Sly Cooper: Thieves Destiny©




Prologue Episode: A New Journey Begins


In-Game Cutscene: Paris, France; The Louvre Museum, 9:35 P.M.


Scene: The screen fades from black revealing the beautiful illuminated Paris skyline, the stars shinning high above in the sky, the mood full shining mysteriously through a few clouds, and the city’s famous lights making the entire sky shimmer and glow. The camera zooms out and begins to move, panning toward the Effile Tower and then moving through the streets and stopping at the famous Louvre museum of art and history. It is there that a new exhibit is being displayed by a wealthy benefactor by the name of Alexander Orion, head of the famous weapons manufacture and humanitarian company Orion Multinational industries. The event being centered on a priceless set of artifacts called “The Gems of Destiny” 10 flawlessly cut gemstones of different colors.


As the people gather inside, high class like folk of the highest pedigree, a shadowy group of figures scamper across the rooftops. The rooftops are littered with guards from Interpol armed with sniper rifles and stun batons as they had recently gotten a lot of funding from Orion Multinational for the capture of a certain thieving raccoon and his gang they couldn’t seem to capture. From the distance, a dart flies and knocks out one of the guards and another goes to investigate only to be yanked into the shadows by a familiar looking golden hook and from the shadows and into the light steps Sly Cooper.


Press Start


Binocucom Conversation


Sly: Bentley this is Sly come in over…


Bentley: I read ya pal, what’s your status? Are you in position?


Sly: Yep looks like the presentation is about to begin…so what’s our point of entry?


Bentley: The front door…


Sly: Uh wouldn’t that ya’know…get us killed?


Bentley: Not with a disguise it won’t; it’s the only clear way in…Besides you won’t be going in alone, as with any party you’ll need a date…


Sly: I am NOT having Murray dress up as a woman again to be my date…


Carmelita: -Interrupts the call- He means me ringtail…

Sly: Ha-ha I know, sheesh can’t you guys take a joke?


Bentley: Enough with the comedy session you guys we’ve got a schedule to keep.


Carmelita: Yeah, Yeah that’s all well and good but how do we get in? This party is invite only and in case you forgot Bentley we’re uninvited and expected guests here tonight.


Sly: We steal and invite of course…


Bentley: My thoughts exactly, Sly will swipe his invite and Carmelita you’ll swipe yours and slip right in.


Sly: Roger than Bentley…ready for a little late night lifting my dear?


Carmelita: -Chuckles a bit- You first ringtail…




After the cutscene finishes Sly is now playable. Your objective is to walk around and find a male with an invite you can steal, however there are crowds of people outside and it’s hard to tell who has what you need and given they are all snooty rich people their pockets are loaded down with loot. Here you’ll need to make use of Sly’s newest ability called “Thieves Sense” which acts as an x-ray/radar for Sly enabling him to see what his targets have on them such as cash, door keys, etc. Engage Thieves sense by clicking down on the left analog stick and search around for your target, however your fully free to pickpocket any other rich snobs you come across for an early start on loot. Once you find your target walk by them and swipe their invite then slip out of the crowd.


Now gameplay shifts over the Carmelita; your objective and is more or less the same however it’ll be a little tougher this time since the person whom Sly stole from has started stirring up trouble as he’s arguing with the guards who won’t let him into the museum. So you’ll need to sneak past the guards and blend in with the crowd and once you move past all the guards you’ll find your target, simply wait until she isn’t looking and swipe the invitation and meet up with Sly at the marked waypoint.




Scene: The two people who had their invites stolen now argue with the guards who won’t let them in as Carmelita meets up with Sly and they walk in showing their invites locked arm in arm as a couple they both smirk deviously.


Sly: That went smoothly…your getting better at this…


Carmelita: -Giggles a little bit.- I had a great teacher…where to now?


Bentley: -Via Com-Link- I’ll need recon photos of the inside so I can give the others their objectives, make your way to the locations I’ve marked on your thief-mask map…and try not to cause any commotion please?


Carmelita: -Sighs annoyed- I crash one party and you just can’t let it go can you?


Bentley: In all fairness you did almost get us all killed…


Sly: He’s got you there Carm…


Carmelita: Who the Hell’s side are you on ringtail?





After that conversation finishes, you take control of both Sly and Carmelita as they are traveling together arm in arm. Walk at a steady pace and make your way through the crowds and your first entry point is the grand hall, take photos of the air vents, the guards, and backstage entrance. Next move on to the antique exhibit and take a picture of the guards and the snooty rich people. Then finally make your way into the conference room and take a picture of the security scanners, the guards on stage and then finally Alexander Orion himself as well as a lab jacket wearing rat he is talking to.




Bentley: -Via Com-Link- Hm it looks like the conversation they’re having is important...


Sly: Time to do a little eavesdropping…


Bentley: Blend in with the crowd closest to them and listen in and move where they move if possible, we need every bit of info.


Sly: Roger that.




Follow towards the two and blend in with the crowd of people closest to them and listen in; you’ll need to stay within earshot in order to hear what they are saying and if you go out of earshot for too long you’ll fail the mission.




Orion: The conference is about to begin, I trust everything is in place Viktor?


Viktor: Yes ser Orion, everything is secure and will be transported to the Dr on Destinia…Soon your plan will be set in motion; but I do still worry about that pesky raccoon and his friends…


Orion: Excellent; and I believe our contacts across the globe have been accounted for so we are entering the final phases of my plan…and you needn’t worry about Cooper and his misfit crew of bandits, they don’t stand a chance against my power…now do me a favor and tend to a security breach, it would seem we have….”visitors”


Viktor: Cooper?


Orion: Of course…now go…


Sly: Bentley…looks like these guys are smarter than we thought; they know we’re here…


Bentley: Drat…no time to abort the mission now; we’ll just need to continue as planned, everyone else is in position, you guys lay low and we’ll do our part


Sly: Roger that Bentley.


Meanwhile outside the museum


Bentley: Alright looks like it’s our turn to get things done. Murray you and the rest of the team ready?


Murray: 10-4 good buddy! The Murray is ready to rock!!


Bentley: Guru?


Guru: -Says he is ready in Arabic-


Bentley: Penelope?


Penelope: Let’s light this candle


Bentley: Panda King?


Panda King: I stand ready for action


Bentley: Dimitri?


Dimitri: Dimitri is ready to get down and get funky turtle dude!


Bentley: Alright then let’s get to work.





Now you take control of Bentley. Your first objective is to silently take down the guards in your section. There are about 4 and they are within very close proximity of each other and will almost instantly notice you if you try taking them down one at a time; however luckily Bentley has made major modifications to his wheelchair now calling it the Turbo Chair 2.0; his most notable new gadget being his new and improved sleep dart launcher which is capable of sleep darting multiple guards at the same time. Use this gadget to sleep the guards and then toss a trigger bomb to silence them for good. Next makes your way to a nearby terminal and hack it, once you do it’ll shutdown the security measures blocking the way for the other members of the team.

Bentley: Alright Murray you’re up, I’ll need you head past that security gate and use your muscle to smash the engineering room steam pistons to the point of bursting.


Murray: Roger that little buddy, the Murray is on the job!




Now gameplay shifts over to Murray. Head for the location marked on your map and you’ll find that the door ahead is locked, find a guard in the area with a shine in his back pocket and confront him; he’ll put up a fight but you’ll easily beat him but he’ll refuse to give up the key he has. This is when you’ll be free to test out Murray’s new “interrogation” ability, which basically allows you to scare the snot out of guards in order to make them give you what you want should they resist; and you can do so using the environment or just beating them silly in hilarious fashion until they give you what you want. Once you get what you want enter the engineering room and use Murray’s berserker charge move to smash into the pistons until they all begin boiling and steaming.


Murray: Alright Bentley these pistons are boilin’ more than a egg in hot water… now what?


Bentley: Hang tight Murray, now it’s the Guru’s turn…Guru do you copy?


Guru: -Says yes-


Bentley: Alright, what I need you to do is use your mystical powers to possess a guard and get the attention of all the other guards so we don’t meet resistance when we make the big getaway.


Guru: -Says no problem-




Guru’s gameplay has completely changed, as the saying goes with age comes power. Location the guard marked on your map and then make use of Guru’s newest ability called “Overshadow” to literally possess the guard and then Bentley will make contact with Guru; and Guru will be able to speak complete English through the body he has possessed. Use the body you’ve taken over and talk to the few guards that are around and get them to all leave. Once you do Guru will tell Bentley he completed his objective.


Bentley: Excellent, alright time to deal with those sniper guards…Penelope time to take to the skies.


Penelope: Roger that Bentley and with my newly updated R/C chopper they won’t know what hit ‘em.


Gameplay: Penelope is fully playable, her moves consist of boxing punches kicks and a few gadgets and now if you so choose you can deploy her R/C car or copter to locations otherwise unreachable. Get to a high vantage point and launch the chopper. Fly it around and dispatch the guards one by one. Once you finish that Penelope will call in saying the skies all clear.


Bentley: Great, now time to deal with the heavy armored Gorilla guards…Panda King hows your trigger finger?


Panda King: It hungers to blast my beautiful fireworks…


Bentley: Well now is your chance




Panda Kings role has now increased from demolition expert to also being the team’s expert marksman and sniper. He also has many more moves this time around; take up a snipers post and begin picking off the guards one by one, the fireworks won’t create much noise but you’ll need to take out the guards quickly so they can’t shoot back at you. Once you finish that Panda King will radio in saying he completed his objective.


Bentley: Great work, now it’s time for Dimitri to do his part…You ready Dimitri?


Dimitri: Oui the Dee to the mee to the tree is ready bro! Le plan is extra super le grand!


Bentley: Uh…thanks? Anyway, I’ll need you to take a dive underneath the museums foundation and sneak into the maintain room and open up the door for Sly so he can make his big move.


Dimitri: Oh no problem-o le grand scheme turtle, Dimitri le grand shall get funky with the scuba and let in big boss Cooper!



Dimitri’s gameplay has changed to where now he is playable on land and sea; his land controls consist of basic attack moves like a jab a uppercut, a tail swipe and of course his tazer rings. His underwater controls are basically the same but now it’s not a first person camera anymore but a third person camera. Find the entry point located on your map via waypoint and then dive in. Swim through the aqueducts and use Dimitri’s new depth charges to blast through the sewer gates, and enter into the room marked. Once you’re in, use Dimitri’s stealth takedown to silence the guards and swipe a key from the guard that has one and open up the door for Sly. Once you do Dimitri will tell Bentley he was successful.


Bentley: Excellent work everyone, now it’s time for the main event. Sly your point of entry is open, head in and make your way into the rafters and get ready for the big swap.


Sly: Roger that Bentley, on my way…Carmelita cover me, don’t need to take a sniper bullet in the ass


Carmelita: Don’t worry ringtail, if anyone is gonna be doing anything to your furry ass it’s me…


Sly: -Chuckles- Uh I believe that’s the other way around my foxy little vixen…

Bentley: You two can get a room for that later, Sly you need to hurry…


Sly: Alright I’m on it…





Control is now with Sly again; head into the back room and discard your disguise and head up into the rafters using some well timed spire jumping and rope climbing and then spire perch yourself on the waypoint marked spot and the following cutscene will ensue.


Gameplay & Cutscene


Scene: The lights go dim and the spot lights in the room focus on the stage and the lab coat rat from before takes the stage and begins to speak.


Viktor: Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests; I Dr. Viktor Cornelius Cortex am proud to welcome a man of great intelic, power, wealth, resource and heart tonight; a man that will soon change the world…I am proud to welcome, the head, founder, owner, C.E.O and mastermind behind Orion Multinational; Alexander Orion!


Scene: The crowd gives a roaring applause and from the curtains comes a elegantly dressed black lion with a cane sporting a priceless black gem at the top and he takes the stage and begins to speak after the crowd settles down.


Orion: Thank doctor for that rousing introduction…welcome my esteemed citizens; today here in the lovely city of lights, I bring to you a price of history lost to Earth for centuries but after decades of searching I finally managed to find them all and now return them to our great society…I give you the Destiny Gems!


Scene: From the floor rises a pedestal with a case, holding the gems and the crowd is amazed at them


Orion: Impression stones aren’t they? But these gems are no mere priceless stones oh no…no they are so much more than that. You see these gems are also keys…keys to an ancient lost civilization that is said to be a dare I say heaven like utopia that would make Shangri-La and Atlantis look like small worthless treasure chests….streets paved with gemstones, oceans made of pure gold, and so much more; however I am not a man who chases after mere fairytales, and so here in this museum they shall stay forever more…


Sly: Not if I have anything to say about it…Bentley?


Bentley: On it Sly…engaging smoke cover…NOW!


Scene: Bentley back at his location activates a chain reaction via the computer terminal he’s using and the pistons and pipes burst creating and instant smoke screen and everyone begins to panic and Orion simply smirks and slips away behind the smoke.



Now that the smoke is out and everyone is in a frenzy, leap down and swipe the case and the use Sly’s grappling hook gadget to zipline back up. Now it’s time to run make your way out of the back room and into the main room and meet up with Carmelita and to make your escape; however then something goes wrong, the smoke screen begins to vanish and then it’s gone; due to powerful vacuums within the vents around you and when it all clears Sly and Carmelita are surrounded by Interpol agents and one begins to walk among them causing the others to salute him; a rough and tough German Sheppard by the name of Inspector John Law and he sports dual wield shock pistols and has them pointed at both Sly and Carmelita


Law: Alright Cooper…Fox hands where I can  see ‘em and drop the case…


Sly: Johnny boy…good to see you again…thought you’d taken a wrong turn when we last met in China…


Law: Speaking of which I believe you have a priceless Jade dragon statue that doesn’t belong to you; you ring-tailed crook!


Carmelita: Temper much Johnny…


Law: Shut your trap fox…don’t think I’ve forgotten about you and what you pulled in Vegas…


Carmelita: -Snickers- Heh still hung up on that Johnny? A girl gives you a little lap action and leaves you handcuffed to a chair and you can’t let it go can you?


Law: SHUT IT! Now Cooper…hand…it…over…


Bentley: -Via Com-Link- Sly don’t worry I have Panda King in position with a flash bang just say the word…


Sly: Heh alright you want the case? CATCH!




Press the highlighted button to toss the case and then Sly will tell Carmelita to close her eyes and then a flash bang will enter the room and will blind everyone else, jump and grab the case before it hits the ground and make a run for it; it’s at this point that John and his forces will recover and give chase. Dash out of the museum and into the streets where it is now raining and Bentley will call in telling you the van is primed and on its way. Follow the highlighted route where you’ll go from ground to rooftop. John will primarily give chase shooting at you and he’s a MUCH better and faster shot than Carmelita ever was so it’ll take some doing to outrun him. Once you get to the last building you’ll look to be cornered since Carmelita can’t rail slide and that’s the only way to escape and so Sly thinks fast and sweeps Carmelita off her feet and you’ll need to jump and hit the circle button to rail slide you both to safety and hop into the van which will drive away, but police squad cars will give chance.


It is now that you enter a fast getaway sequence, where you take control of the van and use your driving skills to outrun the cop who are chasing and also shooting at you. You’re not without protection however as the van is equipped with getaway gadgets like caltrops and oil slick. Use all these tools and skills to outrun the cops and jump the bridge as it begins to go up and you’ll have escaped the cops, leaving John Law quite pissed.


Law: DAMMIT! One of these days Cooper one of these days…your furry tail is mine!




Scene: As the van drives away, the camera pans in on a black limo that is driving towards a large tower in the city, inside is Orion and Viktor.


Viktor: Curses Cooper got away with the gems and his clever turtle friend hacked our mainframe and stole important files…


Orion: Calm yourself Viktor…everything went exactly according to plan…


Viktor: What do you mean sire?


Orion: Ha-ha patience my friend and trust me when I say…


Scene: Orion holds up his cane and looks into the gem on top with a sinister grin.


Orion:…Destiny is most certain in our favor…




Animated Cutscene: Sly’s Narration


Scene: The screen fades in from black into the team Cooper van which had arrived at the Effile tower and entered a secret entrance taking it underground and taking the gang to their new hidden hideout. Sly looking at the case of gems with a excited expression on his face, Bentley examining it as well.


Sly: Finally, after years of searching the destiny gems were at last in my hands; while that operation was a little touch and go, it went near flawlessly thanks to my team and of course my newest partner in crime, Carmelita…she’s come a long way from behind a hotheaded foxy officer of the law…now she’s a hotheaded foxy thief…funny how fate works huh?


Scene: The scene shows of events past, leading up to Carmelita retiring from Interpol and becoming a member of the Cooper gang, hilarious scenes showing of her thief training, and then a few tender moments between her and Sly.


Sly: With these gems I can discover the one thing my ancestors have been trying to location ever since they days of Slytunkhamne Cooper 'II', a lost utopia just like Orion said, however…he left out the fact that it’s a utopia…for thieves.


Scene: The scene shows of images of Sly’s ancestors, each of them wielding one of the gems in the case, using them to pull off fantastic feats even by their standers and also using them to attempt to location the shinning thieves utopia known as The Elysium of Thieves.


Sly: However it would seem our victory…would be very short lived…after Bentley examined the gems, he came to discover they were fakes…all of them and with them came a taunting note from Alexander Orion. Looks like we’ve been bamboozled.


Scene: The scene shows of Bentley scanning the gems only to find out all of them are very impressive fakes and then sees the note from Orion taunting them and giving them cryptic clues as to where to find the real ones.


Sly: This Orion guy is a lot smarter than I thought…I have no idea what kind of sick game he’s getting at but if I wanna discover the one secret my ancestors didn’t I’ll have to play along, I’ll find The Elysium of Thieves…it is after all…a Coopers Destiny…