NEVER LIVE TO SEE YOUR FRIEND...EVER!""Bye bye,Jesse!""I'll find you...ALL OF YOU!"

                                  THE PRISON OF BRAZIL,Rio.

"Cooper,you rat!"Yelled a voice that sounded very strange."You'll die!"He yelled as he shot all the windows,spinning around."But I'm not going to just shoot you,no."He said."I have something more painful!I'll have my guards stick 1,000 cobras in your cage,and 1,000 snakes against...well,,things.Baaaadddd things,Cooper!You won't last a minute!Hahahahahaha!""Oh,I don't think so,JESS.""I'LL RUN YOU OVER WITH A TRAIN!YOU KNOW THAT YOU CALL ME NOTHING OTHER THAN JESSE!NOT BESSIE,NOT MESSY,NOT...UGHHH....JESS!NOT EVEN Penel...hi,Penelope!How,how how's it going?""What is Cooper doing here?Get rid of him!""But,I had a p-""I said,GET...RID...OF...COOPER!""Fine fine,Penelope.Gee,calm down.Guards,get the..."BANG! Went the gun as Jesse shot at the cage.But it bounced off the cage and hit Jesse,stunning him,but not hurting him.When Jesse regained focus,he saw Penelope looking at him."Jesse,you can't just do that!At any moment that blasted Cooper gang could be here!You really need to learn the ropes!""Yeah,well,I havn't been defeated at all!But you,black baron AND The Black Knight?Yikes.""Whatever.Look,I gotta go to Russia now.Why couldn't you have captured a Cooper?""But I did...""Yes yes,your just jealous that a cat could but you can't.I know.Now,goodbye!I hear Juliana isn't doing great with the cops.But,no matter.Because the cops will be dead!Do not fail me,Jesse.You hear?Ugh,that is what Le Paradox said.I cannot believe that he didn't die!I wish he did.I had to stay in jail for 3 WHOLE DAYS!Can you believe that?Now,as I said 5 minutes ago,I don't care how you do it,just get rid of Cooper!"Bentley then lifts the cage out the room."Cooper,you are such a rat!GUARDS!GET OUT HERE!!!!"Yelled Jesse.Once outside,Bentley frees Sly.

                                       JOB COMPLETE!


"Sly,I need you to find out where Jesse has been hiding out!"We saw his prison,but where is he hiding out?And I also need you to know that he just destroyed Brazil's capitol!And now he owns 1/4 of the entire country!He's becoming too powerful too fast.If he conquers Brazil,he'll be too powerful,and he'll order his prisoners to destroy us!And once he does that,he and Penelope will rule the world!So,as I was saying,find it fast!"So Sly ventures into Jesse's city,where he finds a hidden button.Sly presses it,and Sly falls down 50 feet before sliding down a rope.It burned his hands,and he fell and slammed into the ground.Sly flipped over,and got up.He had to kill many guards to get in,but he did.He entered a GIANT room,and found that it was an underground kingdom!Sly took pictures,but was found by Jesse."Well,what do we have here?A rat!But the rat will not slide away this time,Oh,no no no no!Sly punched Jesse,who shot at Sly.Sly dodged,then punched Jesse 4 more times,and Jesse staggers backwards.Sly runs away,but Jesse uses his guard spawner to pursue Sly.Soon,there are alligator guards everywhere!Sly barely escapes,but he gets the pictures.But he DID fail to defeat Jesse,which looked like it would be tough.

                                      JOB COMPLETE!


"Sly,we need to defeat Jesse RIGHT NOW!Jesse is about to unleash his army that he's been saving for years!If we don't stop him now,he'll beat us first!And Penelope will be unstoppable!""Whoa,bud,I know you're a bit scared,BUT,is this a good idea?How do we sneak i-""Jesse just exited his hideout.He is surrounded by 14 guards,but I'll take care of that with my RC chopper!You now take control of Bentley's chopper.Drob a rope down,but make sure you don't get shot!Wrap it around Jesse's legs,body,and arms,then lift up so he can't escape.Jesse starts to burn the ropes,and he falls,over a hundred miles away from his guards.When he falls,he gets weakened.Sly,attack now!Sly starts kicking Jesse,and Jesse's health meter goes down 1/8 of the way down.Jesse will now run away.You must follow him!Whack him as he runs until his health is gone.He is now dizzy.Whack him up to 8 times,and he runs away to his hideout."BUT IT IS NOT OVER YET!"Jesse yells as he flees the area.


"SLYYYYYYYY,you need to defeat him now!Wait,he's interce-""Sly,hello,friend.I challenge you to a gun duel..Oh wait,you don't HAVE one!Oh well,because I do!And I will shoot the smirk right off your face!Unless,you're...SCARED!!!!???????""Jesse,you have a gun,I have a cane.And,not only do I have a cane,but I also have skills."" do...ah,shut up about your crappy cane!We will know who is more powerful!And if you cheat,I'll shoot you right between the furry eyeballs!Hahahahaha!!!"Whatever,jess!I'll beat you!""NOBODY...CALLS...ME...SHUT UP CRATEN!I'm TRYING TO TRASH TALK....CRATEN,YOU'RE SO DEAD!Sorry,Cooper,I'm gonna have to talk later,I-CRATEN,GET BACK HERE!Goodbye,Cooper,DO NOT BE LATE!"

                                     78 minutes later...

"Sly,I never realized it,but this is built on a burial ground...for CLOCKWERK!You're in danger Sly!Remember that eye we found in Grizz's lair?While,Clockwerk's wing is underneath here!But...SLY!PENELOPE PLANS TO RAISE CLOCKWERK!THAT's WHY JESSE IS HERE!Penelope is going to start digging now!Once you defeat Jesse,we need to defeat Penelope and get her arrested!This time,for more than a couple days!"COOPER!What are you doing here?I see you know about Clockwerk,and you must be eliminated.Guards!Dump him where nobody will ever find him,lock him up,and starve him to...huh?OOF!!!"Penelope screamed as she was kicked in the face.As she started to get up,Sly whacked her until a tear rolled down her cheek."Ow,Cooper! mercy for a girl,will ya?You're gonna destroy my jacket!Ow!Stop that!You're gonna pay for this!STOP THIS MADNESS!AUGGHHHHH!!!!!!!WHY YOU LITTLE R-CRACK!That was not a pleasant noise as Penelope got knocked out after Sly stuck his cane almost through her face.Now she had woken up,but had a small red mark on the bottom of her eye,the place where Sly made the final blow.She was still dizzy though,so Sly whacked her more.After a couple more hits,Penelope fell right off the hill,and Sly thought she died.But she wasn't even CLOSE to death.Sly then ran off to Jesse's castle.Jesse then said,"You're late.Get ready for a whipping,now!And don't think You're gonna win!Ha!"Jesse then fired three shots at Sly.Dodge,but if you get too close to Jesse,he'll take his gun and smack you,taking off 1/3 of your health.Jesse will then fire a grenade at you.To block,you must throw your smoke bombs at it.Both of you keep throwing!When Jesse gets tired,he stops throwing for 3 seconds.Throw a smoke bomb at him and he gets dazed.Then you can smack away using your cane or smoke bombs.After being hit significantly,he stumbles back into the wall.He only has 4/5 of his health left!He runs away into his castle.He places guard spawners everywhere,then runs to the second floor.You must defeat all the guards,then pursue Jesse to the 3rd floor.He then pulls out his laser and shoots at you.Grab his mirror,fast!Then deflect it at him.He backs up,but is not harmed.He will then try to punch you.Avoid,then smack his back.He will bend and be stunned.This is your only chance!Keep whacking!Finally,he staggers back to the wall.He runs up the long staircase to the 4th floor.He will throw grenades at you.He has 6/10 aim,so watch out!When you get close,whack him!He runs up to the 5th floor.This time,he has fire arrows that he shoots at you.He now has 8/10 accuracy,so beware!When you reach him,he runs up to the 6th floor!He now throws GIANT TNT!With 10/10 accuracy!That means if you are not moving,he WILL hit you!When you reach the 6th floor,he runs in the room that leads up to the roof.He does not climb up the ladder,though.He will use a sword to hit you.Then he has a gun in his other hand.Dodge his attacks,then whack him.While he's dizzy,use your cane to clothesline him.He falls over,then jumps back up.But he's now dizzy.WHACKIN' TIME!Once he has received plenty of damage,he falls on the floor.He only has 2/5 of his health now."Cooper,I guess you are pretty strong.But are you strong enough to defeat me?""I think I just did.""Oh,do you,now?You're wrong!But I'll give you props for making it this far!None of my other opponents have even dodged my attacks!So good job,Cooper!But you won't quite beat me,Cooper.But you can try!"As he says this,Jesse begins to climb the ladder.Once he reaches the top,pursue him!But beware!He will start throwing grenades on the 3 ropes.You'll need to jump to different ones to stay alive!Once you reach the roof,you see 5 tall towers,one in every corner,and one in the center.But you stay on the ground of the roof for now.Jesse will start throwing everything in his pockets at you.Dodge,then hit him,and punch him a couple times.He's now dizzy.Whack him!He'll get back up,and grab a laser gun with 10 spots to shoot lasers with.In his other hand,he has a sword!And he puts a on a jacket with a bunch of guns on it!If you dodge all this,then whack Jesse a bunch!Once Jesse does a half backflip and lands on his head,he will jump back up and jump to the biggest of the towers,the one in the center."Come and get me,Cooper!You'll never in 20,000 lifetimes defeat my tower security,especially not with me shooting at you!Ha ha ha ha ha!""Oh yeah?I'm gonna shorten your life span to 23 years!""Oh yes?Cooper,you try to talk so tough,but really you're just a STUPID LITTLE RAT!""Let's end this right now.""Yes,we shall end this!Take it like a man when I beat you,though!""Sorry,Jesse,but I'm on a schedule!So our...I mean your,time is up!HA ha!""You talk so tough,but you are a weakling!"At this moment he starts to throw electric charges at you.You have to jump on the rails and spired lamps to get to Jesse.Once you reach him,hit him a couple times until he lands on his back.Now he gets up and puts armor on.He's a lot stronger now!He will try to punch you.Block his punches.Then whack him a couple times until he steps back.Whack him,whack him,whack him!No he has LESS than 1/5 of his health now!Now he steps onto the drawbridge spears,and balances.He pulls out a golden sword and starts to battle.You must dodge all his attacks,then counter his last one.You must kick him in the stomach!After this he falls on his knees on the spear.Whack him!Now he only has a tiny bit of health left.He'll jump back up,and start attacking Sly.At one point,Sly will hit Jesse,nearly knocking him off.But Sly whacks Jesse until Jesse jumps back up one last time.Jesse will start to attack like never before,and halfway through his attacks Sly slices his cane through Jesse's armor.Then Jesse attacks even more,and at the last attack Sly shoves him back,towards the end of the spear.Then Sly slices Jesse's armor in half,and Sly punches Jesse multiple times until he is completely dazed.Sly then whacks Jesse 3 times,and Jesse has less then a millimeter of health left!Jesse begs for mercy,saying,"Please!Don't do it!You've injured me enough,one more hit and I'm a goner!Please,just have mercy on me!I'm so young,I can't die now!""Don't worry,you won't die...probably.And,you won't feel the pain,because you'll be knocked out!""Why,you dirty rotten thief!You didn't think I was actually defeated,did you?I'm tougher than that!You're cane is weaker than one of those stupid policeman beating sticks!And I actually thought you'd be good...ha!But you're just plain stupid.Har har har!And no-"Jesse was cut off as Sly smacked Jesse with his cane right in the face.Jesse was lifted off his feet and fell backwards,falling off the spear into the water below.The aligators tried to eat Jesse,but Jesse used the last of his strength to swim out.Once on solid ground,Jesse started panting as the effects of the fight started to appear.Jesse had a large slice in his chest and back,one of his legs,and his right wrist was sprained,not to mention the bruise on his face and black eye.Jesse got on his knees as Sly crawled down."Looks like you just ate your words!"Said Sly."Cooper,you may have won,but this does not mean you have won the real battle!I...Aughhhhh!!*choke* lost to your superiority with that cane...but,this does not mean my empire is ruined!I am still ruler of Brazil!I...need to get a doctor.""Don't worry,there's plenty of doctors in prison!""No!I will not go to prison!You cannot beat me!I am still conscious,aren't I?We will fight to the death!You will fall beneath my secret weapon!Now,help me up,will you?""Sorry Jesse,you're beat!You can't even lift your sword,never mind fight with it!""You are incorrect,Sly Cooper,just like always!"With this,Jesse gets up.But he takes a huge blow to the face,and his other eye starts to turn black."No!!!It can't end like this!Give me back my sword,or else...""Sly,Penelope is heading towards your position,and she brought friends!"Ha ha!Cooper,you're in trouble!"When Jesse said that,he regretted it.Sly whacked him once more,and Jesse fell down to the water,where he swam like a mad man,trying to get out.But the trap sucked him down and into the underground dungeon."Cooper,I'll get you someday!You'll regret this forever,Cooper!COOPER!COOOOOOOPPPPPPEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!"Jesse fell into the cell,and was sealed in."Sly,you did it!But you can't fight Penelope,especially because she's in her new HUGE robot!You gotta get outta there!I'll send in Murray with a bow,plenty of arrows,and some other ammo.But,you gotta-""Okay,I will."Sly runs back,and Murray goes to the top of the castle..Penelope comes,and asks,"Where is Jesse?You didn't defeat him,did you?""Actually,we did,and he's in the dungeon.And now it's time for you to join him.""WHAT?Jesse is too strong,you must have had powers...""and a cane.""Sly?He defeated Jesse?Not possible!""Oh,but it is!""But now I will defeat YOU!Penelope gets in her giant robot,and Murray shoots her legs a couple times.Her health depleted very little,but it did damage the robot a little.Penelope shoots lasers.Murray must shoot her head.When the head bows down,Murray rushes up the head into the giant control room and engages Penelope in a battle.Penelope strikes first in her robot.Murray punches her,but his hand jets back as it hits the metal."Ha ha ha!"Yelled Penelope.Penelope jumped out of her robot with a sword and laser gun.Murray punches,but she dodges.Penelope keeps dodging until she gets dizzy.Punch her!Keep punching until her health depletes to 1/4.She jumps up,and tries shooting.Block her last shot so that it hits her.She has only 60% of health left!Now she's dizzy.Punch her 4 times and she falls on her back."Ow!You imbecile!My chest hurts!Let's may be stronger,but I am smarter!Come at me!"She only has 35% of health left,but she pulls out her sword and fights.Murray tries to punch,but she shoves her sword into his fist.Murray starts bleeding,when all of a sudden Penelope handcuffs him."What are you,the police?""No,but you are going to work for me!I'll call in Cyrille's last accomplice,Decibel!She'll brainwash you,but until then,I'll send you to the robot's prison."All of a sudden,Sly bursts in,and hits her.Only 30% of her health remains!She grabs a whip,and...

                                   EPISODE 3:White mouse,bloody blouse.

"Murray,you knocked her right off her feet!Good job!She is still in the back,right?"After Penelope had grabbed the whip,Murray puched her until she was dizzy.Then he kicked her and she got knocked out for a few seconds.They had grabbed her and rushed out as the robot fell into the castle,destroying both.Jesse was also in the van,tied up with Penelope,to be brought to the police station,dropped off,and arrested.But when they looked back,they only saw Jesse,who was struggling against the ropes."Where is Penelope?""She escaped,and ran back to Brazil.NOW will you let me go?I've changed after being beaten up!Please,just release me!""Thank you for that,and no.You challenged us,you're going to jail.And,because you took over the entire country,that will be at LEAST 40 years.Maybe a life sentence."Jesse said no more,but he did start to struggle harder.One of his eyes had returned to ALMOST normal,but the rest of him was not looking very good.Bentley had helped him,but the ropes,he said,had hurt.But he did the crime,he's gonna deal.They drove to the jail,but the cops saw them.They dumped Jesse out and drove away.The cops happily took Jesse into a holding cell,still tied up,while they decided on his final punishment,WAY less than he deserved,30 years.But Sly suddenly noticed Carmelita was gone."Where is she?""Penelope must have taken her when she left.Okay,who is Penelope's next worker?""She DID mention Decibel,didn't she?""Yeah,she must have gone back to Arabia!""What date?""hundreds of years after Salim's death!"


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