Sly Cooper: The Dimension Generation is the fanmade 6th game of the Sly Cooper series. The game takes place a few months after Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves, making it Part 3, the final chapter, of the Continuum Trilogy. It is also the game(s) that lead up to the events of Soul Kingdom White in the Soul Kingdom franchise.

There's two different versions of TDG, referencing the multiple universes. The first and common known one is Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses (TotM). The second is called Sly Cooper: Thieving the Multiverses (TtM). Both have the same plot, but most of the locations and characters are different, as well as the storyline.


Prologue (Thief the I)

Opening Cutscene

I should start from the beginning. The name's Sly. Sly Cooper. And I come from a long, and I mean LONG, line of thieves. I am a thief but I'm no ordinary thief. I steal from other thieves making me a MASTER thief, which truly defines the name Cooper. In our last adventure, the gang and I headed on a time traveling adventure, beating a mysterious team composed by real nutcases. Those guys were not so tough in my opinion until I got to Chronos, the leader of the team, I fought him while he was my mortal enemy Clockwerk! And I still beat him! The gang were so happy that these time traveling battles are finally at an end. A few months had passed when Bentley called me. Bentley was the brains of the operations and told me to come to the Safehouse. Murray, the enforcer, was already there. I also came with my companion and wife, Carmelita Fox. She was a cop that was hot on my tail at first, but after the whole Chronos affair, she and I got closer, close enough to make her retire for the thieving life. And me to propose to her, which she said yes. Bentley introduced the time machine. I was clueless at first, but then he said that he and Penelope, his girlfriend and 2nd brains of the team, had modified it to travel through other dimensions as well! I wanted to go on a adventure, but we needed to "borrow" something from a museum. Apparently, even with their heads together, the two brains forgot one small piece of the machine, so I needed to go back to that one, certain museum. Huh, Dejá Vu.

Action (Total Dejá Vu... Almost, Anyway)

The Cooper Gang van parks outside the museum that was once owned by Cyrille Le Paradox. After climbing and hopping on rooftops, Sly reaches the museum's skylight. Bentley, in the sewer (again), finds the mother computer to the updated security. Once hacked, Murray makes his way through the alley, beats up some guards and crush the power boxes. When the power's down, Carmelita infiltrates through the front door and took out some guards to get to the room of the needed part. Penelope uses her RC Chopper to keep watch for any police and keep them at bay from the museum. Once Sly gets the part, he and Carmelita escape through the skylight and meet up with the rest of the Cooper Gang in the van. Murray starts the van and the gang make a successful heist.

Ending Cutscene

We got the piece and the two finished what they call the "Continuum Jumper", but then this strange thing started happening to Paris. It was falling apart, like an earthquake was happening! I immediately suspected Chronos has returned, but Penelope said she invented a device that can pick up unnatural energy waves in space. Some kind of supernatural wave of energy had caused our world to collapse on itself! Believe me, I have seen supernatural things but this is far from that! When we thought all hope was lost, a weak wave was transmitted and the device picked it up. Penelope was a little shocked to say that the wave had a message decoded in it. It was an S.O.S from another dimension! To Bentley's hypothesis, this event wasn't only happening in our world, but somewhere else, too. And whoever sent that S.O.S may be responsible for it. With time to lose before our hideout falls down on us, we gathered our gear, brought a few safety kits (because we were ordered by Bentley to) and headed off to the location of the wave.

TotM Episodes

The Thief with the Magic Rings

Opening Cutscene

The landing wasn't the smoothest ever, but we made it in one piece. This universe is... very primitive to say the least. Looked a lot like Medieval England, except the sky's like a blueish lavender. Penelope confirmed that the S.O.S definitely came from this specific dimension. The only problem was finding who specifically sent it. That's when we saw a... *gulp*, dragon fly by us. We then noticed some kids performing these magic tricks. No, scratch that. Performing ACTUAL magic. Then, there were trolls, gnomes, unicorns... AUGH! My brain is melting! But not as bad as Bentley or Penelope's, who completely passed out. What kind of whacked out universe is this?

Action (Following the Magic)

Sly and Carmelita are assigned to find where the message came from by using a tracer that can identify the abnormality signature. The two follow the trail to the castle in the center of the Medieval town. There, they hear a scream behind the castle walls. Sly Spire Jumps across the moat and climbs a dangling rope to see an execution about to take place. Carmelita comes up and blasts the guards. Once the coast is clear, the two approach the prisoner and free him, only to also reveal that he is the Sly of this universe named Dëma Luper. After introductions and a quick thank-you, the three leave.

Dëma's Story

I shall begin for you to tell my story. I am Dëma Luper of the Luper clan, a lineage of nomad wizards that specialize in controlling space and time to steal from the greedy. One of the most famous being Slaigh MacLuper. I was very young when I learned my first spell. My father was always there since my mother wasn't because she had died long beforehand at the talons of the Luper clan's greatest enemy, Warclock. I was only 8 when my father ordered me to run away because Warclock was near and I had no hesitation to disobey him. I haven't seen him ever since. All I had of him was the very staff he gave me. After a lot of walking, I've finally reached the house of my dad's old colleague and great wizard, Merlin Paradox. The kind wizard immediately let me under his wing as his apprentice along with his own son, Critine. The two of us were like brothers. Best friends for life. About four years later, two orphans named Benedict and Marik came seking to be taught by Merlin and the old man allowed it. We were all now more like a family of brothers with a great father than students under a powerful wizard. But, it didn't last forever once Merlin sacrificed himself to help us escape during our first heist and was... executed. To honor his nobleness, we vowed that we will become the best thieves in history. And we did, with the constant cat & mouse chase led by a certain sorceress with quite the "spark" named Carmara Lox. It wasn't too far in our careers that I see Warclock with my own eyes. The slayer of my clan tried to say something before Critine blasted him with fire in the face. With Carmara's help, we all destroyed the evil warlock, but it cost Benedict's ability to walk. So we got him a carpet that can fly and during our celebration, Carmara came at our doorstep, saying that she has "nowhere to go" after her boss "kicked her out". I allowed her in and so did Critine and since we were the ones in command, the other two didn't argue. After a while, she and I had become what people are saying, a "shocking" couple. Years had gone by and everthing couldn't be better, but then Critine, he just suddenly... disappeared. Permenantly. I for one was freaking out. I did a quick search over the entire area before these mercanaries caught me. They were saying that he knew I'd be searching for my friend and that I went too far. Too far with what? I had no idea, but then they started dragging me off for an execution. I had to tell my friends so with my magic, I sent them a message in the form of a space rupturing wave. But, I guess I overdid it just a little since people from another universe came here because of it. Well, if it weren't for the Primes in the first place, I'd have my head off by now. I guess I owe them for saving me. Lucky for me and my team, they are willing to help us with the weird mess we're in. And I will fully admit that I've always wondered what I'd be like in another universe. Glad to say that Sly is just as amazing and noble as I am.

Action (To New Heights Wrong Side of the Stripes)

The two Cooper/Luper counterparts aid each other in recon once Sly helps Dëma get back his things. Luper later goes on another mission but with Bentley and Benedict into a strange Puppet House and sees a black cat carving large wings from wood and a troll working at the blacksmith station into making metal talons. He is then tasked to find these Tele-Runes from a cave in the cliff, and the runes will enable the Slys the Alternates function. Carmelita and Carmara go into a foggy carnival and get cut off from the outside. After winning a carnival game and obtaining a special book of spells, they find out that the meaning of the carnival was to hide a witch's necromancy to bring back Warclock. Soon, Murray and Marik follow these trolls with a delivery to the clock tower, where they see a parrot named Mordreggio talking to the Warclock soul about the delivery's body, a doll of Warclock. Bentley along with Benedict break the castle's defenses, but get into a fight whether technology or magic is better and so place a bet, which Bentley lost. Sly and Dëma soon infultrate the castle and are in for a terrible shock, especially Dëma, for the one behind everything was Critine himself. The skunk and the Warclock soul converses about Luper, about him killing his own father and how Critine wants him to pay for killing with his own will. Dëma felt a little sick from the whole thing.

Middle Cutscene

Dëma didn't say a word as we were returning to the hideout. And as soon as we got inside, he just ran up to his room and refused to come out, even locking his door so we couldn't get in. The place was quiet for a while. The Luper Gang was certainly shocked with the news we've gathered. Critine was one of their leaders and knew Dëma longer than any of them, as well as his BFF. So, it was a real crushing moment for them. It wasn't till much later that my counterpart finally stopped whatever fit he might've been in and told us something shocking. The memory he told us. The one where he ran away. It was a conjured memory made by Merlin so the truth was hidden. Really, him and his father were both heading to the Paradox residence, but Warclock had already found them. Like Critine said, he brainwashed Dëma into committing the kill of his old man for that monster. With his own staff. It wasn't until he was free that he realized what he did and Critine showed up. It was just... terrible. To make someone kill another, especially a family member against their will is the most evil, vile thing anyone can do! I could tell from the expressions on all of our faces that we were thinking the same thing. Such evil cannot be brought back. But unfortunately, Dëma was still pretty depressed and doesn't want to see that backstabbing skunk again. I guess you can't really blame him. It looks like we'll have to stop this madness. With or without Dëma.

Action (Shocking Luck Operation: Stench Sweep)

To postpone Warclock's resurrection, Penelope uses her RC Chopper to steal the last needed gears while Carmelita protects the chopper. Immediately, they go to take down Critine, despite Dëma not coming along. However, they arrive too late at the top of the clock tower where Mordreggio had placed the Warclock soul into the completed doll. Warclock separates Sly and Carmelita from the others with a fallen gear, so the couple engage him in battle. Once he's down, the two rush over to the others to help them get out. Warclock sacrifices Mordreggio for energy and charges at the couple, but a magic barrier makes him bounce back. An angry Dëma jumps down from the balcony and he and Critine argue about who the real traitor is. The owl doll is already enraged by Luper's presence and Dëma alone fights the two. He successfully destroys the Warclock doll and defeats Paradox, the latter finding him innocent. Before questions could be asked, a laser is shot at Luper, causing him so much pain that he passed out when it was over. The group looks to the outside and sees a figure with a gun like weapon before it disappears and Critine sees that that person was the one that committed the crime he saw. When Dëma recovers, the two friends apologize to one another before going over to Sly and Carmelita, who were still trying to move the gear.

Ending Cutscene

With Warclock out of commission and the misunderstanding between the two friends, everything seemed pretty normal. For them at least with doing their little magic tricks. But one thing bothered me and my gang. That guy. The shape of his figure looked very familiar. We knew immediately that that guy did not belong in this universe. And our suspicions were correct when Penelope's energy tracer picked up another disturbance in spacetime. Before we headed off, Critine suggested that we take Dëma along with us, seeing it as a way of revenge for them on the one that tore apart their friendship. No one argued with that and my counterpart looked pretty excited to see other continuums. It was the perfect situation. He got to explore dimensions with us while we have a new comrade/wizard joining us for the ride.

Rob-bin' King

Opening Cutscene

Once again, it was a tough landing, yet we survived. I could tell that Dëma was sick to his stomach and I couldn't blame him for not being in a vehicle of advanced technology ever in his life. He seemed to feel a little better at the sight of this universe - it was very much like his in terms of being Medieval. Reminded me a lot about OUR adventure to the Medieval era in our universe where Penelope was causing trouble against her true will. Only this time, instead of a "Black Knight", there were these "Knights of the Round Table". It looked like we jumped into a dimension of King Arthur. However, instead of King Arthur, it was someone else in the throne, someone called Octjohn. Ugh, just hearing that name similar to Octavio's is reminding me of our time in Venice and the tar incident. Also, it was sort of quiet. No one was selling goods, no kids playing merrily, the place was empty. And I get the feeling that something is terribly wrong here. But what?

Action (Little Robin in the Cage)
Middle Cutscene
Action (The Opera Assault Under the Hood)
Rob's Story

From the glares my counterparts were giving me, I have a lot of questions to answer. So I'll start slow. My real name is Arthius Cooper, rightful heir to the throne of Parilot. My line of royalty started upon Sir Galleth marrying the kingdom's princess.

Action (Rob-eo and Car-lietOperation: All Hail the Thieves!)
Ending Cutscene

Revolution Justice

Opening Cutscene

Things weren't looking so good. We've landed somewhere from the looks of it... (nearby explosion)... a warzone. But that wasn't my biggest concern. The crash had banged up the Continuum Jumper so it wasn't working. Not only was traveling back to the other universes impossible, but it was too dangerous to depart anyway. Also, we still have no idea who is behind all this or who those figures were. But I have a hunch that those two things are connected. One way or another. Our first order of business is to find out what kind of mess we're getting ourselves into and how we're going to repair our ride back home. Or else we'll remain stranded in this wrecked city. For good.

Action (I Spy a Spy)

Sly, Dëma, and Rob are tasked to follow a strange figure that's been moving about the area. The three hide in the crumbled buildings to avoid being see. However, they weren't hidden from the heat vision function in the person's binocucom. The figure, calling himself "The Agent", contacts someone called "Hacker" about the three raccoons and is told to take a picture. "The Agent" does that and moves on. Rob points out that there's a striped tail under his coat, so they assume that he's a Sly and continue to follow him. The raccoon puts a code in a hidden computer into a secret headquarters. Once Bentley hacks in, the three enter and it's revealed to be an elevator. When it opened, however, guns are pointed at them, making them drop their stuff. The raccoon they were stalking comes back to clarify that they are no harm, revealing himself to also be a Sly like they predicted. Dëma introduces themselves, but is stopped by this universe's Sly, who is called "Agent Spy", saying that he knows Sly's name because it's his real name, too. He then has them contact their Cooper Gang to come to the underground base, where he said was more safe.

Spy's Story

Not in Kansas Anymore

Opening Cutscene

We've arrived in an old-western type of town. Kinda reminded me of Le Paradox. Good thing his stench wasn't here. The moment we stepped out of the van, we immediately had outlaws pointing guns at our heads! None of us dared to say a word, fearing that a bullet will go straight through our skulls. Somehow, it was Rob who cleared things up with them and they turned out to be this universe's Cooper Gang, the Dusty Cooparoos, composed of Kansas Cooper, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Florida Whiptail. Immediately trusting Rob's words, they bring us to their hideout, an abandoned ranch out of town. There, Pennsylvania, or "Pencil" for short, gave us all the lowdown of how a new sheriff had overthown the town's mayor and rose taxes, making the townspeople go into poverty. What made this sheriff really suspicsious was the technology on the updated trains. They certainly don't fit in a western themed dimension. Plus, they have no idea who this sheriff is. It's possible that it was the guys that we saw in the last three universes that are responsible for this. So, we all pitch in to help these buckaroos regain the town's glory.

Kansas' Story

Y'all listen up! I will tell my story real quick-like so no going back or repeats! As I said before, the name's Kansas Cooper! I'm from a long line of infamous outlaws, the best being that lucky gunslingin' varmint, Tennessee Kid! I was supposed to be next in line, but then that shady son of a gun, Musty Clock, challenged my old man to a showdown, prize was me. That disgrace of an outlaw then killed both my parents! I managed to escape before that monster could lay a talon on me. I wasn't all alone after that, having been found by a humble tribe of Indians who take care of orphans. It was there that I met my fellow buckaroos, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. We became a group of outlaws right from the start and pulled robberies left and right in the Ol' West, rising up our bounties and soon attracting a lovely, feisty sheriff named Florida Whiptail. But if it weren't for the gal, Musty Clock would've ended my life. She then quit her cowgirl life to join our roundup and we started calling ourselves the "Dusty Cooparoos", with a girlfriend for me as a bonus! Just months after that, this new sheriff came to town and started makin' everythin' stranger tha a goat with six legs! That's when my alternates arrive. I thought it was a trick, but good ol' Rob gave us the whole schmits of what we and they are up against. With that in mind, it's time to put that sheriff in his place! Cooparoo style!

Way of the Ringed Ninja

Opening Cutscene
Action (Time to Break-Out!)
Shirai's Story
Action (Recon of the Dragon ↔ Hesitation from Meditation)
Middle Cutscene

Shirai: We all came to in the same place as before. We were relieved that Sly-senpai was out of his trance. But we had to make haste and we escaped before that impersonator of my nakama could see us. When we returned back to the hideout, we had decided to confess something to Sly-senpai that we didn't want him to know.

Kansas: It was something that EVERYONE needed to know. Turned out, we were all sort of jealous of each other. I could tell that our buckaroos were pretty surprised.

Dëma: We all felt like we were inferior to the others. And that inferiority eventually changed into jealousy and envy. All of us wanted to become more superior than the rest.

Spy: We all wanted what the other had. If this had continued, I think we would be in big trouble, seeing each other as competition more than allies.

Rob: Like when we were freeing Shirai's people. We were simply arguing about who was better and it nearly turned into a battle.

Sly: Despite the confessions among us, I would have to say that I was the most jealous out of all of us. I was jealous that all of my counterparts had their abilities and I didn't. I wanted to be the best out of all of them. I kinda let being the original get to my head, and made me have the want to be better than them. That was the biggest mistake I can remember. I really regretted ever becoming jealous of them. Even though they were my alternates and I was their Prime, we're still equal to each other. None of us are superior over the others. We were all the same guy, but we're still unique to one another. And us being unique was what made us special. From this point on, no more secrets. No more distrust.

All Sly counterparts: No more envy.

(raise respective weapons into a circle)

Hazy in de 80's

Opening Cutscene

Flip Cops and Flop Robbers

Opening Cutscene

We were expecting a universe that looked nothing like the Primordial. But this one was... pretty much normal for me and my gang along with Spy. Carmelita was the first to identify our location: Madrid, Spain. A Spanish universe? That's something. May be possible that I perfectly speak Spanish here, and I'm still currently taking lessons from Carmelita. Carm decided to look around for a bit, since she was actually born in our universe's Madrid and wanted to see if this Madrid was identical to it. Unfortunately, after the first five minutes, she was immediately caught by COPS. I, of course, thought that was strange for a Fox to be arrested right off the spot. But I do know one thing: We need to rescue her.

Action (Role-Play Rearrange)

Sly has to find the current universe's Cooper Gang to break Carmelita out of prison. He is given info about this universe's Carmelita, whose name is Carly Zorro, and that she's the master thief here. He is soon approached by the vixen herself, who mistook him for her universe's Sly. He tells her about where he came, but is completely shocked to hear from Zorro that he's the Inspector here and his "gang" is a squad. That bit of news makes him pass out. Meanwhile, Carmelita is tossed into a cell across from the said Cooper Squad. After explaining that she's not this "Carly Zorro" they claim her to be and clarified by Inspector Sleuth, the Sly of this universe, Carmelita "picks" the thumbprint locks and breaks them all out. The four make a run from the cops until they hit a dead end. The Inspector and former Inspector take two nearby shock pistols and blasts them. Suddenly, a wrecking comes crashing in, and the vixen saves the raccoon from being whacked. When the dust clears, they see Murray, Bentley, Penelope, and Carly. Zorro asks Sleuth if he's all right, using his real name "Simon". He snaps at her for what she did in Russia and before she could tell him something, he comments he'd be dead if it for "this clever and gorgeous woman", referring to Carmelita. He gets all snappy at her again and got into a worse mood at the sight of Sly.

Sleuth's Story

When I saw that- that impostor, I- Urgh! I wanted to tie him into a knot with that mangy tail of his! Then, more of him showed up- Ragh! That was crossing the line! I wanted to blast them right out of existence! I just- I- I-!  ... But, Carmelita told me that they were me from different universes like she was, so I should just them who I am and what's going on. My name is Simon Cooper. INSPECTOR Simon Cooper. But you better call me "Inspector Sleuth"! I'm from a family of law enforcers dating back to Ancient Egypt. There's even a manual about our ways of bringing justice to evil called the "Justice Raccoonus". But I never got a chance to read it as a cub because of the crimes the Fiendish Five committed by killing my parents and stealing the Justice Raccoonus so that I couldn't stop them in the future. I swore on that night that I would bring justice upon all criminals, especially the Fiendish Five! Dropped off at the orphanage, I made a squad with Benjamin, our brains, and Murphy, our brawn. The three of us had become very popular when we got the mean owner fired and replaced for being cruel to the orphans. Our first crime bust. We were pretty young when we attended the Paris Interpol Police Academy and graduated, gaining us a spot within Interpol. My squad and I were able to arrest multiple crime bosses and other criminals. But through all of my police career, I was annoyed by that conniving thief, Carly Zorro! That no-good vixen even stole my police file so I had to retrieve it. I decided that the next criminals I will justify are the ones that stole everything from me when I was young. They were a piece of cake, until I got to the leader, Clockwerk, who hated the Coopers because his parents were arrested by the hands of one of my ancestors. But I managed to put that overgrown tincan out of commission and take back my birthright. Of course, Zorro was present and I was going to take her into the nearest station, but then that arrogant little thief pulled off a "stunt" that left me cuffed to a rail! URRGH! Upon returning to Madrid a few weeks later, things became worse when my squad and I were accused of stealing from the Paris Museum! US?! STEALING?! C'était complètement fou (It was completely crazy)! How could they accuse US of committing such a crime?! Before we could have a say in evidence of innocence, we were locked up. That's when she and they came along. Now we still have an impostor at large and all this universe stuff. I don't know which is worse: Not knowing who that two-bit, no-good impersonator is, or having to work along side me x6x thieves with more thieves, especially that conniving vixen! *sigh* The only good things that came out of this is that they are going to help us clear our names and Carmelita, was a woman.

On 63 Street

Opening Cutscene

Last Thief Standing

Opening Cutscene

Sleuth: We made it all the way to that punk's universe...

Sylvia: Only to find a Paris we could hardly recognize! Even for the Primes, me, Sleuth, and Spy!

Kansas: The one thing that was positive was Bentley and Penelope managing to look into this univere's internet and finding a lot of intel on that disgrace's Cooper Gang.

TtM Episodes

Arabian Nights

Opening Cutscene

We didn't have the best landing, but at least no one had their bones broken. For an alternate universe, this one... looked like Ancient Arabia. At least there's no sign of Le Paradox guards.

Stripe-Stone Age

Something Haunted This Way Comes

Stripes on the Wind

Color Me Thief

Dead Coon's Chest

Opening Cutscene

Merry Ol' Land of Coops

On the Egyptian Sands

The Last Thief Standing

Characters (both)


Both versions have a similar style of gameplay of Age of Thieves with some differences.


There are no Costumes. Instead, the alternates act like the Costumes, each with their own abilities. The Costume function is replaced with an Alternate function where Sly and his alternates can switch between each other. However, this function is not available until the game's fifth mission.

There will be skins for the Slys except Clock-Ly. They are available with enough Secret Masks.


The Clue Bottles and Safes make a return with a similar function of their predecessor. However, instead of the ancestors' backstories, it explains each counterpart's backstory in more detail than they explained. Every two clues collected in a hub level will reveal a diary page of the alternate Sly of that universe. There's a total of 30 Clue Bottles in a hub level.

Coins come back, too. You can spend them on ThiefNet for new abilities and now can bribe guards with a Coin symbol above them.

Secret Masks also return. Collecting five Masks will get you a Rank that increases with every five from lowest to highest: "Goody-Two-Shoes", "Troublemaker", "Crook", "Simple Thief", "Criminal", "Outlaw", "Most Wanted", "Master Thief". Getting the "Master Thief" Rank will unlock a secret sneak peek to the Soul Kingdom franchise. There are a total of 50 Secret Masks, 6 in the first eight and the last two in the Reverse Universe.

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  • The main two villains of BoT and the male villains of TiT make a return together in "Rob-bin' King".
  • Penelope's new outfit is very similar to Neyla's outfit in terms of color and attire.
  • The two versions of TotM are like the Pokémon games, where there's different Pokémon for each game.
  • Penelope has more canon counterparts in TtM than TotM.
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