This is my first story on here. Spelling error will happen and may be common and will need to be correct by people reading this. The story will take a few years to finish. This story now has a name, as you can see. This story will have a Multiverse. thing will change. And the number 1 thing to remember... THIS IS ALSO THE FIRST STEAMPUNK SLY COOPER STORY TO WHAT I KNOW ABOUT., And it HIGHLY steampunk
Steam Peng. Mk1 (talk) 00:11, July 11, 2013 (UTC)

there will be 25 chapter. plus a few shorts here and there.

1. (porlogue)Clock Tower Heist
2. Gaslamp London (weird science)-London, England-Boss: Spring Heel Jack
3. flying fun Da Vinci- Italy- Boss: Da Count Gianlorenzo, Warlord of the air.
4. Iron mummies - Cairo Egypt-"horus",
5. The African hunt (steampowered lion)- somewheres in africa- Lord Ronney
6. Ottoman, Rocket man, chessman- the Ottoman Empire- The Turk
7. Heist de la Lune-Moon Base bedford- the grand luner
8. Red sands of space- The One,Mars- Tal ix tun
9. volted and jolted (more weird science)- Gemany- Lt. Kongberg
9. jern drage- Norway- The Great fire drake of Norway.
10. flying Ruskes- Moscow, Russia- General Major "PAIN" Ivan Osipovich
11. Tiger! Tiger! (The spice wars.)- China\Nepal broader- Col. Moran
12. REIDing the floating palace-Hong kong\ Japan-Air Lt. Willson Slinter.
13. lucky 13 (biopunk wombats)- Australia- Ned kelly
14. The Enginer that rode the seven rails(weird science RELOAD)- Utah\Pacific Northwest\san fan.-Lt John Clay
15. Confederacy of the Zombies-New orleans- brigadier general Donner lee of CSA
16. Empire of the Bees-somewhere in south america-???
17. Biomechanics (weird science no.4)-London- Sir
18. Clockwerk by Babbage- Ottawa, Canada- Boris Motka
19."as least it isn't alaska...."-Morris, Minnesota- lord gordon gordon
20.16 tons- the Appalachian Mountains- herry frick
21. The lovecraft project(or,"between a manfish and a shoggoth") (weird science Mk.5)-Innmouth,MA-???
22. Sand hog-New york, New york-Lord Clockwerk
23. The Great One-
24. Antartic war machine-???- "M"

Prologue: return of a family.

It was never thought that in the first years of the 21th century that we would be coming back, coming back home, even if it was only a hour or two. Home, are home world, the one we got force out of by Clockwerk. My poor nephew, thinking he in a few other are the last of the clan. he is wrong. I and the most of the rest of the clan have been just filling in time. not in this world but another altogetor, a parallel universes, one that there was also a monkey call human walks about, one where steam is king, one altogetor differ form this world, the animals world. this world never really knew that in other [worlds], envious eyes were looking in with hate, no, not all or even most, but a owl and a human, and let us not forget the dargon, looking not at the land they plan on ruling, but a ringtail Carnivora call a raccoon that was in a blue shirt and hat, especially the owl, for he [the raccoon] kill Clockwerk, his [the owl] father...
Aqua sub tank

Aqua tank

....Slowy, And surely, they , with a parrot, drew there plan against my home world. They first sent there scouts(Aqua tank and stuff), then there ship, then there airships. Were on the eve of war, A war that shake the bounds of everything. A war that would be fought with just about everything that people can get there hands on. Artifacts,Tech, Lead, Fire, Iron. This war is going to be fought undergound, as in the cirme....


....and now, going though a worm hole on a flying wing airship form the future of the steampowered world, that I and soon, ALL, of the living clan would be put togetor for the great one, and as a family friend would say...
...." The game is afoot"...

I wonder if James still want his hat back. It fit me prefectly.

1  Rise of Boris Motka(AKA: Clock Tower Heist)                             

"There are two things you should remember when dealing with parallel universes. One, they're not really parallel, and two, they're not really universes"' -Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy




prologue (flys in a trap)
       "Will..., isn't this a funny situation were in!" said a not so happy turtle Bentley. "HEY, DON'T LOOK AT ME!! I TOLD HER TO NOT SHOOT THE BLOODLY BUG!!" a unknown man said." Will, I didn't knew it will get us all stuck on the celling!" said an angry fox." My head still hurt." said a Sly in pained." Will that what you get for faking amnesia to get a love life nephew!," said an unknown raccoon," HEY LOOK, IT WINTHORP!!"."HOW THE HECK DID YOU GET UP THERE? AND WHO...."."NO NO NO!!!". BAM. "Welcome to the club." said Bentley." NOW HOW THE HECK DID I GET UP HERE?" said the very shock ferret." Trust us," said Sly," you wouldn't believe it, even in this situation." " Do you want some tea sir?" said the unknown raccoon.
ACT I: op: Babbage
Difference Engine
      14 minute earlier, London, 9:24pm, Parliament, Sly is at the top of the Victoria tower (the other tower, the big one by big ben) looking at Big Ben. It has been a year since the events of thieves in time, and not much change since then. Carmeli​ta is back in the Interpol , Sly is back being a thief, and Guru is know apart of the gang. BUT ALL THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE IN A FEW MINUTE, as you will see Sly Cooper Gang isn't the only one who want what being held in big ben (there actual 4 group (other then Sly gang) looking for something in the tower, that well be talked about later on).Anyway, Sly was at the top of the Victoria Tower and is waiting to hear form Bentley, then something BIG, being seen out of the corner of sly left eye, coming out of a blackish-blue vortex.
             It was a flying machine of sort, giving off a low hum and looking like a mix between a b-2 bomber wing and a 1950's mig jet plane fuselage. The machine had a wingspan of at least a 200ft or so, on each wing, was 4 tesla coil balls, two in front on the wing, and two in back of the wing. On the top of the main body, there was a few WW1 mg and 57mm cannon. Sly was looking in aww at the great airship when the bottom of it open up to show a bi-plane bay and, at the same time, the vortex behind the plane close. Coming out of the bay, 7 R.T.1 bomber looking plane using smaller tesla balls then the big plane (two of them carrying tankette) flew by the tower sly was on and landed like helicopter on the other side of the Thames river and then disappear under a green fog. Then another plane came out of the bay, looking like Sly old bi-plane but with two seats. After this left the bay, the airship, too, when under a green fogs and disappearing in mid air. Then Sly, looking back at big ben, saw the bi plane was doing a figure 8s around the clock tower and Sly tower. After the 4th go around, while Sly was thinking, "...WHAT THE HECK IS GOING...", someone (A raccoon to be exact) jump out of the back of the plane (WITHOUT A PARACHUTE!!!!) in a 1880's outfit with a tri corner on his head yelling, "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!",sounding like Johnny Deep jump off a cliff face. And then, BAM, hitting (and going though) the roof of the Parliament. Sly then whispered to his self,"Uhhh , OW, that must of hurt."
          3 stories from the rooftop, the fellow who just jump out of the plane was looking he was still in a face first snow angel he just made, INTO CONCRETE(before we go on any further, he is still alive)!!!!! he then, after a few second, pulled his head out of the concrete angel he just made and saw that he was a few feet from a very shock and shivering Carmelita Fox. Then the fellow said, " 'ello guv'norness, can you tell me what floor of the abbey I'm on?" "T-T-The 2nd." Carmelita said, still very shock (It isn't every day that raccoon come raining from the sky and crashing into the building during your coffee break)."Ok madam," said the very crazy fellow who was now trying to get himself out of the hole he just made, "Now, can you help me up please? "picking up his hat that fell off when he landed (that hat is going to become important , just watch).
        After Ms. Fox help the fellow up, she got a better look at him. The raccoon face look a lot like Sly, but older, and with glasses with a brass, octagon frame with lens made out of blue uranium glass, He had a open brown jacket on, under which, he had a blue vest, and under that, a white shirt. On his vest, he a badge, and on that badge, a building that look a lot like a warehouse build into a mountain, and on the building doors, a 13. He also had a pair of black plants. The raccoon then got himself a cup of water out of a office cooler and took a seat at the left side of the table that Carmelita was drinking her coffee at. He then took a tea bag out of his jacket and put it and put it in his cup. After that, he look up and saw a coffee cup, half- full. He then look at Ms. Fox." Yours ," he ask." Y-Yes ." said the fox, shivering." Well... then you should sit down and finish it then," The raccoon said ," a cup of coffee costs a lot back in the day." He then put on a funny looking pair of brass goggle with a cooper pin on the right side of it (which Carmelita can't see because she to raccoon left) and a copper, steampunk like box with these letter in blue; B.O.C.M.D.S No.7; on the left. The fox then said,"Uhh...ok." walking back to the table, very slowly, look up at the celling, wondering if another raccoon will come form the sky.
         When Carmelita finally came to the table and took a seat at the right side of the table, and when she did, the raccoon begin to talk. " So," he begin," your Carmelita Montoya Fox, fourth generation Interpol, have a black & white outlook on crime, but love a thief by the name Sly Cooper, who also happen to be my nephew. you also have a temper problem, and love shock pistols, but you call it a bazooka. Now is anything wrong with the info I just said madam? ," he then took a sip of his tea. Carmelita was shock that he knew all that and was a complete stranger." HOW DO KNOW THAT !??" Carmelita said, somewhat angrily but mainly confused . "Well, I said my nephew was sly and that will make me a cooper, so that a hint Ms. Fox?" he said, picking up a newspaper," keep in mind that you read the Thievius Raccoonuns the last time you were with Sly. Right?" Carmelita was thinking back and wondering who this cooper could be. Then it hit her. "Bruce O' coop," she said, even more confuse then before." Yes, that correct madam ," said the cooper Bruce, " a many of person think I'm dead, but as you can see, I'm still here." He then took a another sip of his tea.
           Now for people who don't know Bruce O' coop: he is the smartest of the cooper clan (one of his brother is Sly's dad), an skilled hacker (BUT DOESN'T HACK THE 80'S TO TODAY'S COMPUTER WERE USED TO SEEING, but that doesn't mean he can't), and also the inventor of the Bruce O Coop Mind-Data Scopes goggles (which he wearing a pair right now). He is also a artifact hunter (and NOT the archaeologist OR tomb robber type BUT another type all together). awhile back (1960s-1990s), he was wanted for 750 million dollars for hacking area 51. But now, he is not wanted because most of the world thought he was dead. "How are you still alive?" begin Carmelita, " I thought you were dead, EVEN your nephew Sly thought you were dead ." "Well Ms. Fox," Bruce begin, "the story of how me and the rest of the living Cooper clan are still alive is kind of long, SO I'm going to shorten it up a bit." Bruce then took off his goggles.
           "Before I begin this story," Bruce said," there a few thing I need to tell you about the Cooper clan. You see, were not just a couple of thief, we are also every, every, intelligent and some of us even became apart of police like Thaddeus Winslow the III ;& IV; and Sly. Also, quoting Mr. wells, "You must follow me carefully. I shall have to controvert one or two ideas that are almost universally accepted. The geometry, for instance, they taught you at school is founded on a misconception". Now, back in the Summer of 1898 ;Thaddeus Winslow the 3 ; the 4; Tennessee kid; a fox by the name Mr. Fix; a penguin; and few other were at kaine island to talk about some strange case. earlier that year,the Winslow where at Scotland Yard when they were hired to solve a odd case called "42C Moriarty". It was about a man who called himself "de Great Moriarty", he was robbing every bank in what was then the British Empire. No one ever got a good look at him, not even his top general saw his face, but for the people that even saw him, they knew he was NOT from this world. After looking into the case a little, They got two fellows, one form Russia by the name Timofei (pronounced tee mo FYEY) motka, a clockmaker who was also an owl; and another bird, a early plane and airship maker by the name Arpeggio..." "ARPEGGIO!!" a surprises Carmelita said." Yes, I did said Arpeggio," said Bruce," the bloody bird is about 150 some years old by now." he then took another sip of his tea." Now where was I...., aw yes, now the old cracker box remember now," said Bruce," they got the two fellow because they were working with one of Moriarty general to robbed a bank down in Australia, but not for money because money was always the bonus for funding Moriarty "Side Project" and pay for the people in the bank robbery ;the main reason for robbing the bank was for an Analytical Engine..., You have no idea what an Analytical Engine is, don't you?" "Nope." said Carmelita." Well, de Difference (that thing in the picture up above) and Analytical Engines of the 1830's-1910's were some of the first computer the has been build seen since the Antikythera mechanism of the 1 century BC. and these Engine were BIG, a small Difference alone was 6 feet tall and weighted about 15tons. The working models were also classified form the public and not many people knew about them, even in this day and age (but the Winslow, of course, did)."
          "There were trying to get some info about Mars and the moon. I also know about this info from the hack job from Groom lake(AKA: Area 51). Well, after a great battle down under(I bet your wondering why he didn't told the story with a bit more fact; well, he did said he had to shorten up the story a little bit, or this will be another story all together), Winslow found out that Moriarty was a HUMAN." said Bruce. "WHAT??!! What a human? Where do they come form? What do they do? Do they eat foxes?" said a even more confuse Carmelita." Will..., a human kind of look likes a...."said Bruce when he stop talking and took out a radio out of his jacket. The word below were said between him and another person.
 'ello, OVER :said Bruce (boc)
BRUCE, CAVOR IS COMING IN HOT! OVER :said the man on the other side of the radio(RSC)
CAVOR? OVER: (boc)
(at the same time, Sly think he is seeing a "shooting star" coming form the moon)
Alright, I better get some tea for the fellow. OVER:(boc)
          "Will..., I don't need to tell you what a human look like because one coming right now." said Bruce. he then got up from his seat and then got two cup of water and then went back to his seat." Why do you got two cup of water?" ask Carmelita." Will, knowing Mr. Cavor, being the absent-minded professor that he is and getting into all the dumb yet interesting situations on this small planet earth and the moon that turn around it, he is somehow going to crash into Sly with his spaceship because Sly is wishing to see you again because he think Cavor spaceship is a shooting star, causing Sly to hold on for dear life on the spaceship. Cavor is then going to crash in to here though the hole that I made a few minute ago with Sly. So I'm making two cups for two dummies." said Bruce with a smile (also the floor under the hole in the celling that Bruce made is glowing bluish-green light form above).
         "Yeah..., that NOT going to happen any time soon," said Carmelita," I don't care that you survive a 5 story fall during my coffee break, that NOT possible." A few second later, BOOM. A 8ft, rod shape, standing up, SPACE SHUTTLE came (and crash landed ) into the room though the hole in the celling; AND WITH IT, Sly Cooper, upside-down, holding on to the door of the space shuttle, and being very shock of just happened." HEY, Sly." said Bruce." WHAT, uncle Bruce," said a very surprises Sly," How are you still..." "First I need to ask you did you wish to see a lady by the name Carmelita Fox?" ask Bruce." Why, actually yes, how do you..." "WILL..., WISH GRANTED!!" said Bruce smiling, pointing with his hands at a VERY surprises, open mouth, Carmelita.
          "Come, sit on this side of the table." said Bruce, pointing at his left." Uh.., OK." said Sly. He then jump off of the spaceship door. After he did that, the door just OPEN up, hitting Sly in the head (and this door is about  4 in thick and made out of lead and cast iron, that will get you some heck of a headache). And coming out of this spaceship? None other then the absent-minded professor and human; Mr. Cavor." I CLAIM THIS LAND IN THE NAME OF QUEEN VICTORIA!!!" yelled Cavor, putting a union jack in the middle of the room. Now, who exactly is Mr. Cavor, other then being a professor? Will, in 1899, he and an man by the name of Mr. Bedford were the first men in the moon (by a metal ball with Cavorite, something made by Cavor, on it) in the world we live in and were attack by Selenite (one can just called them moon bugs because that what they really are). Cavor saved Bedford by putting him in the ball and telling him to blast off and leave him behind with the shotgun they bought along. He then survived on the lunar surfaces after escaping the buggers for a few earth week and build himself a spaceship to return home with. But with his luck, he open "the window"; and, at the same time, gone about a hundred years forward in time, with his Helium-3 and Cavorite Engine, and now he is in Sly's world. He is also short (Carmelita is 5ft-6in, Cavor is about 5ft) and around-

professor Cavor (Is it a paradox that he is in Sly world?)

bodied, and a little crazy (He make Bruce look normal), and also does a "buzzing" hum. And wears a overcoat ,a cricket hat (he doesn't play cricket),and had a pair of cycling knickerbockers and stockings (doesn't go biking ether).
         "I'm I as mad as a hatter, or you two are actually a raccoon and a female fox?" said the odd Mr. Cavor. "Mate, this going to be little hard to tell you this, but you went though "the window" and at the same time, went about a hundred in time," said Bruce. "What is this "window"?" ask both Carmelita and Cavor. Bruce just smile and took a wooden box out of his jacket and put it on the table. " Only a few cooper, Regents, and a fellow by the name Dr. Arthur now about
Moon bug


this box," said Bruce ,"Me showing you this make you two apart of this club." He then push a black button on the box, causing the top to open up. After that, a blue lens pop out with a light glowing under it." This multoscope with a wax sound cylinder will tell the next part of the story Carmelita, you watch it while I tell Mr Cavor about what happen to him while he was in space." said Bruce.
Movie start
(de meeting of der Cooper Clan of de C42 MORIARTY case at der kaine Island, 1898)
(Mr. Fix is looking at Moriarty)
Nothing form this world I can assure you Mr. Fix. :Windslow The 3th
What ever it is, it not talking now. When do I get this pay for turning him in? :Arpeggio
(An unknown penguin is working on a REALLY BIG Analytical Engine turn his head to Arpeggio)
HUSH Parrot, I'm trying to get into his bloody head! :Penguin
There so much cussing in this room. Why do you people need to cuss so much? :Unknown cat
Will, isn't this just a group of Idiot animals :James Moriarty
HEY, he bloody spoke something! :Penguin
Stop Cussing penguin. :Unkonwn cat
(You must understand that these old Analytical Engine are not to easy to work on, even for skilled clackers)
This case maybe the death of the cooper clan, Mister Thaddeus (the 4) :Tennessee kid
Anyway, how did he get into are world in the first place? :Mr. Fix
He could of.. travel... though de.. window. :Timofei Motka
The window? :Windslow 3&4
The window... is a.. physics engine... of sorts... that allow you.. to travel... bewteen... other.. world. :Timofei
That may be the solution to this all this. :Mr. Fix
But how the heck did he even go though the darn thing? :un-name meerkat
I don't now how 'he did it, but it may have something to do with his hat. :Unknown cat
I DID IT!!!!: Penguin
Did what? : un-name meerkat
I kinotorpe(pixelated but with wooden blocks for LEDs)-a-scoped his brain into the engine. :Penguin
Uh...OK. : un-name meerkat
What the heck does that mean amigo? :Tennessee kid
It mean that we got and can see all the info in his d*mn head! :Penguin
Again with the cussing, Penguin. :unknown cat
All right penguin, what on his mind? :Mr. Fix
(the unknown penguin then turn back to the engine, pressed a few button on a keyboard, put in a punch card, and then turn a crank causing a great bit of whistling form the mill (A CPU) from moving cams (A egg shape wheel) and rods, causing a kinotorpe screen (about the size of 50" flat screened TV) to show a black and white picture with a dark-blue tint of what Moriarty was seeing at the moment he had his brain pixelated.)   
TA-DAH!!! :Penguin
You animals are smarter then I thought. :James Moriarty
And that why we have this Giga-smart penguin, Mr. Fix. And cat. :Windslow the 3
Ok penguin, now how did he enter are world :Mr. Fix
(the unknown penguin then turned back to the engine and pressed a few more button on the keyboard, put in a different a punch card, turning the crank aging, and then started looking at kinotorpe screen while the mill being to whistle aging, changing the picture to something else.)
Ok, he is falling off some rocky cliff faces, looking up at the sky.... :un-name meerkat
And having a blue aura around him. Why does he the bloody heck does he have a blue aura around him. :penguin
I don't know, BUT MR. BLOODY MORIARTY SOULD!!! :Windslow the 4
Nope :James M'oriarty
Anyway, Who's that man who is hanging off that ledge? :Mr. Fix
Bloody Homes. :James Moriarty
Homes? Who is H...? :un-name meerkat
Monsieur, l'appareil est à court de pellicule. (mr. ,the camera is running out of film): Camera man
Vell, isn't that nice :unknown cat
Monsieur, éteignez l'appareil photo (Sir, turn off the camera): Windslow the 3
movie end
      "Well, how was I to know that there were rips in the cosmos that cause people to go into other worlds when I was building my return ship," said Mr. Cavor," and that going at fast speeds causes time travel!?"
"I have no idea Mr. Cavor," said Bruce ,"I'm just telling you how it is."" Ah, my head," said Sly with a headache." Why, good morning nephew. How was your day?" said Bruce. After he said that, he then help Sly over to the table that Carmelita is at and got him a seat to sit at." Anyway, I bet your wondering what the next part of the story is Carmelita?" said the crazy Bruce." yes." said Carmelita.
        "Well, later that year, the penguin and Mr.Fix made a "window opener" for the group and used it in this city, and discover the Human world, which is a lot alike with are world, save that there is really no other anthropomorphic thing other then humans and "the 97' crew" as the cooper gang at the time like to call themselves. While in the human world, they discover a group called Warehouse 12, which they told the crew about thing called "artifacts". these "artifact" are weird objects that can be very powerful. But, a consequence of equaled or greater power will also happen or need to happen to make the artifact to work. A human friend of my can better explain this, so you probably want to talk to him instead of me. Anyway, the 97' crew decide to make there own warehouse and got themselves about 40 Artifact. They then made the cooper warehouse in 1898 in the human world, and about seven miles form what would become Univille, South Dakota. later on, they will give the land for rent to Warehouse 12 in 1913 because the first cooper warehouse burn down. In 1914, warehouse 12 made Warehouse 13 there. when they where finishing the first trip to the human world, the penguin and Mr. Fix discover that the "window open" was also a artifact, the consequence was that a "bi-world" was created in which there was both human and animals lived together in the same world, and this world got a somewhat different timeline form are own. After a few trip back and to the human world, they stop using the window open in 1915 and put it somewhere on Kaine island. and then they got themselves bronzed so when the day come, so they can be in "The great one" heist, which is happening right now." said Bruce." WHAT, the great one is happening RIGHT NOW!!"said Sly in shock." Yes, beginning RIGHT here and RIGHT now." said Bruce, he then took another sip of his tea. "What about Moriarty?" ask Carmelita." Oh, I almost forgot about him," said Bruce," Will, in 1903, after keeping Mr. Moriarty for about six year, the crew found a man in Britain farmland in the human world by the name detective Sherlock Holmes. And as it turned out, Mr. Holmes had a bone to pick with Moriarty, So they drop Moriarty at Holmes house so he could get the chance to..., have a little chat with him."
          "Ok, now what is this "great one" heist?" said Carmelita." Oh, only one UBER MEGA BANK heist that about 500 million dollars in gold in the paycheck for everyone (about 800 people) in it, with a bonus 15 billion going to Kaine island, and a few (about a 100) artifact, nothing much." said Sly." Plus, one very, very, big tank for are good mate, Colonel Reid "Spaulding" Cooper, tank collection." said a smiling Bruce." Ok, I'm going to say that you cooper have gone mad. But can you continue your story Bruce pleases?" said a little confuse Carmelita( I think she think she dreaming or something). "I shall Ms. Fox." said Bruce," you see,...".Bruce then stop talking and the radio out of his jacket.
'ello, OVER: Bruce(boc)
You know brother, I've go a good mind to go out and join a club and to beat you over the head with it, OVER:(RSC)
Why, Hullo brother Reid "Spaulding" Cooper, OVER:(boc)
(before you ask, Bruce is to Johnny deep, as Reid is to Groucho Marx)
hello brother, I must be going, OVER: (RSC)
GOING??!!, OVER: (boc)
YES, I'm playing poker with a pink hippo and a lizard over my 1941 birts M3 lee tank, OVER: (RSC)
Hello, OVER :Murray
Hi Sly :Murray
HEY!!! Who said you can have my radio, you...! :(RSC)
Now, who said you can have my radio, you son of....! :(RSC)
TWO PAIRS!!! :Murray
Three of a kind! :Dimitri
A full house. :dealer
Read them and weep boys. :(RSC)
Hey, you can't do that, your not part of the brick laying union :(RSC)
UH..., Reid, I know Muggshot, and he bigger then you. OVER: Sly
By inches.  ;) :(RSC) 
(Muggshot then grab Reid by the neck)
Tell me sir, what do you think of traffic problem? What do think of thugs problem? What do think of at night when you go to bed, YOU BEAST?  :(RSC)
(Muggshot was then about to do the mother of all sucker punch to Reid face when Reid put on a black top hat with a jay bird feather in it)
         "CARMELITA, HOW DID YOU GOT HERE??!!" said a shock Murray. "I'm wondering that to, thank you very much." said a very confuse Carmelita who neck was being hold by Muggshots right hand. "HEY,WHAT HAPPEN TO THAT WISE GUY I WAS JUST HOLD...!!!" said a VERY MAD Muggshot when he was stop by the sounds of a small record player that is on the chair that Reid was on." Hello fellows, if you are hearing this message, that mean I just used Professor James Moriarty top hat to change places with another person location to get alway form getting beaten up form gunsel (muggshot). I also took my winning form this table game. thank you every much for hearing this message and have a nice..." BAM, BAM, BAM, went Muggshot gun aim at the poor record player." I'm GOING TO KILL THAT SON OF A GUN WHEN I GET MY HAND ON HIM!!!!!" said Muggshot, who was going in to a competed MELTDOWN (He just lost 5 million dollars, to a Cooper). Carmelita then reach for her gun, only to find out that it wasn't with her.
          "Hey, what is this thing that I was sitting on?" said Reid, holding a gun by the barrel with one hand and holding suitcase in the other." Oh, that Carmelita shock pistol... UH OH." said Sly." Does she need it?" said Bruce." Nah, I think she will be ok without it." said Sly (Keep in mind, he still has a headache, But he soldiering though it). " I bet you raccoons that I can make it more powerful." said Mr. Cavor. "BAD Idea Mr. Cavor, bad idea." said both Sly and Bruce. Then Sly's cell phone started to ring." Hello Carm...""WHICH ONE YOU OF COOPER GOT MY GUN!!?????!!!!!!" said a Carmelita gone NUCLEAR (this is maybe maddest she every been in her lifetime) ."WHOA..., someone didn't woke up right side of the bloody bed today." said Bruce smiling. "In fact," said a smiling Reid with a cigar in his mouth," EVERY side of the bed was wrong for this vixen."" I have to say yes to that uncle Reid." said Sly smiling." STOP COMMENTING ON MY SITUATION YOU..."said Carmelita."Say it, and that will be 10 buck for the Cuss jar."said Reid, pulling out a jar out of his black overcoat. "speak of which," said Bruce,"you need to stop smoking.""MY NECK IS GETTING HOLD BY MUGGSHOT FIST!!!!!! YOU COOPER BETTER HELP ME OUT AND GIVE ME MY GUN, OR I'M GOING TO PUT ALL YOUR TAILS IN A RUSSIAN JAIL UP IN SIBERIA!!!!!!" said a all out MAD Carmelita. She then hang up the phone.
         "Maybe one of us sould help her before she kills one of us or something." said Sly." Good idea nephew," said Bruce," We may have may her a little too angry."" That a bloody understatement!" said Mr. Cavor."Anyway, we need to protect this woman honor, that more then she ever did for her own self." said Reid." Hey, she my girlfirend." said Sly." Boy, don't you have a taste for women." said Reid." Everyone, stop talking," said Bruce, "We need to find out who going to save Carmelita."" I do it." said Sly. Then Mr.Cavor accidently shot Carmelita shock pistol, just missing Sly head." WHOA CAVOR," said Sly," you got to be careful with that thing, you almost zap me!"" Hey! there a screen on this thing with your face on it." said Cavor to Sly." UH OH!" said Sly. And after he said that, ZAP, and the stunned Sly drop to the floor." WELL, he isn't going to do it now," said Bruce," thank a lot Cavor!""HEY, I DIDN"T KNEW THAT THE GUN WILL DO THAT!!!"said Cavor."Well brother, we both know that Mr. Cavor can't save are nephew girl," said a smiling Reid," SO that mean that it between You and me. Rock, paper, Scissors?"" Coin Toss, mate." said Bruce." You sure?" said Reid," I'm very good at the coin toss."" Yeah, lets bloody do this thing" said Bruce, taking out a shilling out of his jacket. Then Bruce toss the coin in the air." Tails." said Reid, who then ate a cracker out of a cracker box he had in his overcoat. Bruce then grab the coin and put it on the back of his left hand. "It heads mate." said a smiling Bruce "NUTS," said Reid," I don't need another tango with that mobster again!"" What, are you scared?" said Bruce.
       " ME, Scared, a man who licked his weight in wild giant bees, (Reid does not fear bees, but Carmelita does. And Selentite look like bees. REMEMBER THAT.)of course I'm scared." said Reid. "Hey, you got about two hundred some tanks laying around," said Bruce," Why don't you used one of them to battle the bloody Muggshot?" "Hmm, good point," said Reid," But you forgot about are nephew very mad pip vixen. she will tear me to pieces if she get a hold of me." Reid then ate another cracker. Bruce took another sip of his tea and took out a small blue glass bottle out of his brown bag he had with him. "Bruce O'coop and Co. patent female, in this case, fox, calming & Tranquillizer potion with menthol and mint." said Bruce," With just a drop, make the maddest vixen go to a truly mellow and somewhat sleepy state of Sedation. And with a 1\20 (about 12 drops) of the bottle, 5 day of non-stop and restful sleeping for the fussy female."" YOUR A BLOODY GENIUS!!!!!" said Cavor," HOW MUCH FOR HUMEN FEMALES?!?!?!""About 2,000 pound (about $3,000) per 2 small bottle." said Bruce." YOUR A BLOODY THIEF TAKING PEOPLE MONEY!!!!!" said Cavor. "Hey Mate, isn't easy getting the stuff to make this drink," said Bruce," Anyway, all you have to do is to First, give her the gun on safe. Then, put that hat on her head when inside the tank, so she can change places with Mr. Homes over here so I could give her the Tranquillizer."" How did you know that I was over here?" said what seem to be the wall talking. Then, stepping away form the wall was another human with overcoat & plants that where painted to look like wall behind him. It was non other then Sherlock Homes. "HOW THE BLOODY DID YOU GOT HERE?!!!" said the shock Mr. Cavor (Cavor actually know about Homes and is a good firend of Homes as well). "It isn't so much as HOW I got here as much as WHY I'm here," said Homes," Why I'm here is because my friend Watson is Frozen in this world and I come to save him."" Hey Reid," said Bruce," lets not hold up the line anymore then we have to! Put on this bloody hat and get a bloody tank to save the girl.""I shall," said Reid, about to put on the hat," goodbye.". and then Reid disappear. and coming to change place with Reid, Sly friend Bentley."WHAT, HOW DID I GOT...," said Bentley. "No worrys sir," said Bruce," I give you the long and short of it."
 Act 2: meet Col Reid and how he save the girl
         Ah, Reid, the wittful and oddball Reid. One of five of Augustine Cooper sons (the other four being Bruce
Col. Reid

Col. Reid (japans sky palace, 1901)

, Connor (Sly dad), B.F, and Drake). being a US army tank colonel durring the Vietnam war, he had a niche for useing tanks in battle and heist. And because of his experience in the army, he made the Time Stop Move to see what happing arould him so he can plan his next move (And, as showed, to take and put down stuff when the world stop moving for a minute). He also really love his tanks (that why he got 267 tank at his house, including Otto van Cooper AV7 tank "Der eisern panzer" and Thaddeus Winslow the 4th "Armored lorry").he is also what you call "A wise guy", alway getting him self in hot water one way or the other, and often joke about what going on around him (EX: calling every tall people "shorte" or "short stuff"). He use backward logic durring heists (Or anything for that fact) with his brothers (As just showed). He also little lazy (save driving tanks, blowing up stuff with tanks, and driving tanks though walls, or anything else to do with tank and/or battle.), but is very smart and wittful (which is why he never got jailed by the Interpol or the "steamer 10" spy group. In fact, one of his best friends is Carmelita boss, Barkley. (If Carmelita knew that, she will wonder what side of law the Interpol is really on.)).
          Reid often wear a black overcoat with brown pair of pants and black shoes (and some time a black top hat with a pin with his sign on it, which is a black & white cooper face sign that smoking a cigar and has a mustache and glasses on it face with a WW1 Brodie helmet on it head) when doing card games like poker, when in public place, or anything that needs a nice, good looking suit. But when duty calls (like now), he gets his one of his army outfits, in this case, a WW1 doughboy tank colonel suit with a cooper sign on the right sleeve and a 7 of diamond card on the left, and armed with a bolt action rifle with a more blockly cooper hook design for the stock, and a 7 shot revolver and a 1911 colt by his side. He is almost never seen without his round circle glasses and also got brown hair on his head and a mustache and eyebrows of the same color (which is odd, because the rest of his fur is gery and black, like every other raccoon), And often has a cigar in his mouth. 
          He is now on the top floor of a office building by the Waterloo train station (It across the river from the parliament.)." B.F," said Reid to his radio," B.F, do you hear me? OVER"" Yeah, I can bloody hear you. OVER"" B.F, I need you to get about 22 people and one tankette to drive into a underground racket of a fellow by the name Muggshot. OVER" said Reid." Yes colonel Reid. OVER"" And DON'T forget to bring Andrew along. OVER" said Reid" Ah, bloody fun to wake him up. Anyway, where to? OVER"" Waterloo. And this a get in, get out plan. OVER" said Reid." Ok. OVER and OUT"
              "I better get to this squad fast then," said Reid to himself, Running down the stairs of the building," I hope B.F. doesn't kill me for waking up jungle jack."( Back at POINT A landing spot, where those planes landed earlier, B.F. is getting the men for this mission.)." And why does it stink down here?" said Reid putting on his gas mask," it smell like a...,(Reid see a ton of mice with guns and gas mask) Skunk( Here one army)."" HEY LOOK, IT SLY COOPER!!" said one of the mice." I'm not Sly. you got the mind of a four year old to think that, and I bet he is glad he got rid of it." said Reid," Oh, I know you," said someone in the shadows," your Reid, one of those FILTHY RACCOON THAT PUT MY FATHER IN JAIL!!!!"" HEY, calm down shunk," said Reid," It was his own fault for messing with the cooper in that heist. Beside, he stinks more then my father socks. And trusts me, we were planning on using them as weapon."" Oh, I sould kill you right here and now you little...." said Paradox" No worry, that what that big helicopter is for outside that window over there." said Reid pointing to his left." What big heli...."BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! when the copper 75mm main gun, ripping apart Paradox mouse army, shooting toxic shell and tossing mice all over the place.
            (Here two) STEAMER 10, ol' STEAMER 10, The pure meaning of bad guys mercenary, leaving ruins wherever they go. Steamer 10 is one of five groups of the "Steel Service Police Group", it was made in 1910 to hunt down "People of Interest"(EX: Reid) as they called them, which are people who are wanted by group & people like Boris Motka (more on him later). Steamer 10 are known as "The Dark Hunters". Armed with only the best weapon for there useds, Like this black double decker helicopter armed with 6 50 cal. maxim MG mod and 2 75mm auto guns, one in front and back, and with 2 tesla balls on each side.
               Anyway, the heli was making Paradox's army into swiss cheese (How ironic). And Reid was luckly to lived though the first attack. Reid then got though the toxic gas and got in to a cubicle in the middle of the room and got readly for round two. the then heli turned to it side and let rip 3 of 6 machine gun ( BRATATATATATAT....), mauling of what is left of Paradox army on that floor. mice were crawling across the floor and hiding behind stuff, hoping that there tails don't get blasted off, one of them crawled in Reid cubicle." These guys no joke right," said Reid shaking, not because he was scared, No, but because there was a EARTHQUAKE GOING ON THE ROOM because of the MG shear firepower," back in nam..., I be having my lunch in a pill box when this was going on." Then the machine gun stop.
            " I COMING DOWN THERE TO GET YOU REID!!" said someone with a loudspeaker, hanging out the door of the heli. Then the person jump out of the door and flew to the floor. It was a 7' tall owl with a trench coat on him and wearing a gas mask. And the Machine Gun started up aging. Paradox, who some how lived though the first two attack, jump the owl with his sword, only for the owl to break it in two with his wings." Run little skunk, Run." said the owl, pulling out a BIG, weird looking, 5 barrels bazooka." I shall big owl." said Paradox, who then ran for cover. BOOM! BOOM!... BOOM! went the Bazooka, ripping apart cubicle and blowing up water coolers. " I AM CLOCK-SON, SON OF CLOCKWERK," yelled the owl," AND I CAME FOR REID'S HEAD!!!"" Ah heck, Boris is here. OVER" said Reid into his radio
            Boris Timofeivich Motka, Son of Timofei, who later became Lord Clockwerk (often just shorten down to Clockwerk). Which make Boris here Clock-son. born in 1902, Boris join the russian revolution at the age of 15 after his father failed to make his pan-dimensional and universal empire of the owls because of the cooper clan. other then that, not much is know about him other then that he is at least 100 years old, insane, and is the only man known to hate the cooper more then his father.
            "Boris? BORIS!?! BLOODY BORIS!?!?! WHY THE HECK IS HE HERE!?!!" yelled Bruce over the radio," GET YOUR BLOODY TAIL OUT OF THERE NOW BEFORE HE KILLS YOU!!!"" Ok. OVER and OUT." said Reid," Mouse, hand me a grenade. I'm going bird hunting." The mouse did as told. Then Reid pulled the pin." Hey, Boris," said Reid, causing the owl to look at him," catch!" KA-BOOM went the grenade, knocking the great owl to the floor, but didn't killed him." If you like your life," said Reid, loading his revolver, to the mouse," RUN, run after the machine gun stop!" The then machine gun then stop and the mouse RAN right out the room and down the stairs.
           "FIRE BACK YOU CHEESE HEADS!!!" yelled the Paradox, And the mice (about 40 out of a team of 200) started to shoot back at Boris and the helicopter, with very little damage (a dent) to the heli and NO damage to Boris. Then Boris got up and started to shoot back at the mice (now there only ten mice form two shot of the owl's bazooka), and the heli flew to the front of the building (About 90 degrees turn clockwise) and someone, hanging out of a door, shot a rope gun with a hook with a zip line on it and started to side down the rope. following him were 14 other troopers.
             7 of the Trooper were human, carrying ww2 Russian sub-Machine gun and were wearing black wool coat with chain-mail under the coats and also wearing gas masks with blue lens goggles and black kepi hats with the number 10 on them; 7 were steamer special ops wulfs, carrying ww1 bolt action rifles made to be semi automatic, wearing black trench coats, and kepi hats and gas masks like the humans; and the last one (BUT truly not least), was a Clockwerk base robot falcon with ww2 German machine gun made into the wings. AND NOW, there a TWO elevators FULL of mice coming form the 2nd floor. THING, are about to get crazy( Not that Reid wouldn't know what crazy is, but still).
            The elevators doors open and bullets begun to fly between Mice and Steamer. Reid then stop time to think what to do." I can first use my shock grenades to stun two teams," thought Reid to himself," I can then get one of the steamer sub machine guns and start to blast away the mice and wipeout a few wulfs. And after that, I knock out that robot with my brass knuckles and make a run for the stairs and get to the team on the first floor, but first, I need this helicopter blown to pieces. I know, I will get the team's tankette to shoot it down." Then time started back up and thing got mad.
          There where bullet flying everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE!! You couldn't stick your head out of a cubicle with out it getting blasted off. Reid got to different cubicle before that happen and got on his radio.
"This is Spaul...." said Reid
"Mice, a owl, and the Steamer are in to the building." said Reid
"That no problem, I'm on the 6th." said Reid."
"Yeah, that why I need you. You see, there a super copter outside of what you call a abbey ripping everything apart, So I need you to tell the tank-men in the Tetrarch (the tankette) to blast it down with the ol' QF 2-pdr gun with tesla shell." said Reid
"You can't do that, your not a sushi chief." said Reid
"RIOICHI WAS!!!!" said B.F
"Hmmm..., good point. BUT I really need help to take down that helicopter." said Reid
"Thank you brother." said Reid
            "OK EVERY....,(*BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM*) NEVER MIND!!!!!!" Yelled Inspector Barkley, hiding behind a safe after the helicopter front 75mm gun mow down most of his troops ,Now he only has two out of 40 policemen." WHAT THE BLOODY HELL JUST HAPPEN!!!!" said one of the two officer, a bulldog hiding in a ruined cubicle." Eh, Big, Scaree, Helicopter maulled de droop." said the other officer, a otter, who was by Barkley." THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!" said the Bulldog." No, this s' 8 am durring that heist I dry do stopped n' Owatta, Eh." said the otter." Canadian otter, STOP SAYING EH IN EVERY BLOODY SENTENCE!!!!" said the Bulldog." EH, what did you saee?" said the otter." AAAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!!" yelled the Bulldog." Eh, no need for being rude." said the otter." Stop talking you idiots, we need to blow this helicopter to Timbuktu if were going....." said Barkley when he saw that the heli was getting rip apart form what look like lighting bolts, and was going down." I bed you was de broads (Bra-ds) ,Carmilate. EH" said the otter." Speaking of her, where is she." said Barkley." I get her on her phone," said the bulldog," Hello Carmelita."" Hello. please call back later, I'm being hold hostage by Muggshot and I also lost my gun to the cooper." said Carmelita over the phone, she then hang up after she said that." SHE LOST HER GUN!!!!!" yelled Barkley." EH, I told you, She s' acrid (a-krid) with her gun, bud she not a match do the coop's," said the otter smiling," I bed she veree bearus & mad now."" You got that right, you bloody beaver." said the bulldog laughing." I'm a otter ya goof." said the otter.
                                "Time to get this plan moving now." said Reid. with that being said, the colonel then toss two stun grenades into the air ;and begun to run at the steamer at full forces. BOOM when the grenades, everyone but Reid wondering what happening. Reid proceed to cause confusion & mayham as he knock out two wulfs with his gun being used as a cane, and one punch and down a human and took his gun. he then did a knockout dive over to another man and also took his gun and proceed to dual wield the machine guns (DATATATAT....), and taking out two to three mice at a time and wipeout four wulfs. he then ran out of ammo and started to run at the "duck" (Robot in steampunk slang), and was stop by a explosion that happen in front of him." You thought I was dead you dumb raccoon." said Boris." Nope, just thought you were out of ammo," said Reid," and you are a really BAD shot." Reid turn his head back at the duck, who was aiming its Machine guns at Reid." Uh oh." said Reid, who then jump into a cubicle. The duck then begin to ripped apart the cubicle that Reid was in with bullets. The Machine then stop shooting to let it machine guns cool down." You missed." said someone behind the Duck. Then, BAM, brass knuckles fist to the top of the robot head form behind. The duck did two cuckoo and a low ding before blowing up, taking out the rest of the steamer on that floor. Boris then tried to shoot his bazooka at Reid, who lived though that explosion form the duck, when he found out that he was out of ammo." I shall kill you later tonight when I get ammo!!!" said Boris, who then flew out the building." If you can." said Reid smiling. He then turn his head to the last of the mice and Mr. Paradox." Ok, who's next?" said Reid. And with that being said, Paradox and his army RAN down the stairs in SHEAR BLOODY PANIC.(petty good for a old raccoon in his 50's)
         "Now, what that smell," said Reid to himself, taking off his gas mask," It smell like something burning." He then look at his tail, and saw that it was on FIRE. He then used the flame to light his cigar and put it in his mouth. HE THEN realized that it was his tail that was on fire." AAAAHHHHH, FIRE!!!!!!!!!" yelled the scared and shock Reid," MY TAIL IS ON FIRE SEE!!!!!!!!" Reid proceed to show what NOT to do when on fire by running down the stairs to the first floor and into the parking lot. Lucky for Reid, there was a fireman on the 22 man team to save Carmelita. The fireman (A dog with a blue jacket and white pants ) put out the blaze and Reid's cigar. "Thank you Ned." said a raccoon with light brown fur behind the fireman, wearing attire like that of the fireman." Your welcome sir!" said Ned (he is actually Twitchy Ned, a dog that the sly gang met once before at blood bath bay)." Now brother," said the raccoon, leaning toward Reid( who was laying on the ground) on his cooper cane," Why are we here?"" To save are nephew's girl." answer Reid, who was getting up by himself and cracked his back," That going to be five hundred dollar for the old man back."" And HOW do you planned to get into a EX-Fiendish Five member fort again?" said the brown fur raccoon." Oh, I got one of my babies here." said Reid, walking to a garage across the street. He then took out a pair of keys and open the door. And after that, he press a button on the keychain. And form inside the garage, a great, low rumble started and two big light turned on." I though you sold this thing to Raleigh some time back." said the brown fur raccoon." You REALLY though that I was going to sell this baby to that crazy frog !?" Said Reid.
      "LARRY, GET SOME OF YOUR GUARDS TO MAKE SURE THAT THE INTERPOL COP DOESN'T DO ANYTHING FUNNY!!!!" said Muggshot pointing at Carmelita, tied up in a chair and "in the dog house", a area of the racket that act like the jail. Then there was two loud knock at the main door to the underground casino, which was made of cast iron." Atlas." said someone outside the door( Reid)." Nope." said a guard by the door." Watch dog" said someone else( Ned)." Wrong" said the guard." Swordfish." said another person outside the door( ??????)." That right," said the guard unlocking the door," come in. The door open."" Thank you lad." said a old raccoon wearing a white shirt and a brown vest coming in though the door. The guard then lock up the door and sat back at his chair. The raccoon got a chair by Murray and passed a note to him saying "DON'T PANIC AND FOLLOW MY LEAD". And after the raccoon passed that message...., *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM*, when a fast shooting cannon behind the door; with, on the 6th shot, the door getting knock down." Mike Tango Foxtrot!" Yelled Reid. And lurching forward into the middle of the room with a clanking sound of treads was a 13ft Tall, 15ft wide and long, rhomboid, TANK.
        "Sierra, Tango, Charlie, Charlie, Whiskey!" yelled Reid, and the tank begun to spin counter clock-wise."Foxtrot, Mike, Golf!" yelled Reid, and the tank side machine guns were let lose, mauling Muggshot's guards left to right." WHO INVITED THE TANK TO THE PARTY!!?!" yelled someone at a poker table." You call this a party, the women are cold, the beer is warm, and I'm hot under the collar."said Reid"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU REID!!!" said Muggshot."Foxtrot, Romeo, Charlie," said Reid, and with that being said, the cannon that blow down the wall was retracted into the tank," November, Romeo, Delta, Mike."" All right, ROADKILL!!"  yelled someone form inside the tank. The tank then went FULL SPEED ahead toward Muggshot, also unleashing a low growling sound while moving." YOUR NOT RUNNING ME OVER TODAY!!!!" yelled Muggshot getting out of the way of the tank. CRASH, the went tank when it hit a wall and gone though it as well." YOU BLOODY DOLT, YOU NEED TO HIT THE DOG, NOT THE WALL!!!!!" said someone inside the tank." Hey, it not easy to hit super-dogs like muggs here!" said someone else inside the tank. *BAM*(ding)*BAM**BAM*(ding, ding) when Muggshot guns trying to blast always the tank, only to have the bullet to bounds off." Tango, Tango, ONE, EIGHT, ZERO!!" Yelled Reid, and the tank turn 180 degrees around," Alpha, Charlie, Alpha, Foxtrot!!" And with that being said, The main cannon fire four shot at Muggshots, who somehow got away alive form the "thief" tank and the tankette and was trying to run out of the building." I get the dog, you save the girl." said Reid." Ok, I jump out here then." said someone inside the tank. Then jumping out of the right tank hatch was that brown fur raccoon that was talked about earlier( His name is B.F cooper).
 "Follow me boys, bayonets forward," yelled Reid, and with that, the tank started to chase after  Muggshot."
                      I better make a run for it, EH." said B.F, AND in no time flat, he was past all the guard between him and Carmelita." How did you...." ask Carmelita." Don't speak for your own sake!" said B.F, but it was to late, there was 20 pairs of eyes looking at them." Ah...., YOU BLOODY LITTLE BUGGER ARE NOT TAKING ME ALIVE!!!" yelled B.F, only to be tied down to a chair in a rush," Thank you madam." Now for a quick bio of B.F: He is at least all of the following: Thief, Spy, Interpol officer( how ironic), swordsmen, marksmen, detective, Neo Victorian, Martial art master, escape artist, man of parkour, free runner, and Warehouse agent( NOW there is a jack of all trades kind of guy)." I said you are NOT TAKING ME ALIVE!!!" yelled B.F, And with that, he got out of the chair in a snap and started to beat up guards like there no tomorrow with his sword (he has one in his cane), hook, his own shock pistol( Think Carmelita pistol that been Cooper and steampunk'd), and his fists. And after he knockout the last guard with a one inch punch( think Bruce Lee, and that how much it hurt from a master like B.F), he then look at his watch." D*mn, bloody 3 seconds off my record." said B.F." Excuse me, can you tell me why Sly didn't came to save me?" ask Carmelita." Oh, Ol' Cavor did in a few seconds; what you couldn't did in few years, which was to knock out Sly with your shock pistol." said B.F." Uh..., HOW??!!??" ask Carmelita." Beated me." said B.F.," All I know is that my nephew is going to be bloody wondering what happened when he wakes up( which he is doing now). Now, I over-heard you talking to my brother Bruce about the window over my radio, correct."" Yeah." said Carmelita." Well let get you out of the chair and tell you the rest of it( the story)." said B.F(B.F. does talk kind of fast, so he does skip words). BUT before he could even go a step, Murray, Dimitri, the old raccoon with a odd looking gun with a hook stock, and some soldier of sorts, just BUST RIGHT IN TO THE ROOM THOUGH THE DOOR, all of them breathing heavy " QUICK, MAIN MAN MURRY, CLOSE THE DOOR!" yelled Dimitri, which Murray did already." What the HECK happen to you guys!?" ask B.F." Panic, Shear... bloody....Panic." said the old raccoon." Form what?" said B.F" There....are..., AHHH!!!!" said the soldier when the thing attacking everybody outside the cell bust in though the door and drag the soldier out of the room, in which Murray close the door again." WHAT...THE HECK...WAS THAT?!?" said Carmelita." A clock spider." said B.F.," EVERY deadly and EVERY hard to kill." After he said that, he used his sword to cut the ropes keeping Carmelita to the chair.

Act 3: the werid get weirder when the navy begin to march and drunken robtic wasps attack
                      "Anyway, back in the 60's, Bruce and me came across the window opener while at Kaine island, a door to other worlds about 8ft wide and 7ft high, a petty awesome piece of Victorian I say. It (took) me, Bruce, and Conner a few weeks to get it to work, I must say, it was one heck of (A) nail-buster to (get) that mother working, BUT boy.., (it) was worth it. we got access to many worlds, including the human world, and (the) Victoria clock & cogs world. for the next 30 years, we were doing heist all over (the) Multiverse. On one these tour of thieves we met Warehouse 13, which me and Bruce became agent for. On another, my brother Reid got $200,000 form a plane heist in the year 71' off a 727 by using a fake bomb, if the passengers knew that, that would of beated (the) heck out of him and discover that he was a raccoon and not (a) human as he look to them with this artifact ring," said B.F pulling out a ring with a eye of sort in it instead of a gem," Anyway, in 1992, after the death of Conner, me and the three brother still alive with are son and daughter had to get out of dodge though the window. And before you ask, NO, we didn't forget about young Sly, I was (at) the Orphanage in disguise as a tutor (and) taught him how to used the cane and taught his friend Bentley about science of time travel and other world portal."" WAIT, YOU WHERE SCARILY JOHN THE JANITOR!!?!" said Murray." Why yes I was." said B.F." So THAT explains how Sly learned how to used the cane without the book!!" said Carmelita." Yes in..., Hey look, Reid here" said B.F, pointing to door. Though the porthole on the door, you could see two big shining light." Everyone, back away form the door," said B.F." But the bloody spiders will be running IN TO KILL US!!!!" said the old raccoon." Trust me uncle," said B.F. And with that, everyone by the door ran away form it. And again busting though the door were "clock spiders". They are automaton, about the sized of a dog and with a brass skin, octagon Prosoma (on spider, it that head/body thing, talk to your science teacher or look it up if you are still confused) frame and a coffin shape abdomen (most people call it a "tail", but that is wrong) made out of steel, armed with two metal fang to inject whatever toxin there armed with and a pop up head gun, often a auto revolver but for a "Boss" spider, they get a median sized volley gun.
        10 Spider then swarm in the room, only to ran over by Reid tank, Only just stopping right in front of Carmelita's nose. then the tank back top hatch open up, and popping out of the iron animal? one pair of twin raccoon of the cooper clan( you can tell that there form the cooper clan because they have canes & Hooks of the clan), both wearing long selves T-shirt that were blue and over that a vest with a grey front and a rusty steampunk brown back(NOW there a nightmare for a Interpol agent or crime boss, TWO COOPER at once)." WE GOT THE MUGGS!!!" said the twin." who are you two supposed to be?" ask Carmelita." TWINS!!!" said the twins happily." I can see that," said Carmelita," BUT who are you?"" COOPERS" said the twins." let me tell you who they are." said B.F.," One is Kelle McCooper and the other one is Rob McCooper. These two little bugger make me, there uncle, to go mad, partly because they CAN'T STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!!! THERE LIKE TWO EVIL TWIN SLYS!!!"" Ok, now WHO HAS MY GUN!!!!!" yelled Carmelita." What, this thing." said one twin (I think it was Kelle) holding a barrel of a broken down gun." It was most likely made in China." said the other twin holding the handle." YOU TWO DESTROY MY GUN!!!!!!!" yelled Carmelita." No they didn't, there lying," said Reid form inside the tank," The jigs is up."" AH, come on," said one twin( maybe Rob)," We wanted to see how angry she would get."" And I'm trying to speed up this mission, so something got to give!" said Reid. Then Reid order the front gun port to open." Here your gun and here your hat!" said Reid leaning out the hatch."But I Don't remember having..." said Carmelita being sent back to Parliament." What a nice place Tony has." said Sherlock Holmes.
       I bet you think that it CAN'T get weirder then it already is, with all the steampunk mercs, spider, and a 1890's space ship, but you be wrong. When Sly's family around, IT ALWAYS get weirder. the following was form a report form Bruce to the warehouse about the events after the heist.
It was at 9:36 p.m., at England Parliament. I just told my nephew friend Bentley of what was going on, the heist for the Babbage engine, bring back the 97' crew, the artifact, and now the mission of saving Mr. Watson. Now him, me , Cavor, and Sherlock where thinking about how to get tranquilizer into Ms. Fox." We can sip it into her coffee and she quickly go form mad to loopy." said Cavor.
" Of course, but she will first take a shot at us before she take a sip of it," said Sherlock," you got anything to shrink her down."
"Why actually I have shrink balm" said Bentley
"Great," I said," and Cavor got Cavorite. as soon as we knock her out, we can stick her to the ceiling."
"Who said what about sticking my girlfriend to the ceiling," said my nephew Sly, waking up after getting zap by his girl shock gun, though it was Cavor that pulled the trigger," and what that humming sound?"
"Humming is form Cavor," said Sherlock," and you and the turtle were about to take the late queen Victoria's Uranium glass pocket watch. you are also a former Interpol agent with a lady named Ms. Carmalita Fox or Carm as you like to call her, you got her to join in your gang of thieves for a short time before she join the Interpol again."
"Uh.., How did you know that?" said my nephew
"I'm Sherlock Holmes form 221B Baker Street." said Holmes.
"Oh, ok." said my nephew," but what that about sticking Carm to the ceiling."
"The plan, to what I now about, is to first shrink her, then knock out Ms. Fox and stick her to the ceiling." said Cavor.
"No worry, were not going to leave her there," said Bentley," we are just going to leave her there until the heist is over, then we take her down and put her on her bed at her hotel room while she is asleep."
"When she wakes up," said Holmes," she think she was just dreaming."
"Ok, but I thought she was are ally." said Sly
"Unless you plan to bring her along and watch over her," I said," it be a better idea to leave her at the hotel room. PON my words, The great one is not one but MANY heist, a Tour of force for great thieves like are-selfs, in including your all of your gang that are thieves by trade."
Then we when back to thinking, with Sly, about the original mission of making the vixen go to sleep when the call form Reid came saying that he was getting close to Ms. Fox and to get really for the swap, which we did quickly
The trap was set and the planned lay out. We were going to first get Bentley to inject the shrink balm to shrink her down, me to give her the tranquilizer, Sly to tell her why this was happening, and Cavor to stick her to the ceiling. But there is a old Pennsylvania Dutch saying" He who digs a ditch for other falls in it himself." and as bad luck would have it, my nephew nickname for Ms. Fox "Carm" sound a lot like "Kamra". Good thing were not going to happen.( I should know, Reid & me where on the titanic in the human world by time travel and window when Reid said," SHIPS CAN'T SNIK!!!". I guess you learn something new everyday, D*mn Bloody Yankee raccoon. |:(  )
        As Bruce said, good thing were NOT going to happen. the reason for that is because of a few thing, (1) Cavor didn't knew that he bought some "friend" along, (2) Cavor forgot to take the keys out of the spacecraft cavorite engine, (3)Cavor was there, and (4) Reid forgot to give Carmelita gun ON safe (because Cavor was there in Parliament). Just when Carmelita was teleported into the room, the first word out of her mouth was," BBBEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!" Two Selentite came along for the trip with Cavor( HOW didn't anyone notices THAT until Ms. Fox came?) and were trying to run away with Cavor's anti-gravity engine( WHY, I don't know)."DON'T SHOOT, THERE NOT...." yelled Cavor, BUT it was to late. Carmelita in a panic took a blind shot and miss the bugs, but not the engine. and before you could say "CAVOR A BAD OMEN", Just about everything in the room "felled" up to the ceiling." MY HEAD!!!!" said Sly hitting the ceiling head first (I think the universe is trying to tell him something that day)." Well, that was a very bloody American way of shooting" said Bruce upside down.
           Now we are here, with a ferret, at this dark and odd problem, of people stuck to the top of the room without any idea to get down. luckily for the flys, Suzanne Cooper was on the 1902 crew. Who Suzanne Cooper, other then having a former fear of water. her father is B.F., and like her father, she is a swordsmen (or swordswomen as case may be.), spy, and detective. she is also highly gothic and a neo-clanker, which she got form her mother, a wolf form Germany. Though she isn't very tall( 4 foot, 7
Suzanne 1

Suzanne Cooper

inches, giving her the nickname form her cousins, including Sly," kurzen weiblichen", meaning "short female" in German), she is a cute bombshell with a hour-glass figure . BUT DON'T let her looks fool you, she been know to beat up people ten time her size(with out the help of cousin). She is often seen wearing a brown corset with blue lacing, a vest over the coset (in black and brown strips), a pair of round frame filp-up sunglasses, a neck watch( think of a wrist watch that goes on your neck) made with brass, green uranium glass, and trinitite( look it up if you don't know what it is), grey pants, and often a black coat that not unlike Carmelita jacket. Her cane is also unique to her styles, being made in a double hook wooden design with a black handle in the meddle with wool cloth wound around it.
           She was humming to herself "die forelle" as she was picking the lock to the door under the floor to the room. As she unlock the door, the door open "down" to the ceiling. Confuse, she look up and saw everyone stuck to the "new floor", and with them, Mr. Cavor."*sigh* was für ein Idiot-Mr. Cavor." she said popping her head out the door."Guten Tag! Cousin Kurzun weiblichen," said Sly smiling," still afraid of the water?"" Bonjour mathématiques flemmard( French for "Math slacker". Sly, though form the U.S., grew up in France, and is bad at math)," said Suzanne," still have fear of medications." Sly eyes flinch after she said that, wiping off that smile with that." Hullo Suzanne" said Bentley, Winthorp, and Carmelita ( The three of them now her already, Bentley, because Suzanne helped the Sly Cooper gang a few times in the past. And Carmelita & Winthorp, because they were helped by her to solve police cases in the past. Carmelita also got to know Sly though her and her shock pistol as a gift form her as well.)" Hullo to you too," said Suzanne," let me guess, Hurr Cavor forgot to take der keys out of das engine and you (Carmelita) though din selentite over there where bee und starten to shoot und somehow hit dur engine." she said with arms cross around her chest." That is indeed correct my niece," said Bruce," and if anyone could help us, it be you the short un'." Suzanne give her uncle the evil eye for saying that and then got to thinking on how to get to the engine. The two selentite where smart enough to grab the floor and hold on with the engine and were out of reach of Suzanne cane." Carm, can I see ya pistol?" said Suzanne." Yes you..., nuts... it gone though the hole in the ceiling." said Carmelita." Ok.., uncle, your tesla please."" DON'T BLOODY BREAK IT," yelled Bruce as he was reaching for something in his jacket," THIS I GOT IT FROM ARTIE HIMSELF AND IT ALSO MY FAVORITE CANE!!!!" he then took out a odd looking shock cane thing with a 3 feet long handle and a metal cooper hook made into it. On it were some odd looking meters." Catch!" yelled Bruce tossing the cane down to his niece."Danke!(germen for thank you)," said Suzanne catching the cane with one hand and holding the other to hers so she was hanging up side down form the floor," And another thing, your "lovedstucked sweetheart" sent a telegram to you earlier today form clock-tin tower, Whitechapel, at 1432 hours," she said to Bruce." There no such thing as that!" said Bentley." There is in the clock and cogs world," said Bruce," Anyway, are you sure it was her."" Wasn't her name Charlotte Mckinsley." said Suzanne as she press a button on the cane that turned it into a shock gun with a forward hand grip and two glass lens gun sight." Yeah, What did she say." said Bruce" Nothing much, she does want to talk to you though, I can give din telegram to show ya."said Suzanne as she was aiming the gun." Hm.., that is highly questionable statement knowing her." said Bruce." Who's Charlotte?" ask Sly and Carmelita." Oh, she a...""FIRE IN DEN HOLE!!!!" yelled Suzanne as she pulled the trigger, unleashing a steam of lighting form her to the engine with the sound of crackling going though the air. Everyone on the ceiling were going back down to the floor when the machine turn back on again and everyone wamotivators going back to the ceiling, and finely the machine turned off and everyone hit the floor, though Suzanne was the only one to land on her feet." Again my head!" said Sly." It could be worse mathématiques flemmard," said Suzanne helping Bentley into his wheel chair." Like HOW?" ask Sly when Carmelita pistol came flying back to earth, bounds off the floor, hit Sly in the head, and landed by Carmelita who was laying on floor." Oh, that how," said Sly looking at his cousin staring at him with her arms cross around her chest and a "I told you so" look on her face," Carm, need any help?"" No..., I'm just down here.... thinking." said Carmelita ("Weirdest, coffee break, EVER" she thought to herself)
        "Anyway, Suzanne, got all the things I ask for?" ask Bruce cracking his neck."Ya, right here." said Suzanne going back to the door in the floor. She then took one large metal box and small cardboard ones form the door in the floor ." Hey, Sly, a little help." she said trying to left up the big box out of the hole. Sly then help his little cousin out with bring the boxes over to the table." Well boys and girls, Christmas came early this year," said Bruce rubbing his hands together happily," My cane please." Suzanne handed back her uncle cane to it rightful owner. Bruce then open the big one first. In it, other then bubble warp, was a phonograph, two glass flask "lens" full of a glowing blue liquid, a sword form Japan, and something that looked like a flamethrower." "Blue Mercury" my friends," said Bruce holding up high a glass flask of the glowing stuff," or "liquid metal glass" as some of my colleague like to call it"" Ok, but what is?" ask Bentley and Cavor." The key to the window." said Bruce taking out a pair of good sized glasses made out of brass and copper and proceed to push in the lens in to the glasses. Then some spark were seen in glass lens when they where put in the glasses and then some clouds appear in it as well." Lets see if you got the right stuff." said Bruce taking off his glasses, showing that his eyes was a rusty light blue color with a faint hint of gears running though one eye, something that you couldn't see if you weren't looking closely. He then put on the other glasses and the clouds moved away to show a view of the other world.( the reason that Timofei called it the window)." And this are right ones my dear Suzan." said Bruce happily," Ms Fox, the hat please."" I almost forgot I had this." said Carmelita getting to her feet and tossing Professor James Moriarty hat to Bruce. Bruce then put on his own glasses, taking off the Blue Mercury ones." You may want to look though these." said Bruce. Sly then put on the glasses while Bruce open another box, and Sly was in shock of what he saw." Um..., Bentley..." said Sly handing Bentley the glasses." "What is it...," said Bentley when he put on the glasses," THAT is NOT good!"

           What the two saw was that Arpeggio had somehow got into the other world and just got the title of "Lord Arpeggio, Admiral of the King's Navy" and that there was a party going on in the room at the other world for his new title." How the heck did he get there?" ask Bentley while he was handing the glasses to Carmelita.
"I Don't know, but whatever he going to do, IT NOT going to be good." said Sly." Let me turn on the radio." said Suzanne turning on a steampunk'd radio she had with her." That thing can tune in on other..." said Bentley" "Shhh.." said Suzanne as she turn up the sound on the radio.
                "...HAIL LORD ARPEGGIO, HAIL LORD ARPEGGIO, HAIL..." * sound of some one hitting a glass cup with a spoon* "Greeting, Hullo, and good day my fellow lords, As new Admiral of the king's Navy, I made the vow to NOT used the power of the navy to attack any nation unless provoked, not even the bloody jerrys(that made Suzanne a little mad. ~):|  ) or the bloody Yanks! I also vow to..." " Lord Arpeggio, my good man!!" "Yes captain," * someone( Carmelita saw that it was Sir Raleigh the frog) whisper to Arpeggio* " ,Yes, start mission tower hunt. Right now please and be quick. Now where was I.., I also vow to increase are navy people sized by two folds by the end of the year 1906 in case of attack and for naval testing of Antarctica Territories! I will also push for peace with China! That all for now and enjoy the tea, Ta ta!"" HAIL LORD ARPEGGIO, HAIL LORD ARPEGGIO, HAIL LORD ARPEGGIO, HAIL...."
           "TEA DRINKING PARROT," Yelled Suzanne as she turned off the radio," I GOT TO RING HIS NECK FOR DISGRACING DUR FATHER LAND!!"" Clam down my niece," Said Bruce," He well bloody pay in time.Now, Sly, a late birthday gift to you."" Ok.., what is.., HOW DID YOU GOT THAT!!" said Sly looking at what his uncle got in his hand." What is it?" ask Carmelita taking off the glasses." Model 7 1984 Interpol ice gun prototype," said Bruce handing the gun to Sly," Top Secret and only really used by Interpol officer who worked at Area 51. always been on Slys "to get" list went he first heard about it."" Don't drool on it now," said Suzanne," It took me a LONG time to get that one."" Anyway, as I just told Bentley I came here for..." Said Bruce when he took out his radio," Ello' OVER."" A black Cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere, But what does it mean when there a spider's army with a window cannon with her and is trying to bring something to this world form Whitechapel?" ask Reid over the radio." Um...., PROTECT THE BRIDGE AND FIRE AT THAT BLOODY NAVY THAT A COMING!!!" yelled Bruce over his radio." Ok, OVER AND..""WAIT, What about Murray and the rest of the gang!" ask Bentley taking Bruce radio." There safe with me and mind saiding OVER!" said Reid." No, Over and out." said Bentley leaving Reid confuse." Can I have my radio back?" ask Bruce. Bentley then handed back Bruce's radio.
               "Cavor," said Bruce," Get your shotgun, Things are going to go into bloody bedlam petty quick!" "What going on?" ask Winthorp. Bruce first look at Moriarty hat, then at the ferret, then back to the hat, And then put the hat on the ferret, and brgun Sherlock back into the room." Need me back so soon?" said Sherlock," I was wondering when you will miss me." Sherlock then got himself a seat at the table." It isn't so much that I miss you as much as we need people that can FIGHT," said Bruce," got your gun?"" Yes." Good. boxer?"" Didn't you read my story."" Yes, but been a long time. Can you drive a car?"" Elementary."" Clanker?"" Combobulated."" Can used a cooper cane?"" Yes. Practical, but limited."" Know about artifacts?"" Warehouse 12, my dear Bruce."" your on the team." and with the two shook hand." Hey uncle," said Sly putting his new gun away in his holster," you kind of dodge this earlier, But who's Charlotte?"" Oh," begun Bruce," she a...," but he was stop by the screaming of a rocket going though the air form Whitechapel," GET READY FOR THE GREY NAVY(number 3)!!!!!"
                And with that the great battle started with Police VS. Mr. Frog's. A HUGE, semi-circle portal open up
London steampunk

gaslamp London(Timeline 300)

down river when the rocket hit the water and showed a more darker, steampunk'd, London with gaslamp and airship being seen and coming though it were a few grey ironclads." And in one corner," said Reid to his tankmates," We got All of the London police force with about 250 Interpol officer protecting the banks to Big ben!! And in THIS corner *Ka-Boom, Bam* we *SREEEECH* got *BOOM* the trigger* (police officer:" FIRE BACK, FIRE BACK") RAT-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT...* happily *Ka-Boom* Sir Raleigh* Boom**Boom**Boom*(Raleigh though loudspeaker:" THIS IS FUN") the toad,"*...AT-AT-AT-AT-AT...*"Frog ,Boss"*CRACK*("WERE LOSING MEN CHIEF!!!!!!" yelled a Interpol officer)*BOOM*"ok, FROG, with,"*BAM, BAM, BAM*" 7 IRONCLADS!!!"" WHAT IS THIS," Yelled Bentley looking out the room's window," THE COPS ARE GETTING TOSS..."" INCOMING" yelled Bruce as a police car CRASH right outside the building form the sky." Who are these guys?!?!" yelled Carmelita." The GREY FLEET," said Bruce," The shock troop and "ships" of the empire navy. Speaking of troop, HERE THEY COME!!" as Bruce was saiding that, the first wave of hunley like subs hit the shore. There were ten sub, as each one landed, the top hatch open up and all the trooper (8 per sub) came out and started running
towards the police, who were in shock at what is going on as they came for that "UFO", NOT to get mauled by the steampunk Navy Seal of DEATH and RUINS!!" WE CAN'T MAKE A STAND HERE," yelled a Scotland Yard officer," RETREAT TO THE PARLIAMENT!!! RETREAT!!!" and with that police (Or what left of them) when towards the UK. parliament." Some queen's police force you are," said Bruce as the room was getting filled with panic police," you got your butts kick by a bloody frog that my nephew here jacked with four hits with a cane!!"" BUT THEY HA-HA-HAVE IRONCLADS AN-AND HEAVY GUNS." said a Interpol office." WHAT, YOUR ALIVE!?!?!?" said a surprised Barkley as he saw Bruce while he getting into the room though its (just in case, the room's) window." Yes I am," said Bruce," And JUST WAIT IF YOU THINK IT SCARY OUT THERE!!,"he said pointing to the ironclads heading toward the beach." BUT WOULDN'T the ships get stuck if they hitting land?" said Bentley as he watch a ironclad getting "beach".
         "Uh..., I wish there was a better way to say this," begun Suzanne," but there not true water ships."" HOW ARE THEY NOT BLOODY SHIP," said a police bulldog, the one that was at that building fight between Reid and Boris," THEY LOOK LIKE BLOODY SHIP, THEY FLOAT LIKE BLOODY SHIP, THEY MOVE (at this time, Sherlock, Bruce, and Suzanne were walking slowly away form the room's window)THOUGH THE WATER LIKE BLOODY SHIP, HOW ARE THEY NOT BLOODY SHIP!?!?"" UM....., there are otter-class ship," said Bruce, who was a little scared because he knew what they were," and the first one was called "H.M.L.S Otter."" You see," said Sherlock," there are land ships that can go on water."" THERE WHAT!?!?!?!" said everyone
beside Suzanne, Bruce, Sherlock. And as soon as they said that, a ton of steam was whistling as it was being releases from under the ship. The landship main body then rose off the ground and show 3 pair of BIG wheels." That veree bad, EH." said that Canadian otter from earlier.

             Now a bit of info on the grey fleet. The Otter- class landship was made in 1867 for attacking beach
Otter class

Otter class

such as this one with troop. There about 100 feet long and are armed with a front turret with two 250mm cannon, there also armed with 12 45mm auto guns. the ships body had a 1890's battleship feel by having a sword like bow to ram though other ships, on land or sea. The ship also act like a tank and troops carrier, carrying anything between 5 to 15 tanks and 40 to 60 (150 when cramp) troops. The troops of the grey fleet come in four classes; heavy gunner and bombardier, carrying two out of the four, a flame or gas thrower, a maxim machine gun, a Colonies hunter gun( which that old raccoon had earlier, but with a modified stock. shoot like a double barrel and shoot one mega round per time.), or a steam power cannon.They always wear really heavy full body armor clockwork suit( which make them look like iron knight), making them as fast as fellow soldier until the suit the suit need to be rewind( then there really slow); Cadet, also wear light body armor, but not full body, leg and arms are unprotected and the head are just protected by a tin cap, they also wear a tan or dark green jacket and black pants, making them look like ww1 UK soldier. They are armed with ether a muzzle loaded 50. cal. carbine, a bolt action rifle, or a light mg(though ones with high ranks get a guycot gun); and
55th-GF Officer

Grey fleet officer

officer, armed with a ether a gaslamp shotgun.( Think Carmelita gun that been turn in to a tesla power auto gun) or a bulldog pistol. they wear a red shirts with two white straps linked to there blue pants, they also wear black army kepi or a pith (safari helmet as some people like to call them). Making them look like 1870's to 80's colonies army men.
            "ROLL OUT" said a loud speaker on the landship, and with that, the machine begun to lurch forward." RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!" yelled a Interpol officer. And with that, the police force started to make a run for everywhere BUT in the way of the ship." EVERYONE CLAM DOWN," yelled Barkley," WE GOT BRUCE HERE AND HE SOMEHOW LIVED THOUGH A NUKE( that how MOST people THOUGHT that how he die, a atom bomb form Clockwerk, speaking of which, where the heck did he get a nuke!?!) WE GOT LUCK ON ARE SIDE!!!"" yeah, about that, he wasn't with in 500 miles of the....," begun Suzanne," I said too much." and with that the police started to panic and ran all over the place again." Well I lived though a death ray," yelled Bruce," that more then what I can say for most people!!" And with that the police begin to clam down, just bleary." All right ya goof," said the otter," what plan?"" First take away all the money over me and the coopers heads." said Bruce." WWWWWWHHHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!" SREAMED Barkley to Bruce's face( if you take all the money that cooper family own to all governments around the world for stealing over the years(not including that space heist that ALMOST started a inter-galactic war), form bob to today, you would be able to paid off the national debt of US, Russia, UK, And ten other nation.)"Just kidding," said Bruce," but you must at least cut that area 51 heist out of the rap-sheet."" I CAN'T DO THAT," said Barkley," I'M NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED.....(Barkley took out his phone, which was ringing), Hello,........ JOKING, ........WHY, .........Ok, I tell him.(Barkley hang up the phone). Bruce O' lucky Coop, the president of the states just pardon you of all crimes in the U.S."" Landships and walker attacking east coast and need me to help?"" yep."" Ok then, ALL COPS, PROTECT THE COURT YARDS AND WAIT FOR REID TO COME TO GIVE FURTHER..." and crashing in on Bruce's speech, Col. Reid "Spaulding" Cooper with his tank coming though a wall in the room." ALL COPS, PROTECT THE COURT YARDS!!!" said Reid." But what I just said." said Bruce.

                "THOSE ARE MY ORDER!! AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEM, well... I have other." said Reid." Come on," said Barkley," He maybe a thief and gone bananas, but he are only hope." and the police, going to the courtyards, had there morale just raise above giving up." Ok, Uncle," said Sly to Bruce," since you destroyed the plans of my gang heist, what your plan and why are you here?"" For the later," said Bruce," Me and B.F over there (remember that B.F is with Reid) need a gang of people of all sort to do the great one, we need marksmen, detectives, scientists, soldiers, spies, clanker, hackers, tanks, people who can drive tanks, captain of landships, seaships, and skyships, Landships, Seaship, and sky ship for the captains, thieves (no duh), plane pilots, planes for the plane pilots, leader, swordsmen, Warehouse agents, subs, space men, and a few other people including a dwarf (WHY DOES BRUCE NEED A DWARF?)."" Gez, What are you trying to rob, Fort Knox?" said Carmelita." THE VAULT," said B.F. and Bruce," AND WERE NOT TALKING ABOUT KANE ISLAND!!"" What the vault?" ask Carmelita." Lets just say two thing. ONE, you and Sly been there before on a Interpol mission. AND TWO, there a reason that you two don't remember, and that a good thing!" said Reid."OK." said Carmelita." Now, Were here for the 97' crew, a 40 ton Babbage engine, a 8 part artifact that
Boris must not get, and to save Watson. Now to start this off, I need to make a call. Sly, your cell phone please."
 (human world, somewhere in New York city)
          *Ring, Ring**Ring, Ring**click*"What is it"" Hey, Johnny, you can do me a favor, right?" said Bruce."*sigh* what did I told you about calling in five o clock in the morning."" To not, but I need you to do something for me quick mate."" Can't you call Lenny to get a semi-sub ship?"" Sorry, got him with me.""*Sigh* alright what...( landship crash though a wall), what was that?"" A otter class, don't panic."" A OTTER CLASS, you better be in the other world."" Nope, A New lord that a parrot is attacking the animals world here in London and... what was the city? New York? Ok, And New York."" What?" New York. Sorry that you(Landship's door open unleashing a bucnh of mad guycot welding soldiers and two "little Tommies") can't hear me over the guns and cannon fire.""*sigh* let me guess, need me to protect your world New York?"" Ye..., WATCH OUT ( 2 lb cannon shoot)*BOOM* that was close. Anyway, yeah, that right.""*Sigh* Bruce, you read to much,You think your a d*mn computer hacker Sherlock."" You mean the good man Moriarty of the world wide web."" James, Sherlock, both skulls are the same under a x-ray."" Will, I got Sherlock here to say other wise."" *sigh*, just let me off phone you raccoon."" Ok, Good-bye."*click* " CAPTIAN Eric," said the human that Bruce was just calling," Get me the paper for gaslamp London and some coffee!"
                            The human then got him self a black navel overcoat and found a place to sit. the bedroom was kind of dark other then a low red light, though it was easy to see that the room was made out of metal other then the bed and the chairs. the Man, obviously cranky for being woke up, was about 6', 7", wearing black pajamas with blue and yellow trim, and obviously the leader of something." Your coffee, sir." said the sailor captain, also a human," and your paper, sir."" Tell the men that were going to battle in three minute," said the leader," and were going to world 435 (Sly's world) to do battle."" Yes, sir." said the captain, who then ran down the hall. the leader then took a sip of his coffee and begun reading "the Babbage times". "Well there something." said the leader as he look at a black and white picture in the paper of a raccoon in black pants and shirt who was holding a rope.

              Now back in Sly world....,"Incoming!!" said Bruce as he duck for cover form a Little tommy tank ( it look like a Little Willie with a cannon sticking out the top)*Ka-Boom*. Bruce then pop his head out form behind a table and shot the tank with his tesla gun, causing the tank to fall apart (though tommy tank do have a big gun, there armor is weak, making them like Ms. Ruby demon turtle, save that the tanks can move around)."
                         Gez uncle, what have you be doing for the last few year for making people to need to bring in an ARMY?" said Sly." Hold that thought," said Bruce," HEY NED, GET THAT BOX OVER THERE!!! Anyway, make that three...."" THREE ARMYS!!!" said Sly." Yes, three; Steamer ten; the grey fleet; and what I like to call the "the Unknown". AND NOW I think paradox, thinking that his army wasn't wipeout by Reid and Boris, will make number 4," said Boris," And I forgot to included Donner lee the mage's army, AND NO, he not a wizard."" Then what is he?" ask Sly." Undead voodoo officer of the Confederacy." said Bruce." ZOMBIE FORM THE CIVIL WAR TOO," said Sly," And let me guess, you got beings form another planet after you as well."" Yes," the unknown"" said Bruce." BUT I WAS JUST JOKE..." said Sly," Uh Oh," he said when a bombardier flank around the barrier and was point his steam cannon at him and Bruce," Uh..., Hello." The bombardier then was about to turn the two raccoon in to Swiss cheese when Suzanne went behind him a knock him out with her cane." Boss, I got the thing-a-ma-jigs." said Ned holding a box of stuff. In it were a crossbow, the "flame thrower", a big pistol, a rope gun, the phonogram, and that sword form japan." Good man," said Bruce," Suzanne, your sword for the mission." Bruce then toss the sword to his niece, who she grab out of mid-air. She then took the sword out of it holder and turn invisible." Now my niece, stop being invisible and start clanking!" said Bruce." Ok,Uncle Bruce." said Suzanne. and with that, she became visible again (After she put back the sword) and ran toward a wall (not crashing into it) and took a punch card out of her jacket. She then put the card into a slot and press a button on the wall, causing the wall to slide open. coming out of the wall was 8ft high, 10ft wide, 7ft long Babbage engine made with a rose wood inlay and a brass frame. On the Kino screen there was the following....
Babbage kino-works, London gov. mk.11 .2 .4
last updated : 1921, Dec., 5
Last used : 1946, Step., 14
Made : 1855, June, 28
Input: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


         "And I thought my computer was old." said Carmelita, who was protecting Suzanne." Hey Sherlock, we found your collage dorm computer." said Sly joking around (keep in mind that Sly has been to the human world before with his dad, so he already know about Sherlock form stories). Suzanne then type in iceberg, and pull a lever. the machine started to whistle and the following show on screen in red.....
        "That right," said Suzanne," your suppose to put in din cards."" That Right, Suzanne, take your time," said Bruce doing a half nelson to a cadet," smell the roses while your at it!" Suzan (another nickname for Suzanne) sigh at that in took out a filing box out of her jacket." Hey kurzen weiblichen, no pressure but can you go faster." said Sly who was about to get tackle by another cadet."" Patience Is A Virtue." said Suzanne who was looking though the filing box full of punch cards." Hey Murray, a little help here." said Sly to Murray, who, along with the rest of the gang, came with Reid with the cooper van." This is..., WEE WEE." said Dimitri as he was lovestruck by the looks of Suzanne ( though she is petty, obviously the French lizard hadn't herd a thing about the great wars)" Dimitri, you better not be hitting on my cousin." said Sly trying to not to get choked by the cadet on his back." SHE YOUR....*KA-BAM*" said Dimitri as he was knock out ( I say instant karma) by a heavy gunner form the back( Foot note, Dimitri got a worse hit form that heavy gunner fist then Drake cooper drinking his first ( and, for now, last) 'Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster'.Flash Back 1984: A pub somewhere, most likely Hawaii in some world, Drake, Reid, and a fox are sitting at the bar counter." I Bet you can't drink a 'Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster' without getting knockout!" said the fox." Oh YEAH!!" said Drake (Drake drunk the Gargle Blaster, His head swung back as if he got hit by a slice lemon warp around a large gold brick, and fall on the floor out cold)" HOMERUN!!!!" said Reid having his hand up in the air, smoking a cigar, wearing a blue and white Hawaiian shirt and a baseball cap with the number "42", which, knowing Reid, is normal)
              "Ok, es are die cards." said Suzanne taking out 8 punch cards (at the same time, Murray took out the trash and threw the Cadet that was attacking Sly at that heavy gunner that punch Dimitri."Thank you Murray" said Sly), bound together by a rubber band. Each card, all with punch holes going though it, had a black and white picture of one the 97' crew, Three of them (cards) had picture of people who Sly's gang time travel to. They were, Tennesse "the kid" cooper, Thaddeus Winslow the 3th Cooper, and Otto von Cooper. One was of Thaddeus the 3th son, Thaddeus Winslow the fourth. the other four were unknown to the Sly gang. they were of a fox, a penguin, a cat, and a meerkat. Suzan then put the cards into the machine and pull the lever again. and this pop up on screen...
Cooper, Otto von....Raccoon....1946....area 2
Cooper, Tennesse....Raccoon....1915....area 7
Cooper, Thaddeus 3th....Raccoon....1915....area 4
Cooper, Thaddeus 4th....Raccoon....1915....area 1
Le Louis, Eric....Cat....1915....area 8
Fix, Mr. Drawson....Fox....1915....area 5
Howard, Dr. Jon....Meerkat....1915....area 3
Willson, Clark Fred....Penguin....1915.... area 6
              "Hey, were right next to the penguin," said Bruce," lets get him first, and then we get Tennesse as a gunner."" Uncle," begun Sly," I think( Suzan pulls lever after she type something into the "computer") you gone a little mad over the years I hadn't seen you," said Sly as steam started to come though the floor. coming out of the floor was a sleeping penguin wearing a mint color shirt and a brown jacket and a red bowtie, frozen in a cylinder of ice." Hey, Murray, see if you can break into that." said Sly."BAD MOVE," said Bruce,"BAD MOVE!! That is Bloody see-though PYKRETE right there!!"" Ok, then how are you going to get in there?" ask Bentley." You doubt the power of artifact," said Sherlock right after he beatin up his 27 trooper. Bruce then point the phonograph at the block of ice." COVER YOUR EARS!!!" he then flick the switch on the phonograph, AND THEN A GREAT BLUE WAVE OF SOUND SHOT RIGHT OUT OF THE MACHINE, breaking though ice like
there no tomorrow. After all the ice was gone (which was really a short time) the penguin was still there, sleeping, on a pillow, soozning alway as if nothing happen (THAT A HELL OF A HEAVY SLEEPER RIGHT THERE BOYS AND GIRLS). Then Bruce ran right toward the penguin." WAKE UP YOU BLOODY PENGUIN," yelled Bruce shaking the penguin," WAKE UP!!!!". The penguin open his eyes, yawned, and look at Bruce." What, nap times over." said the sleepy penguin( wait for it)." CLARK, IT BEEN A 92 YEARS BLOODY PENGUIN," said Bruce," WHAT BLOODY HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT BEDTIME!!!!"" Alright Mr. Winslow Cooper," said Clark,"I get up(wait for it)."" I AM NOT WINSLOW, I'M BRUCE OZWELL COOPER, A DESCENDANT OF WINSLOW!!!!"" Ok future dweller, Give me my crossbow and I give you the cards. And another thing," said Clark ( and here we go)," I WANT SOME PEACE AND BLOODY QUITE SO I CAN GET BACK TO BLOODY SLEEP BECAUSE YOU BLOODY WOKE ME UP YOU BLOODY D*MN RACCOON (Clark, as you can see, Doesn't like being woken up. He gets really cranky)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 50 BUCK FOR THE CUSS JAR!!" said Reid.
                 Now for the bio of Prof. Clark Fred Willson. He is to Thaddeus Winslow (the 3th) as Bentley is to Sly. Both he and Bentley share alot a thing in common, like useing crossbow, hacking(Or clanking, as the case maybe), love gadgets, and highly smart. He also got Autism syndrome and, unlike Bentley, can get REALLY MAD about simple thing, like getting woke up. LUCKLY, he clams down when you give him his fish." Your  crossbow.," said Bruce handing over the crossbow," And, if you connect that lorry over there (The Cooper Van ) to this 'pan-world teleporter lagulater N27 Mk4 tesla combobulater model 5'o (long name) that I brought along, I give you your bloody bucket full of stinky fish. Deal?!"" BLOODY DEAL," said the penguin, looking like he forgot about that "being woke up" thing," WHERE THE SUPPLIES?!?!"" Suzan," said Bruce," go with Mr. Willson to hook up pan-world machine (better name) to the van. And one more thing, where the cards?" Clark then took a bundle of punch cards out of his vests. On the top on of the bundle was a picture of Clockwerk Brain. He then ran off to the van." Before you ask," said Bruce while he give the cards to suzan," this is indeed the punch cards for Clockwerk Brain, he was born in the 1820's."" 1820's," said Sly and Bentley," THEN HOW WAS HE ALIVE IN 10,000 BC !?!?"" I souldn't of ever went on that day to go to the Egypt," said Bruce to himself," none of sould of. Anyway,we need to get Tennesse before another ....(Bruce knock out a cadet) STAY DOWN THERE YOU LITTLE BUGGER!!! Anyway, before another otter class landship comes."" OK uncle," said Sly,", Me, Bentley, and... Hey Carm, you want to come along?"" Might as well." said Carmelita,
who was quite durring the thawing of clark( She wanted to see how weird and chaotic this night will get. And for her, because she wondering that, Krama is going to make it REALLY WIERD, too bad she isn't going to remember alot about this night until a week after she wake up, AND SHE STILL going to be (because it didn't happen yet) petty loopy with a mildly happy and drunk disposition )." Ok," said Sly," and Carmelita are going to follow behind."" Ok," said Bruce," Then follow." and with that, Bruce put on his fedora begun to run down ( what left of ) a hallway.
                      Half way though the hall, Bruce stop just before a search light coming though a door. Bruce then stop Sly form going into the light. Bruce then took out a mirror to show that behind the wall there was at least 8 guard cadets and a officer were protecting the room (The House of Lords Library)" They must of knew that we were coming," said Bruce quitely an he was taking out a pair of handcuff broken in the middle," who wants to play as the thowing star?"" Thowing star," wisper Cavor, who followed Bruce half way down the hall," what that?" Bruce then put one cuff on Sly."Um..., uncle..." said Sly. Bruce then moved the other cuff away form Sly, and Sly's cuff, which was on his left arm, move toward the other cuff, with his arm, as if the two cuff were still together." I got it form a black magician form my tuff down in Wet-link," said Bruce smiling," Watch this. And Sly, get ready for this gaslamp trick of magic." Then Bruce toss the other cuff over the guards, and Sly( being flung in to the air) follow suit, and bowl down all the cadets and officer." STRIKE!!!!" said Bruce. Sly quickly got to his feet, and saw the guards were getting up, So he quickly took out his new gun and shot in the middle of the group, frezeing them in ice." Good work nephew." said Bruce walking over the frozen troops. Then there was the unmistakable sound of bullet being loaded into the chamber of a winchester rifle went
though the air, Sly and Bruce turn toward the sound and the was two Human in not unlike union Civil wars army suit, armed with lever action rifles point at the raccoons." Let me guess," said Bruce," Pinkerton Detective?"

            " Yes indeed Mr. Fisher," said someone on the other side of the room." though were willing to bargin to help one of are own." the other man was a acorn woodpecker in a tan trench coat and a deerstaker hat. He then handed Bruce a blue dossier file, paper cilped to the top was a black&white picture of a female Fox in a civil war like outfit." She isn't in THAT much trouble is she?" said Bruce." Not yet," said the woodpecker, handing over another dossier, this one in black," but she going to be. We lost contact somewhere in between whitechapel and here, she is being chase by Professor Moriarty, which you have his dossier now in your hands. And soon the new Lord of the Navy Arpeggio."" So what do you need me for? And why does Arpeggio want her? " ask Bruce." You know she a part time reporter," said the woodpecker, now smoking a pipe," Look what she found form looking into a frog's desk." The woodpecker then took out the new "Babbage Times" that the human form earlier was looking at and pointed to article with the raccoon picture." HHHHOOOLLLYYY.......!!!!!!!" said Sly."So that what she wanted to talk about." said Bruce looking at the newspaper.



Written by Charlotte Mckinsley, Pinkerton Detective and Reporter

Sir Raleigh the Frog, Ex- Fiendish Five member, has withhold proof of once thought dead Conner Cooper is still alive. The Raccoon is mostly alive but need a "volt and jolt" to come out of a coma. This evidence was given to me by a informent who, while cleaning the frogs room, found a file with plans to bring him to life in a polt to finded the cooper vault and to use a Cooper cane to open it. The following quote was given to me by then soon to be "lord of the police", Lord Patterson Gurney, great nephew of sir Goldsworthy Gurney, fame steam carriage builder, when ask about this proof.

"by Blood, thERe is no means he CoUld be alive, a Six foot raccoon vs a owl the size of a sUper Tank, theRe IsN't AnYway he cOuld be alive Save suspended animatION, and even then yoU need a man tHat i shall just call "M". Good day and good bye." *

So far, the area that Conner is in is unknown. if only someone has goggles to read peoples minds, maybe we could figure out were he is. *

         "Aw, how cute," said Bruce," a little reference to me and my goggles. Now what do you want?"" To find her and to make sure she safe," said the woodpecker," she one of my best agent."" If you want to make sure she safe," Said Bruce handing a shock Sly the newspaper," I will have to send her up to Norway with one of my nieces to keep her form Moriarty."" NORWAY," said the woodpecker," YOU D*MN well know what up there!"" Yes, I do," Said Bruce," "Moriarty" WOULD NEVER go to Norway with that bloody dargon flying around," said Bruce," keep in mind, I'm doing this for her, NOT you."" Ok," said the woodpecker," Your a mad un', but I guess I hav' to follow. Good bye." And with that, the woodpecker and the two soldier walk up to a window. Then flying up to the window, was a four wing flying machine (More on that later). The three pinkertons then got on the plane and flew away." Ok people," said Bruce," Knowing Charlotte, she came along with the landships and is now somewhere in are world. Lookout for a 5 foot 3 female fox with what look like a AEF uniform..."" what the AEF?" ask Sly giving the newpaper to Bentley." American Expeditionary Forces," said Bruce," You know, Doughboys( or Doughgirls)."" Oh"" Anyway, Be careful around her," said Bruce," She has a Army record of 42 tank kills, 84 enemy soldier Kills, Also has destoryed a bloody russian landship with a team of ten beaver with sub machine gun and five human and has a "shoot first, ask later" style of fighting. NOW, lets move on."
        The Team got to the other side of the library, and saw four cadet, one walking in a circle and the other three waiting for order." Bloody, What the hell are we doing here," said one, a cat who was captian," souldn't we be in the court yards doing battle."" Red tabs and brass hats order us to wait here tell after Hate form ship ends." said the one walking circle, a human." there going to send a artillery bombardment." said Bruce. Then there was some sound coming form the radio." Ello' OVER" said a cadet grabbing the radio." Daisy cutters coming in OVER.*click*"-buzzed the radio." Bloody ship rat," said the cat cadet captian," give us little time to do anything. COVER YOUR HEADS!" There was then ten big explosions outside of the room." Ok Boys, MOVE OUT!!" the guards then moved out of the room with the radio."Suzanne," said Bruce into his radio," Bring up the kid."
              BUT LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE TODAY, something goes wrong, and it going to cost Bruce some brownie points with his ladyfriend. Just as Tennesse "ice box" came up, a fire streak when RIGHT THOUGH the ice box and bust it into little pieces ( save tennesse, who was spinning around dizzy) and there was a couple of *thumps* happening outside the room as if someone was skipping across the ground and going though stuff( like walls)." What... year is this?" ask a dizzy Tennesse, who he himself didn't knew who he was ," and why is"" Sly, You know him better then I do," said Bruce," you talk to him while I figure out what bloody happen. And I forgot to say, welcome to the 21st century." while Sly and Carm was
talking to Tennesse and Bentley and Bruce try to solve this odd event, this was heard form a loud speaker form a ship," There was a stowaway on the landship " H.M.L.S Stag", and stole a de vinci mk 2 "Fire brid" flying pack and crashed! The stowaway is about 1.5 meter, female, and is a fox! Catch her, and there will be a 20 pound bonus! officer will hand out photos of the stowaway for I.D. Another thing, CATCH HER ALIVE!!" " yep," said Bruce," that was McKinsley that came thought here, blame it on Cavor for why she hit the ice box."" HEY," said Cavor," why BLOODY me!?!"" Uncle," said Sly," this is the 3th time I ask, BUT who Charlotte?" then Bruce handed Sly the blue dossier, which Sly then open.

Agent Charlotte H. McKinsley (Dolly Grey).

  Height: 4' 8".

Artic and Grey fox mix.
home town: Boston, MA.
daughter of Irish Civil war union general Adam "the witful"/"the Mad" McKinsley.
Served in the 1898 Spanish-American as a infantry officer under "teddy" and later as a armor track vehicle captain.
about One year later, she became apart of the pinkertons.
Has a temper
Trying to catch Bruce O'Coops( Mr. Fisher[ flapper and thief]) since "the cult" case of 1899
Great Record
  1. 1899 Jan : solve the wet-link spider case
  2. 1899 June: stop zombie attack
  3. 1899-1900 ??? (Classified): was in the "horus gates" case, got eye glass patch for injury (this was not in the paper, but when Sly ask Bruce about this, his quote was." let not talk about that for a while.")
  4. 1902 Sept: blown up "landship зверь(beast)"of russian rebels, carrying nuke.
  5. 1902 Oct :( Classified)
  6. 1903 ??? : solve the Maya staff case
  7. 1903 Augt: Solve "Snark" case
           " Before you say ANYTHING," said Bruce to Sly," I was NEVER apart of a cult, I and a few other was trying to rob the temple, and she came in to bust a Cthulhu cult in the same temple and found me trying to run off with a gem, which I did."" Ok uncle," said Sly," Now what a " flapper", since you obviously are one?"" person who travels between worlds," said Bruce," often a spy."" Ok," said Sly." What?" said Tennesse, remembering who he was." I tell You...," said Bruce to Tennesse," at another time. AND BOY, Charlotte did
one bloody number to the walls," said Bruce looking at the hole in the wall, which when you look though it, show a few other holes in other walls." Now to the basement we go," said Bruce," and stay ABOVE ground,Mr. Cavor." then Bruce open a door under a table to show a spiral staircase to the basement.
             The group (minis Cavor) went down stair and they weren't down there for five seconds when someone was shot in the arm (Sly). Sly then let out a bit of a scream and Tennesse shot the guard who shot Sly." Well that little sneaky bugger did a number," said Bruce looking at Sly arm," your lucky that it wasn't your right. Strange, No bullet and burn mark, must be one of paradox's guards."" The collect...,(Bruce prick Sly with a neddle) OW!!!"" Painkillers my boy," said Bruce wrapping a cloth around Sly arm," your going to feel a bit loopy when it kick in, but not so much that you can't run around and fight and stuff, but I wouldn't go driving if I were you."" It couldn't hurt that bad can it?" said Carmelita with mild sarcasm (Sarcasm did not killed the Fox but....) "Can we get to my amigo Louis before more Tommys come?" said Tennesse looking around a corner.
                The group then when down a tunnel made out of old mason brick, some of which came out over the years, when they came across a wooden door with a cat head sign."Tennesse..." said Bruce smiling, pointing at the door. Tennesse then kick down the door a bunch of light aim at him( It was a five bombardier and ten cadet, plus a officer)." Um," said The kid," hullo. I think that how you redcoats say it here in London."" YOU BLOODY VISIGOTHS THEVES REALLY THOUGHT THAT WE DIDN'T KNEW WHERE THE CAT WAS!?," said the officer, A human," You must of forgot who are employer is."" Let me guess," said Bruce," A evil parrot who think he bird moriarty trying to rule all of England."" YES!!!." said the officer," But other then...*Click* Oh Dear, it the stowaway."" ello' my dear sweet-*BAM*( Bruce's tea cup get broke by bullet) maybe I should talk to you later." said Bruce, now ducking behind a wooden box laying in the tunnel followed by Sly( who was starting to get a bit loopy), Tennesse, and Bentley." Ok, which one of you D*mn tommy want to get your heads blown off!!" yelled Charlotte holding two revolver .
             When they said that Charlotte Mckinsley has a temper, that a understatement. Charlotte, as said, is the daughter of Adam "THE MAD" Mckinsley, and she inherent his "TAKE NO PRISONERS" and " Ol' Ironsides" point of view on thing. and with her being one of the rough rider, it just made her temper worse, though she isn't a bad person (just cranky half the time, even more then usual since she when though a really BIG ice cube while useing a jetpack. good thing that Bruce know how to calm down the wild cat( or fox)). In her world and time (gaslamp), she one of the female American pushing toward female voting right and is one HECK of a women, traveling to places like the top of matterhorn, going up the amazon river, and trecking though Alaska. One might even say she alot like Carmelita, blasting guards, chasing cooper, sloving cirme (Charlotte a Pinkerton after all), and lessoning to music. Also said already was that she is Artic and grey fox mix, she has mainly brown and white fur in the same pattern as Carm's, save that Charlotte also grey fur on her hands and feet as if she has gloves & socks on. she often wears 1902 US army coat and pants and sometimes wear a russian fur cap while in cold areas or a 1898 campaign hat at other (like now). She also wear a Spy glass around her left eye, made out of blue uranium glass( Like Bruce's glasses lens) and brass." What a cute looking bint like you here trying to pip us with bullet?" said a Cadet, a stag beetle." Do you want your head blasted off?" said Charlotte," I will do it, unless you tell me where that frog is."" H.M.L.S Toad(of course right)," said the officer," but you won't get there mad'n. Oh DERDGER!!!" and with that, a bombardier, A REALLY BIG ONE at that,came around Kinsley and grab her and at the same time stunning her which cause her to drop her guns."400 shilling," said the officer," to every one on squad."" HUZZAH!!" ( Cadet and bombardier)" You CAN'T do this," said Mckinsley," there is no law in..."" Yes there is," said the officer holding a paper of the new "Parrot act"," Mr. Northburg....(A lizard cadet walk over to the officer." I Know that bloody reptile," said Bruce ) Dart her." said the officer pointing at Charlotte.("Uncle, why ain't you trying to save her." ask Sly and Bentley." there (the soldiers) going to be the ones needing saving," said Bruce," I want to live you know.") The Lizard quickly took out a dart gun and shot at Chralotte neck."AW!!...," said Charlotte, eyes (or eye, you really never see the eye under the spy glass) starting to slowly turn green as if a mist is going over," Don't you people have respect?"" 20 pound can be quite a motivator," said the officer," And (something out of the dark mind of a evil professor is crawing toward Carmelita right now) you are going to be a bit tipy for a few hours. NOW TO THE LANDSHIP BOYS!!" and with that the trooper ran out of the room with Mckinsley."Will that was some-( Sly bump Bruce's solder and pointed to Carm) Ms. Fox, hey, ain't (Sly and Bentley faces are frozen in shock for what they were seeing on Carmelita back) trying to worry you, but um...(Tennesse look over to Carm and his mouth drop open, droping his toothpick.)" don't worry about what?" ask Carmelita, starting to get a bit worried and begun to turn her to see what it is." Don't turn around, don't turn around, um,( let me tell you what it is, It a FOUR FOOT LONG METAL ROBOTIC  STEAMPUNK WASP WITH IT TAIL ABOUT TO STRIKE AT POOR CARMELITA NECK), Um hold still please..."" is this the painkiller kickin in or is that really a..."" Nephew, don't say ANYTHING." said Bruce about to whack the
Nicker Nacker Whacker Hammer wasp


wasp, charging his cane to full power."I didn't knew a wasps' waists could be that big." said Tennesse joking around." Are you calling me fat?" said Carmelita." No, I'm talking about that big wasp on your back..."(Bruce's Brain," THANK A LOT KID YA BLOODY DOLT!!")"AAAAAAAA WWWWWHHHHH-*SMACK*( the sound of the wasp stinging Carm)(Carm tense up)(Bruce zap the wasp)(Carm's eyes flutter a few time) *WHUMP*( Sound of Carm hitting the floor)oooooowwwww. That *hic* hurt." said Carmelita(...but it sure made her drunk like, REALLY DRUNK!!!). , face down on the floor with a MUTHER of a stinger in her neck."Carm, are you OK." ask Sly coming to help her up." It *hic* feels like *hic* tank hit me." said a very woozy Carmelita." Carm, that was a wasp." said Sly." with a *hic* shotgun?" said Carmelita trying to stand up." It hitted you with it's sting...( *WHUMP*) are you sure your ok?" ask Sly." I Aint as *hic* think as you *hic* drunk I am." said Carm(let just say she was seeing things in a drunk green shade fish bowl view and literally didn't know which way was up) smiling and on the floor again." Ms. Fox," said Bruce with his goggles on," I'm sorry to say, but you're drunker then a skunk and as high as a kite. And you now got green color iris for the time being."
A Tsar Tank
                        Now for a word form the 07' crew (Bruce, Reid, Ned, ect.) sponsors (in order to pull off a heist the size of what Bruce and B.F. are thinking, YOUR GOING TO NEED FUNDS)."GasLamp" london, inside a train going to waterloo, a meeting room, A nearly bald man (human) with a white beard in a suit is sitting at a chair by the table. A petty female fox in victorian wear then walk into the room." Mr. Carnegie." said the Fox." cooper team 1 is on the line 3."" thank you Ms. Nix." said the Man picking up the phone and the fox then walk outside the room," Hello."" Andrew, Hey, this is Lenny calling."" Continued."" We have some problems bloody down here with Babbage( mission name)."" Like what?"" Oh, I don't know, STEAMER 10 TSAR TANKS!!! There are attacking team 2 (First, Bruce, Reid, and Suzanne. Now just Bruce, and half of Sly gang)and 3 (Ned and B.F. plus 40 some soldier and two tanket, now with Reid and the other half of Sly team)!"" and you need to call me because..."" I need to know if you are willing to risk losing the semi sub."" hmmm..., I need to call the other two team how there doing, Give me team 3 so I can see how deep in hot water they are. Goodbye" The old man then hang up the phone and waited. Then coming into the room was another human with a brown jacket and sunglasses on." I suppose your the warehouse agent Dr. Nielsen."" Yes I am Mr. Carnegie." said the Agent, who got himself a seat at the table."" So how did the "Warehouse" got to know about the Cooper.""oh, Long story." said the agent Nielsen. The phone then started to ring again." Hello Mr. B.F."" ANDREW, WE NEED HELP (*BOOM*)!! BRING UP("RAT-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT...*) THAT ARMOR BOAT!! THERE (*BOOM*)  LANDSHIP BLOODY HERE TOO!!! TWO OF THEM!!! OTTER CLASS!!!"" Otter Class, but only Birtain has those to what I know..."" THE GREY FLEET IS ATTACKING!!!! WE NEED HELP!!!" Ok, Ok, How team 2 doing?"" Let me..., JOHNNY, SAY AWAY FORM...(*KA-BBBOOOOOOOOOMMMMM*)... SEE, THAT WHY YOU DON'T GO NEAR LIVE ROUNDS THAT LOOK LIKE "DUDS"!!!!! The nincompoop. Anyway, I get Bruce.""Ok, And..., who do you call yourself again? "Arite"? I though you were Arthur. OH, I see. Tell him that Arite said "Hi", whatever that mean."" Ok, I tell him.., LOOKOUT!!!!(*BOOM**BOOM*) I have to let off now.""huh?"*click*" Will that wasn't every friendly of him." said the old breaded man( obviously rich man Andrew Carnegie),"But he has Brass."" That nothing," said Agent "Artie"( If you watch Warehouse 13, you will know who he is)," His brother Reid highjack a plane full of people in midair with a fake "bomb" made out of cardboard and got away with it when he remember that it couldn't be spent in his world, so he thew the money into the river by the place he landed and handed over the backpack he had to us. Those Cooper are a wild bunch."" So I heard." said a man in the door, a raven." Hello mister..." begun Carnegie." Doctor, Sir." said the raven." Dr. Faust."" I see you are missing a leg." said Nielsen. The boar wars were a HECK of a time." said Dr. Faust walking towards a chair ( with a steampowered "metal leg")at the table, which was made out of rose wood." You must be the poison and toxin man every one talks about." said Carnegie." Yes," said Faust taking out a vial of a green liquid out of his suitcase," And look what I found in Russia, New York, and Paris."" What is it?" ask Carnegie." Were for now calling it "Paris Green"," said the Doctor," alot like alcohol, but made without and more powerful."" How much more?" ask Artie." One drop," said Faust," 2 bottle of Absinthe."" That powerful, huh?" said Carnegie." Yep." The phone then ring again." Hel-"" TEAM 2 SAFE, GET THE D*MN BOAT HERE NOW!!!" *click* Carnegie sigh and then call Lenny." Lenny, help team three out so they can get the Babbage gin."" YES, Sir!!"" I tell you," said Carnegie," B.F. sure can yell.""you should see what happens when Drake wakes up on some morning," said Artie," theres reason why I have grey hair. That and lovecraft's cthulhu idol they own, I'M D*MN SUPRISE THEY DON'T FRICKING WORSHIP THE GARGOYLE!!!! Them little furry bast-*train whistle*, though Slyester and Suzanne are the most mild mannered of them, which isn't saying much...,But that another story....and don't get me started on Reid..."
              "How am I suppose to use this thing again." said Tennesse holding the phonograph." Point and play (music)" said Bruce looking at the stinger at Carm neck with a magnifying glass," Funny, a unpickable lock on a stinger. You don't use-(BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT)... AS I WAS SAYING (that *BALT* was the phonograph in use), don't usually have locks on stinger."" Which mean?" ask Sly who was by Carmelita side," We can't take it out until the lock is unlock. lucky, I know a man." said Bruce." who would this be." ask Sly." John Howard," said Bruce," and like the rest of 1897 crew, he frozen right now.(Bruce take out his radio) Hello?"" YOU OK!?" said B.F." Yeah, what fo-" GOOD TO HEAR"*Click*" that wasn't nice." said Bruce. "Monsieur, what year est this?" said the now unfrozen Cat." 2007," said Tennesse," here your rope gun parter. Go to the main lobby( that were the van is) and meet Fred. First, hand me the punches (Victorian American for babbage computer punch cards)." Eric then give Tennesse his punch cards(Clockwerk's wing) and ran down the hall with his rope gun." hey *hic*, wat (Bruce prick Carm's neck with a needle), ow. wat was *hic* that?" ask Carm." Tranquilizer," said Bruce," my world famous. your going to get very loopy."" Atlas?" ask Carm smiling, and was completely out of it." You weren't kidding about the potion power uncle." said Sly." Kittens." said Carmelita with a happy disposition." You can walk her to the van right?" said Bruce."Yes," said Sly bring Carmelita to her feet with his right arm( his left, you see, is numbed from the pain killer)," come here loopy.""Unhand me *hic* please." said Carmelita smiling and very sleepy( and petty mellow too. If you just got there, you may have thought that Carm was actually was a hippie form the 60's)." Tennesse, you will protect Sly, right?" said Bruce."  Sure." said Tennesse." That leave you with me then." said Bruce to Bentley, who was useing his build into the wheelchair computer to what going on around the building." speak of which," said Bentley giving his tablet to Bruce," look what I found in that newpaper article form Mckinsley."" Aw, a Code in upper case letter in the quote," said Bruce taking off his goggles on his head. Now here what the code said, Bruce, Moran is hunting you.


Act 4: The misadventures of the mad man in the iron mech (El Jefe, eat your heart out)
                 "Col. Moran," said Bruce," bad thing are going to happen."" What do you mean?" ask Sly." does Adventures of a empty house ring a bell?" ask Bruce handing the tablet back to Bentley."D*MN," said Tennesse," THAT THE LAST PERSON I NEED TO MEET RIGHT NOW!!! I HATE BASHER!!!"" Whose Moran?" ask Bentley." Oh, Sherlock can tell you," said Bruce," but I give his file instead."" but that Moriarty's,.... right?" said Bentley." No," said Bruce," Moriarty isn't a tiger hunter or a card player. the Pinkerton got mix up. MORAN is hunting McKinsley, Moriarty is his boss though. And if you thought Clockwerk was something, wait until you meet Moriarty."
Col. moran GIF

Col. Moran GIF

             Now about Col. Sebastian "tiger jack" Moran, (I ain't going to say much because if you are reading this, most likely your going to see the link in yellow about him), he a world reknown tiger (and human\ human like) hunter( in are world), and crime boss in London durring 1885-1900's, second only to his boss Moriarty(that make four). he also wrote two book, but I am not going to talk about that now. As said, he is a hunter, but HOW good is he with his gun (which is a air power rilfe that fire 22.), well..., he took out a man on one side of London, form a building on the other. Now, while I was saying all that. Bentley and Bruce got done hotwireing the elevator in the room, and the group was going back up to first floor. When that got there, they were in a room by one of the court yards( the one closes by the Victoria tower). Then Reid and The Canadian otter (his name is Peter)bust in to the room." BOY, BROTHER," said Reid," you sould see what the Napoleon of crime (Moriarty) and Tiger Jack Basher (Moran) brung this time!!"(Bruce mind,"Oh, this is going to be fun. what did the two brung this time, a Mech Bomber or something...")Reid then open the door again and right when he did that. A Tsar tank "falled" form the sky, make a BIG Ka-Boom and leaveing a crater of scrap metal and the middle of the yard( you must understand, a Tsar Tank is a 40 ton tri-wheel iron beast that stand 40 feet off the ground, so what ever thew that thing off the ground is obviously MUCH BIGGER AND MORE POWERFUL then the tank). " Kay," said Peter," what kill yay monsder drike, EH?"
                 Peter soon got his answer. Crashing though the 2-4 story wall was a gargantuar, iron, copper, and brass, Tracked, steampowered( Of crouse right), SUPER MECH. ("...yep, a mech bomber.." said Bruce's mind)
Now here have Angriff Roboter Bombe Ausf. IV (Attack robot bomber Mk.4) Made in 1894 as a spearhead and support of any Mission though heavy fire zone by the German, and now Moriarty has one, and how he got the 400 ton+ mech\ tank hybred, I have "no idea". The Angriff Roboter are armed with a MEGA 10 ton gatling gun on the left and a very Big Saw\sword for cutting though stuff on the right. On the two gun deck, which are above the "works"( Boiler, engines, that kind of stuff), there are places for firing down on troop that you are fighting. above that, it the "head", where a "pilot" battle with the top half of the machine, the other half ( the tracks and work) goes to the driver." OH THAT GREAT," said Tennesse,"WHAT NEXT, A D*MN FLEET OF AIRSHIPS!!!" A man( A human in a grey bowler and a dark tan trench coat with black plants.) jump off the top deck gun and landed on a the left solder of the mech. Then a Steamer 10 machine gunner just jump right in front of the group." DON'T MOVE," said the soldier," I HAV GRENADE!!("Out of the way. Out of the way,") THAT RIGHT MOVE AWAY...*BAM**THUMP*"(" You were warned")*BAM*(Sly hat get shot off)"HOLY..." said Sly." money for cuss jar?" said Reid." EVERY GET DOWN AND TAKE COVER!!!" said Bruce.
               "Too little Wulfs for you insects ," said Moran looking though his gun's scope, seeing the steamer 10,
Big Bertha

"short navy gun"

Cops, and the grey fleet fireing at each other and the mech ," I think it time for big bertha. BRING IN DE BIG GUN!!"( 700yd away behind the mech, the other world, a warehouse, in it, a "short navy gun") A guard is sleeping with his head on a wooden table. also on the table is maps of London, a lamp, and a radio."*click*'8th super cannon, this is 25th moran heavy weapon team needing artillery support, repeat, needing artillery support. OVER*Click*" the guard then stir a bit (maybe he souldn't had the Absinthe tea at the party)."*click* this is the 25th moran heavy weapon team needing artillery support. OVER*click*"" uuhhhgg. ten o'clock into dur night and I *hic* can't sleep off a bloody hangover." said the drunk guard getting his head off the table."*click* this is-"" I D*mn will heard you dolt.""Sir, I am not a...""yes you are, don't you know that *hic* that there was a party that every here is trying to sleep off?" said the guard who then took a shot out of a flask he had with him." We need artillery here and NOW, and I don't think James wouldn't mind you dead."" I ain't the boss," said the guard," the leader is as drunk as a skunk. I'm the *hic*...who am I....oh the radio man. wake up boss." the guard then shoke the "captian" who also had his head on the table, who then fall on the ground with a thump."Oh dear. give me a minute."(back at the mech)" Col. Moran," yelled a merc form the lower gun deck," the Party animal team is drunk as hell!!"" Will D*mn the m-cannon for now," yelled Moran looking back up at the merc," well used that later! Move this thing into the middel of court yard and unleash lead hate!!" Moran then snipe a grey fleet officer."yes sir. TODD," said the guard into a pipe down to the works," Drive 30 yd., left NINE ZERO, forward again till meddle. CHECK.""(the following is a rough tarnslation) *beep, Beep* 1...12....123... TTeeeesssst- -iiiiiinnnnngggggg,*ding*(todd you see, is a robot, french model 1857 octure' with some part form modern day 2000's ) AAAAALLLLLL-waiting- tarnslation.*DONG* yd 30, left r-r-r.....right, forrrrrwardddd center. CHECK MATE!!( Prague radio start being playing across the court yard)" The merc guard (A human) then sigh. The mech then started moving.
                       "Will this is some ironic music." said Bruce behind a table. Carm then "sort of" got back to the real world and out of wonder land." Back to earth alreally loopy." said Sly loading his ice gun with new shells( the Ice gun, you see, can also be call THE ICE HAND CANNON FORM FROZEN HELL, used only when needed. And for the forzen hell part can be demonstrated form a visit in any land that like Canada or Russia went it get cold. ) form behind a crate." Oh,*hic* there yo are." said a REALLY loopy Carmelita smiling and looking at Sly(To make sure that there is no confusion, She was also behind the same crate)," Ar we still *hic* at burnman.""GEEZ UNCLE," said Sly," what do you put in that tranquillzer stuff."" Give me a minute." said Bruce thinking," Ok, in this case, peppermint, Menthol, Capsaicin, Nitrous oxide, honey, and a few other thing that I can't tell you, though I can tell you it really Sedate and calms down females, though as you can see, makes them go into a state of really good twilight sleep. in other words, her brain fell asleep before the rest of her body, in fact, she most likey think this is a dream."" Was that rea*hic*ly a fish with a boat that *Hic* came past?" said Carm smiling and not really knowing whats going on(if she did, she well most likly killed someone)." let me guess," said Reid," A cog wasp stung her?""yep." said Bruce." Only the Aipis spy cult has those," said Reid," are you sure?" Bruce then pull out the head metal wasp head out of his brown bag."Ok then, hey look, lead coming this way."" What?*BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM*........Bloody auto." said Bruce looking at the big bullet hole in the wall by the super gatling gun." I tell *hic* yo guy," said Carm looking straight into the sky," I'm melt*hic*ing into this chair (the crate).*giggles*"" Now we know what Ms. Fox 60's alter ego is." said Bentley.
                    "Anyway brother," said Reid talking out a wooden box with a Bomb waning sign on it," look what I found."" HOLY MOLEMAN ROBIN," said Bruce," HOW THE HECK DID YOU GOT THAT???"" What the heck is it?" said Tennesse."*Ahem* Thees is my Deegging Boom steeck." said Reid with a fake russia accent and a smile," Thees make very bad day."" So what does this thing-a-ma-jig do?" said Tennesse." Mess theengs up." said Reid. He then took off the lid of the box. Now what Reid has is not a genade(though it can be used as one), but a revese artillery shell(or what most Germens, American, and Birts call " A Russian ground torpedo" or "gound torpedo"). It work the same way as true Artilley shell, but instead of the air, it goes though the ground. When Reid open the box, there was what look like to be a blue tnt stick with five rows of drills and a
Armor Lorry Mk2


handle, so nicely made that it was almost a shame to used it." Simon Ataturks would love to get his hands on this." said Reid. He then pull the pin and toss it toward the epic mech, but not very far form where he was at, though was outside the building." souldn't you throw that..." said Bentley."sssshhhhh." wisper Reid pointing at the mech,"money." The bomb then started glowing."What are you playing at?" said Moran looking though his scope at the bomb ("....the summary of this.... ten discombobulated steamer, 20 shocked grey fleet men including a armored lorry crew, 7 confuse police, one of which drinking coffee, and a full speed backup from cooper team light tank, and the crew soon asking for a raise....after that 400 some tons of brand new scrap metal and a mad kenrel raining form the sky, with now shock "M" army opening artillery barrage to here...Artillery Barrage??!") The Russian torpedo then started drilling into the ground like a super size mole. steam was also coming out of the gound in it wake. And almost EVERYONE was running for there lives and screaming murder."RUN FOR IT!!!!!!""BLOODY HELL!!!!""HOLY-!!!!!" yelled soldiers across the yard. In the torpedo path was a armor lorry." EVERY ONE GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE!!!!" yelled a crew member, and People were jumping out of the armor car like no tomorow."Geez, what so.." said Bentley." Wait for it my boy." said Reid smiling." Then there was a machine gun nest, which the two men in there just out as if it was a super snake was going to eat them." How the heck did the did cooper got that??" said a steamer looking at the steam trail. The torpedo past a grey fleet group."EVERYONE TAKE COVER!!!!!" yelled the lead officer, and the group duck and lay on the gound as if a nuke was going off. It then when past Lt.Barkley, who was drinking coffee and watch it past.'What is that?' wonder the badger. The super mech crew then saw the bomb coming towards them." BACK UP, BACK UP!!!!!!" yelled the captian of the mech."Oh sh-" said Moran. Before it got to the mech, there was a cooper light tank." EVERYONE OUT....!!!!! yelled the gunner."WE CAN'T DO THAT,"  yelled the captian," REID WILL KILL US!!!! JUMP OUT THERE AND FIX THE TANK TRACK!!!!!"WHA-*Pun*" and the gunner was then out side of the tank. The gunner then saw the steam trail coming torward the tank."Oh no, THIS IS BAD!!" said the gunner." I DIDN'T SAID IT WOULD BE NICE," said the captian," I SAID FIX THE D*MN TANK TRACK!!! DRIVER, START BACKING UP!!!!!" The tank was then starting it engine again(you must under stand, durring the battle so far, the tank left track was hit) The gunner quickly fix the track and tank backup as soon as the gunner fix it. The bomb then went under the gunner and scared the tar out of him. The Glowing gopher (the torpedo) then flew out of the gound and hitted the robot bomber and went though the armor." were dead." said a merc in the work looking at the bomb."RANGO 22 api...." said Todd.
             *KA-BBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* There was a HUGE blue blast where the mech track and works were. Soon after that, a mushroom could came out of the now red fire ball." AND THAT HOW YOU START A PARTY, SEE!!!" said a happy Reid. The machine was then tilling right and falling down." Well that not fair." said Col. Moran. He then did a rail side down the mech left arm. Meanwhile, A big blast of air knock every one that was standing to the ground in the room that Sly in co. were in." THAT WAS SOME TNT STICK," said Tennesse."What was that," ask Sly," a mini nuke?"" A bomba," said Reid." Beeg boom little packet."" Don't ever do that again." said Sly."Too bad," said Reid," I got ten more of them to waste.(some where, a mole in texas has turn over in his sleep.) And now we have scrap for sell. And plus.*BBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZ- -KARCKA BOOOOMMM* Hey lenny here.""Lenny, Eh" said Peter."Your going to love him." said Bruce.
          Few minute ago... under the Tames. A "sea monster" is lurking."Sir. Captian Tomas," said a man," ready to suface."" First charage weapon to full power." said Captian Tomas." If we die, we die fighting." he the went back to looking outside the "ship" window, viewing the great semi-sub he had. The C.W.S Tiger, Semi Battle Sub of Sir Captian Tomas esq. , who is offen call "lenny". Why, I don't know. Mr. Tomas is, for now, apart of the "Cooper hiest army.", made by Reid durring the gulf war in Sly world. The Cooper Army isn't so much as  just a army as Hybred bewteen a big Thief gang and a Army. A Cooper Tooper wears a Dark Blue Navy jacket and white pants shirt. They are usually arm with a Tommy like machine gun and a repeating rifle. Though they also come with there own weapon( ray guns, 1940's machine guns, solothurn( Don't ask me where you get one of those) Ect.)And now for the C.A.S.S Tiger, The crown gem in the Coopers' fleet. It has 6 ship side turret guns and one super tesla cannon."Cannon fully charage." said the sailor, a duck wearing a cooper tooper outfit." Surface and get ready for lead." The duck then exit the cabin, entering was a Raccoon."Nice boat," said the raccoon, who sounded like harrison ford," you found it in cuba didn't you."" Aw, Mr. Drake, Nice to meet you." said Tomas.
...*BBBOOOMMM*..."Thank alot Brother," said Bruce," Now there opening a artillery solo *BBBBOOOOMMM* on us."" At least *BBBOOOOOMMMMM* the robot bomber is gone." said Reid. " GEEZ, I HAVN"T BEEN *BBBOOOMMMM,BBBOOOMMMM* UNDER THIS MUCH CANNON *BBBOOOOMMM* FIRE SINCE THAT GUN BATTLE*BBBOOOOMMM* IN CANADA!!!" Said Tennesse."EH, thad me home." said Peter. Now, The artillery is coming form a mortar group on the other side of the wall. Then a weird one cannon group went under the hole in the wall and were unseen. They then set up. The cannon was a relic of the Mars' war which was form 1899-1901. It was a electrical cannon on a tank frame and tracks. A highly advance piece of artillery tooken from Martian tech. There were getting set up as said."ssshhhh," said the leader of armored tracked vehicle," be very quiet. were hunting cooper.""Brother, I *BBBOOOOMM* Hope you have a *BBBOOOOMMM* plan!" said Bruce." I Thought *SSSHHHRRREEECCHHH* you had a *BOOM,BOOM,BOOM* plan." said Reid.
" You bloody little *BBBOOOMMM*..." said Bruce," Bentley, you got any idea?"" Well, we can....(Bentley see the thurder cannon) What is that?"" EVERYONE DUCK!!!" yelled Bruce. A great ball of lighting then shot form the tank. The room then light up with a blue glow that then gone away.
             (FlashBack. 1901 Russia, mission: Pumber, Tail end of The invader wars.)"Well boys, Don't take any wooden nickels here." said a captian," were going to meet the invaders head on."" Will brother," said Bruce," this maybe are last day alive."" If you die," said Reid, who was seatting next to Bruce," Can I have Mckinsley..?""DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" said Bruce."This Train is going to pull to a stop in Five minute." Said the team captian(Start Playing This in your head)," We need a count down everyone here. when I say your name, raise your hand. Tom(human), Wayne(Human), Bruce, Belmont (turtle), Reid, Chief (dog), john (human), and me (Sient, Human)." There where in a Armor boxcar. in it were four teams, each team made up of eight men. there were 5 boxcars, Number give by how far away there form the engine, lowest one being the closest. in between no.6 and no.9, two armored artillery car number 7 and 8. Bewteen 3 and 5, a HQ car No. 4. Cars 1,2,11, and 12, where machine gun flat cars. Car 14 and 10 were anti-air. There was then a hiss in the air."What the heck is that?" Said Chief." Heat ray," said Belmont," The fighting machine are near."
War-of-the-worlds-tripod 1898

tripod 1898

The machine guns open fire to the right of the train, soon follow by the cannons. then a ray then rip though boxcar no.6, the one that Bruce was in, and left a big hole, Snow was then blowing in."Open FIRE!!" Said Sient, Pointing at the Martian. Most of the men were shock at what just happen. A few men then started firing at the Fighting machines.
         There were three of them, Huge fighting machines, gaint tripods form Mars. Standing 20 feet off the ground, and armed with the heat ray. A blue blast then hit the car. Bruce was then knockout. Bruce then got back to the now. Sly, Tennesse, and Peter were stunned and twiching form the "shock bombe" cannon." Hey," said Reid lefting Sly by the collor and then slapping his face," Get out of it."" What *twich* just happen?" ask Sly, stunned and dizzy."Ball ligthing shell," said Reid," Something form the martian, highly hazzardest. The Twiching sould soon go away. Your on the good stuff you know."" The wat?" said Sly."The painkillers, slick." said Reid," Now, I would help your lady friend up now and walk her to the van, If I were you anyway."" Oh yeah, tha' *Twich* right. Geez, I feel loopy."" Your not as trashed as her, she seeing five of every thing and then some." said Reid looking at Carm." Whoa, did*hic* any one see *Hic* that blue *hic* wil-o-sip?" said Carmelita (She was trying to say "Will-O-Wisp)." No worry Carm," said Sly," I get you *twich* to the van."" Tennesse then moan a bit,"Uuuuugghhh, was *twich* black magic *twich* right?"" I would lay up agaist something if I were you," said Bruce," that goes for you too otter. Bentley, follow me.""Sly and everyone else is going to be fine, Right?" ask Bentley." No worrys, though Reid is sometime a nimcompoop..."HEY!!!".. WELL THAT NO BLOODY LIE!!!... Anyway, they sould be safe around him. Now off we go for Winslow the 4.
           Bruce and Bentley then when down a bomb out hallway, and along the way they crack a few skulls. They then got to a door lock by a computer."Ah.., the ol' art of Hacking," said Bruce looking at Bentley," let me see what you can do." Bentley then open the door in about two minutes." Very good, now on toward the Victoria tower." said Bruce. They then walk a bit down the hall into a room."Halt," said Bruce stopping Bentley," I bet you Mckinsley is going to stagger thought that door over there with a grenade laucher."" And I'm the merry queen of scots." said Bentley. Then busting the door with a grenade mod volley gun was a Drunk Mckinsley. She then fire the gun at the battle field and was toss to the ground by the gun blast." I Well get your crown soon ma'da," said Bruce looking at a shock Bentley. He then close the door," And what bring you here my dear?," said Bruce." Aw.., *Hic* life." said Mckinsley pointing a colt peacemaker at Bruce."Come on," Said Bruce," You really think you can kill me in your state?" Then one of Paradox's guards then bust though a another door." HALT, I SHALL PLEASE MY DARK MAS-*BAM*."" You want *hic* to be next?" said Mckinsley." I know you don't got it in you to kill me," Said Bruce walking over to Mckinsley," Come on Charlotte, let me help you up."" You know me *Hic* too well you son of *hic*a gun,"said Charlotte getting to her feet with the help of Bruce," I love you." She then hug Bruce.("...You were about to kill me and now your giving hugs and kisses, I will never understand american...": Bruce Brain.)" Hey, anti trying to ruinin this for you Bruce but we need to get going." said Bentley." He's right," said Bruce looking at Charlotte," And you can't come..."" HELL NO *Hic* I'm not coming with*Hic*," Yelled Kinsley," I have been chasing you *Hic* for the last 6 years and..."" OPEN THIS DOOR OR WE WILL OPEN FIRE!!" Yelled someone on the other side of the door. A grey fleet platoon of 30 made a semi-cricle around the door out side." Oh dear," Said Bruce smiling," They at last found me and going to put me in jail." Bruce then Started to count down with his fingers." wat' (3) are(2) *hic* you..(1)."" BOSS," said a cooper tooper (Human) coming in with a big, wooden box being hold up by three other people," We got that toy you wanted!!"" I call *hic* shooting it," said Kinsley," *Prick* AH, CAN'T *Hic*people stop *hic* poking me with *hic* darts today?!"" Your blowing a fuse miss," said Bruce putting his silver and brass needle back into it case," it going to help you keep clam.""And I thought Sly had a crazy girlfriend." said Bentley.
           "I'M ONLY GOING TO SAY THIS ONE MORE TIME," Yelled the captian of the paltoon," OPEN THAT
B&W Gatling gun

gatling gun

*Door opens* HOLY *Clank,Clank,Clank,Clank, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM.......* RUN FOR *BAM*!!!" Now what Bruce order was a hand crank gatling gun, which is now causing mass mayham across the courtyard."IS THAT *Hic* ALL YOU GOT *Hic*!!" said Kinsley, She then started fireing the gun again." Huh," said Bruce," I thought you were a bad shot when drunk."" And I got a gun *hic* here that could *hic* blow you to peices, *hic* do you realy want to give a *hic* bad coment to me?" said Mckinsley." HEY, You look great in those pants." said Bruce( That not the first time he had to say that to kinsley) meanwhile, Bentley was sent up stair with a cooper trooper, a gecko." Crazy coons right?" said the gecko." You can say that again." said Bentley. They then when thought a door." Hait," said another of paradox's mouse tooper," I shall-""(and I think this is what the "ninja" said) WHO MOR KAI A KAI *HACK*," said some cooper "ninja" whacking the mouse, speaking with a fake ninja ascent," That was fricking awsome, right?" said the "ninja" now sounding like Michael Loftus."Who are...?" said Bentley."BOBBY!," said the gecko,"GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!"" Bobby?" said Bentley.
                Now Bobby here is one of the only human to even have half the skills of a cooper, much less MOST. Also, His name not bobby, it Johnny Liftus. litfus is apart of Reid Tank barracks." You sould see what else ParaDOLT bought along," said Liftus. He the pointed out a window. Then a hailfire of bullet shell when though the room, and somehow no one got hurt."Aw, GREAT," said the gecko," HAILFIRE VOLLEY GUN!!"
        The Volley gun, A muitbarrel gun of doom. This gun has 25 barrel in a 5x5 way. and somehow paradox
Mitrailleuse front the Volley&Gatling combo

Mitrailleuse(The volley gun)

got one." Well at least it take a long time to reload." said Liftus. Then a second wave of bullets when though the room." AW, GREAT, THERE 5 of them!!" said the gecko."No worrys, I already call an air stike."said Liftus." An Airstike," said Bentley," Why do you have airstike on hand?""Because WE HAVE PLANES!! THAT WHY!!" said Liftus. Then there was the thunder of plane overhead."INCOMING..!!" Said the gecko. Then there was the sound of many bombs going off." I love the smell of naplam in the moring," said Liftus," Or rather the night."
       Meanwhile...,"Does anyone here know how to pick a lock and ISN'T hype up on something?" said Reid,"Nope?" Then a Gery fleet heavy gunner bust though a wall." Hey short one," said Reid (The gunner was 7 foot)," How about you knock down this door here in 70 Shilling for your crackerjack deed."" 70 SHILLING!!" Said The gunner. He then crash though the door."Sorry," said Reid," You already made a hole in the wall that closer to the lorry, thanks though.""WHAT..!!!*Mouse tooper jump form behind something**RAT-AT-AT-AT...**BOOM* HOW MANY MORE OF YOU BLOODY MICE DO I HAVE TO KILL BEFORE YOU STOP?!?" At that time Reid and Co. walked out the other hole in the wall."What was with dhat stunt,EH?" ask peter." You really thought I was going to give him...*ALOO ALOO*...OH THAT NICE!!" said Reid."wat' was..." said Sly." Don't ask but we need to take cover."
       "Was that *hic* the toxin or did I real*hic* hear that" said Mckinsley."You did really heard that," said Bruce," This is going to be bloody 1899 all over again." All around the courtyard, everyone stop firing at one another. There was the sounds of metal machine coming closer." uh, Ringling," said liftus up aginst a wall," call some men down here NOW."" Can some one please tell me what going on?" ask Bentley."Oh yeah, that right," said liftus," you didn't see 1900.""What happen?" ask Bentley."Oh, Just the invasion." said Liftus."The invasion?" ask Bentley.
         (flashback)"Brother, BROTHER, wake up or I'm going to breath on your face." said Reid."YOU GOING TO WHAT!?" said Bruce." See, he up." Said Reid."BRUCE, I NEED YOU TO *BBBBBBBZZZZZZ*(heat ray) GET TO THE FLAK CAR!!"Said Sient" The what...""THE AA GUN AT THE BACK OF THIS TRAIN!!,"said Sient," NOW GO!!" He then took his machine gun and started to shooting a fighting machine to the left of train.
Bruce was then running down the hall.The "jugernaut" was a two locomotives Train heading full speed towards Moscow carrying 500 soldier, on a suicide mission. Moscow was under Ailen rule, though earth's army was trying to take it back. The sounds of tripod going though the air, heat ray burning thing to ash, A hell hole in winter. Bruce was running as fast as he can down the train, while the martain were pounding the locomotive with heat rays and "black smoke".
         back at Sly's london, "the Battle of ben" is still going on. Soldier on Most sides are waiting for the horror to come. The sound of fighting machine coming closer."Boss," Said a cooper trooper," we got a Volley gun on the ready.""GOOD, just... put it over there." said Liftus."well this is going to be fun." said the gecko."I still having a hard time believing that what ever Victoria you were living in was attack by tripods." said Bentley."Shh..." said the gecko. Just then, a tripod walk past on the street, follow by two more. "ready.....," said liftus(the volley gun crew get done loading the gun)," aim......."" Hey bobby, there German tanks under these tripods.""There WHAT?!" said liftus, just then, a tripod then turn toward the building, heat ray on full power," Oh muther crapper..." "WHAT THE BLOODY BLAZES?!!" said a officer," MARTAIN DON'T HAVE TANKS, AND NOT D*MN JERRYS ONES AT THAT!!"" Oh, just great, moriarty working for the martain now is he?(heat rays and guns start firing everywhere) oh I'm in terror. send the birds, only a few things can stand a airstrike that I'm thinking." "well what the payload?" ask the officer."10 tons of bombs of all types, now make yourself useful for once bugger.(the officer walks out of the room) this going to be all sorts of funs." said the air commodore look down at the chaos form the air. He then also walk out of the room.
           And now back to the funders. while the last time we saw the funders, there were only three of them, but now there is......
          "SHOGGOTHS!!!???" said a frist class iron mongering war vet eagle," WHY NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THOSE ANTARCTIC SPACE TARBALLS WHEN I FUNDED THIS JOINT STOCK PARTY!!!!!"" No worries bugger," said a victorain top hat duck by artie," just so long as whale breath over here gots bombs, were good(looks at ex-whale fishermen sea gall, who has a blank face) you got no bombs huh?"" THAT GREAT, WERE SREWED!!!" said a oil stock-holder mink," WE BEEN SREWED BY THIEVES, WHO WE KNEW WHERE THIEVES FORM THE START!!!!! WHY DID WE LISTEN TO D*MN THIEVES!!!!!"" Them crackerjacks were some hell of talkers and crackmen, huh?" said a dog with a miner helment and gear." Everyone clam down," said carnegie," there bringing my babbage gin form london in the middle of a ironclad gun fight as we speak, that means that they should'' be albe to it."" SHOULD?" said the mink", HOW BOUT WILL !!"" yes, you make a good point," said a victorian broker," you totaly hit the nail on the head. dummy, there COOPERS, some of the bloody greatest thiefs known!"" And they stole my sock? for what ever reason." said Artie."WE CAN'T TRUST THE THIEVES FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!"said the mink", I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!"" BUT I NEED TO TAKE THE RISK PAL!!!!, SO YOU WON'T!!!!!!!!" said the miner dog. And with that, the brawl started, only Carnegie and artie(and a cat to left of artie) wren't in it. Then artie took out a small "farnsworth"(somewould call it a pre 50's cellphone, though that not what they are)"Yes..." said Artie."ARTIE, WHERE ARE YOU!!?"" PETE?! WHY ARE never mind, what.....(*Crash**thump**rocket goes though the air**KA BOOM*)"said artie" WAS THAT JUST A BOMB GOING OFF!!???"" would you belive it was a pop gun?" said artie."WHERE DID THAT COME FORM!!!!" said one of the funders before getting suckerpunch. "Artie, WHERE ARE YOU!!?"" on a train to nowhere...HEY, I'M TRING TO FRICKING TALK TO SOMEONE ON MY... PHONE YOU LITTLE(Toss chair)"said artie"(*buzz saw*)(Wood chips fly back) Piss off Bugger""*sigh* why bother with you people..."" can I have this pal,?" ask the cat to artie pointing at the farworth," well pay a pretty penny..."" NO, NO, AND AGAIN NO, DON!!!"" NO, REALLY, where ARE you?""Long story..."'said artie.""Know what anderw, ( don gets off his chair), I'm tried to work with the donut eating russian...(Artie put on a blank, yet mad, face)...*Artie step on the cat tail hard, knocking him to the floor*WHAT THE HECK!!!"" WAS THAT JUST A CAT, ARTIE???!!!"" yes, he is, and now I'm going to kill the him* close farnsworth* FOR THE MOTHERLAND!!!!!! he then jump onto (and Crush) don."ow-e" said the now pancake'd cat."EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN PLEASE!!!" said Andrew Carnegie,"*almost everyone looks at Carnegie*, thank you. General bucker dallas(deer), what is the chance that the cooper clan is going to be killed by the Germans and the gery fleet?" Bucker dallas( Holding by the coat a small dog trying to punch him)"Hmmm....., Well(drops dog)*Arf*...If I may speak cleary....., The Tommy Talks BIG but I think he's a little short on know-how*Birtish broker looks at the deer funny* and that not meant as an insult sir, I mean, we all know how much moxie the common man in england has, lets look at dorking, Hundreds of thousands of germans tanks and infanty and they still didn't quit fighting..."." Lets just stick to point please?" said Andrew." oh yeah, yes we can, anyway,...for the german.. if they got a dorking gun.... oh you should really see it andrew... a dorking getting ready to fire.... it aim with a steampower hum, then...BOOM!!! A TON OF FUNKING LEAD FLYING THOUGH THE SKY KILLING ANYTHING IT HITS!!!! HA HA HA!!!"  BUT DO THEY GOT A CHANCE!!!???" said the mink." DO THEY GOT A CHANCE?! HELL YEA-.....Eh...."" WERE SREWED!!!!!!" said the mink before he knockout someone and the fighting begin again. anderw then sigh and started to read the newpaper.
                 "well that was a close one." said Bentley on the stairs going up of the room which it floor was burned out by the heat wave."tell me about," said the gecko looking at the wreckage," now on to thaddues the 4th?""I guess." said bentley."good to hear sir!" said the gecko."at least this day can get anymore weirder..." said bentley."" EVERYBODY!!!!!!" Yelled B.F. on top of a destory tripod pointing at Big-ben,"*everyone stops fighting looks at the racoon as if time stopped* It bloody blazing damn tea time don't you dumb buggers know."" By joe," said a birtish soldier(human) who was about to hit a russian soldier(hare) with his gun used as a club now looking at his watch," it IS tea time."" How delightful," said Sir Raleigh(remember He was hired to this mission for the birtish remember)," It tea time. *sigh*GREAT......."" FRIST ROUND ON ME" said another soldier. all soldier(and martians in there tripods) on all sides, with there tanks and other machines(inculding the landships) started to march to the biggest cafe they can find." tea time..."said bentley." Yes, tea time." said bobby."tea time, REALLY!?" said bentley."YES, tea time!" said lenny(the gecko) and bobby."your kidding me," said bentley," what so important about..."" IT'S TEA TIME!!!!""OK, OK, sheesh.." said Bentley.
Part 6: tea break
           The "Babbica Encyclopaedia Britannica" said the start of the "tea break" begun somewhere at the battle dorking, by the 5th day of battle. there was a stale mate by midday bewteen United States an German forces (G.A. pact)vs britian and france(B.F pact). this was caused by the breakdown of the fatel engine (A.K.A, the dorking gun) on the first day of battle which caused a breakdown of the Germany plan to conqer england. anyway, by the 5th day, as said, there was a stale mate, but there was a weaking of the birtish troops, until the tea break. by 12 o'clock at night, the birtish tankers called for a "tea break",a 15 minute break form battle.the germans agreed. Now, while the reason of the G.A. pact defeat is not well understood, it was inpiled by german records that the scottish tank army drove thew the Greman- American ditch work and got into drunken brawl with the people in there causing the fastest reteat of the 1870's. we have no idea exactly what happen, but I can tell you two things were invold. 1.Drawfs, and 2.a pint too much of whiskey for the troops.


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