Prologue: All Day and All of the Night

Paris, France, 9:32 P.M.


Skyline of Paris

Quite a while after the events of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, the Cooper gang is relaxing in their Paris safe house. Bentley is working on an advanced medicine to heal his legs and get out of his wheelchair, Murray is lifting weights, Penelope is tweaking out her various devices, and Sly is reading the local newspaper looking for a heist to pull.

All of a sudden, Sly notices an advertisement for a museum in Luxembourg holding fourteen clues to an amount of money so big it would make Bill Gates' pay look average. Sly calls Bentley over to see it and he is much obliged. He tells everyone to get their gear ready and get in the van while he calls a few "old friends." Afterwards, all four are in the van off to Luxembourg.


Basic outside scenery outside the museum.

Kirchberg, Luxembourg, 1:23 A.M.

The Cooper van is parked a good couple of blocks away from the museum so the gang can get to their positions on foot. Before hand, they run into the "old friend" Bentley was calling: the Guru. Bentley explains that he was trying to contact the Guru, Panda King, and Dimitri, but could only get the Guru, but says he'll find a way to make it work.

D' Méchelskierch Stad Lëtzebuerg

A similar street to where the gang parks their van.

Bentley's plan goes like this: Sly gets to the rooftop and disables the switch to let Bentley inside the building to hack the entrance to the main hallway. Afterwards, Penelope uses her R.C. chopper to disable all the security cameras in the main room so Murray can clear out the guards without anyone else noticing so Sly can sneak in with no issues. And the Guru is lookout for guards. The plan goes just as planned until Sly discovers the room holding the clues is empty. He tells the gang to pull the plug on the mission and get out of there.

While heading out, Sly gets spotted by none other than Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox. She accuses him of stealing the clues and taking out all of the area's security. Sly admits to the security disabling, but protests about the clue stealing, then realizing that someone has already stolen the clues. Carmelita does some examining and reissalizes that a new crime syndicate known as the Freaky Fourteen were the perpetrators. After hearing this, Sly jumps out the window and tells the rest of the gang to get to the van. They all meet up in the van and after a grueling police chase, they escape from Luxembourg and tell Bentley to search up information on this new syndicate.

Chapter 1: Rock You Like a Hurricane

The Setup: The Guru tells the gang that New York City has a hurricane hitting it so the entire city has been evacuated. Bentley says that the storm would be perfect cover for the first member of the Freaky Fourteen considering it was so recent. So Sly, Penelope, Bentley, Murray and the Guru pack up and head for the Big Apple. 

New York City, New York, U.S.A., 7:47 P.M.

Sly's Jobs:      

Miss Liberty II

Raleigh's base of operation

Really Big Recon: Sly takes reconnaissance photos around the Statue of Liberty to know what to deal with, along with Raleigh the Frog.                                                                      

Very Tall Order: Hook up the satellites in New York's tallest buildings to redirect power surges to a hidden computer.      

Bentley's Jobs:                                                                                              

Hot Dog Hacking: Use the computer in the hot dog stand to gain control of the tech-powered motorboat.

Murray's Jobs:                                                                                                                                              

Wet Wimpering: Interrogate a general and get the Guru to follow his clan for boat patrol schedule.

Penelope's Jobs:                                                                                                                              

Operation: New York Minute: Disable helicopters so Murray can row Bentley, the Guru, and Sly to the Statue of Liberty. Afterwards, Bentley hacks the opening inside while the Guru stands guard and Murray takes out unsuspecting guards. Sly gets to the top and engages Raleigh in a fight, which ends with Sly winning. Afterwards, the rest of the gang comes up, finds the first clue, and throw the loot into the van and escape. 

Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled Bokeh Wednesday, but it's time to return to the Apocalypse
The Getaway: The gang disables the Storm Machine and get Raleigh's loot and the first clue to the wealth. Right on cue, Inspector Fox sohows up just barely missing the gang. Due to missing the Cooper Gang, she arrests Raleigh and destroys the machine. Now the citizens of N.Y.C. can return home. The gang spends a couple of days in New York enjoying the sights, tall skyscrapers and of course, the cheesecake. Then they get ready to head home and plan for next time.    

Chapter 2: Ace of Spades

The Setup: As soon as the gang is packing up their stuff to head home to Paris, Bentley finds the location of the next clue, so instead of heading for Paris, they head en route to Las Vegas. They discover that this time it will be a lot like their time in Mesa City; dealing with casinos and an old enemy for the fourth time: Muggshot. As soon as the gang arrives in the rich city, things have changed with new looks, a lot of crime, lawlessness, and a brand new new casino and hotel resort modeled after the old bulldog himself. Due to this, the Cooper gang decided to go finding a safe house in the Paris hotel, since it was going to be incredibly easy.

Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., 3:41 P.M.
Las Vegas

Sly's Jobs:

Ritzy Recon: Take photo's of Muggshot's new hotel base and learn what the gang will have to deal with.                                                      

High-Class Hijacking: Working with Bentley, hijack a truck filled with heavy explosives.

Bentley's Jobs:

Operation: Viva Las Vegas: Destroy the big candy store to direct attention away from Muggshot and his area, while getting the Nevada police involved as well. Afterwards, Penelope provides air cover while Sly and Murray get to the main office for the clue. However, the entire gang is caught off guard by Muggshot himself, who with his intense strength, attacks the gang, knocking everyone to the floor. Bentley uses this time to inject himself with his advanced medicine from earlier, which actually works, and gets his old crossbow to fight Muggshot. He wins, grabs the clue, and helps the rest of the gang up so they can escape from Viva, Las Vegas.

Murray's Jobs:

Casino Chaos: Murray sneaks into Muggshot's security office to disable the most powerful security and fight off all of Muggshot's strongest men and anyone else unlucky enough to get caught in the fiasco.

DSC33391, Paris Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The hotel area where Sly and the gang hide out

The Guru's Jobs:

Sinful Stalking: Follow a group of guards to discover the main office head of security.

The Getaway: Things did not go as planned, but the second clue was the gang's and Muggshot was apprehended by Carmelita, therefore returning Las Vegas to its glory state. But the biggest relevation came from Bentley, who not only saved the gang from Muggshot's wrath, but had also managed to walk once again, making everyone, especially Penelope, happy for what he could do now. To celebrate, the gang spent a month in Las Vegas doing what they wanted, with Bentley doing so much more, and then headed home to Paris for more searching. 

Chapter 3: Trapped Under Ice

The Setup: An odd first for the Cooper gang: going to a continent with no life on it. Noting but an icy wasteland with snow, ice, freezing temperatures, and... more ice. A place known as Antarctica. The gang grabs a bunch of special clothing, building equipment, and warm foods and beverages to survive in this harsh weather. Bentley predicts who the third member of the Freaky Fourteen is, and he is positive he is correct as the van roars down the barren landscape, which in the middle of the island, is not so barren anymore, as a fortress was created here.
Marie Byrd Land

Center of the Continent, Antarctica, 8:29 A.M.

Sly's Jobs:

Ice Cold Ignition: Sneak into the base and disable all air support drones and then take pictures in the fortress.               

Hot Coffee... Oh Wait: Steal Mz. Ruby's coffee machine to draw her out of her hiding spot in the fortress.

Bentley's Jobs:

Hacking Hypothermia: Sneak into the fortress, hack the firewall, and redirect it back to the safe house, or igloo, in this case.

Murray's Jobs:

Operation: Vida la Vida: Sneak into the castle and beat the head of security into giving codes to the back
Crans - Plaine Morte

Something what the gang used for a safe house

door of the fortress. Afterwards, Penelope uses her disguised R.C. car to follow Mz. Ruby and help the rest of the gang get inside. However, Mz. Ruby captures Penelope and the rest of the gang due to her power of seeing through the disguise. The Guru uses his shape-shifting powers to sneak out, but gets spotted by the raucous reptile, engaging a boss fight between the two, with the guru using freezing switches and her guard's attacks to fight her. Mz. Ruby is defeated, the Guru frees the gang, and grab the third clue and get out of dodge.

The Guru's Jobs:

The Cold Possession: Possess and run guards back to the igloo for interrogation.

Penelope's Jobs:

Reptile Recon: Once Sly disables all air support, use the R.C. chopper to take air pictures of the fortress.

Matusevich Glacier

The Getaway: For reasons unknown, Inspector Fox and Interpol arrive at Antarctica during the operation, but the gang escapes with the clue and warmth. Mz. Ruby, on the other hand, gets cold feet and a life sentence behind bars. Now Antarctica was free again from dictatorship. The gang did not stay; they jetted back to Paris, with Sly having a bad feeling on who the next member was.

Chapter 4: Weapon of Choice

The Setup: A clue has formulated along the 38th Parallel between North and South Korea, so the gang
On guard

Similar guards patrolled along the 38th Parallel

headed on down, realizing that the patrol of Seoul has been replaced by robots of some kind. After some detective work, Bentley realizes that the North Korean government had moved their weapons closer to the borders, which could cause a full-scale war, which had the Cooper Gang and the fourth clue stuck in the middle.

Outside the 38th Parallel, Korea, 11:27 P.M. 

Sly's Jobs:

Commie Camera Work: Take recon photos of the North Korean base, discovering it's master to be long lost Panda King, brainwashed by some device on his head.                                                                                                         

Operation: One More Night: Sly starts off by sneaking into the base to set off the E.M.P. grenade. Afterwards, the Guru posseses the North Korean head of security to give codes to Bentley so he can then take over the system, granting Murray access to the base to grab the clue and free Panda King from hypnosis. Of course, a boss fight occurs, with Murray emerging victorious, freeing Panda King to rejoin the gang, grab the clue, and get the heck out of dodge before Interpol shows up.  

Bentley's Jobs:

Seoul Sabotage: Working with Penelope, steal a modulator to insert in the South Koreans' air force defense to mislead them.
Sunan Airport, North Korea.

A similar building to the North Koreans' weapon storage

Murray's Jobs:

Korean Kar Kompany: Sell a very expensive South Korean car to a North Korean diplomat. In return, he will give you a powerful North Korean tank with car controls and speed.

The Guru's Jobs:

World War P: P for Predictable: Sneak into the base and take the South Korean general out of his building to confuse his army into immobilizing the North Korean's electricity with an E.M.P. grenade, while taking a sample for themselves.

Penelope's Jobs:

Republican R.C. Work: Use the chopper and car to take out all security around the parallel.  
Korean living 'cells'

An old area, similar to the gang's safe house

The Getaway: In the end, the Panda King was tricked by whoever the Freaky Fourteen's leader was, convinced that his daughter, Jing King, was apprehended by someone again, only getting a phone call by her  telling him she was O.K., but it was too late when Panda King realized this. No arrests were made this time when Inspector Fox showed up, but a cease fire was finally reached ever since the original Korean War in the 1950's. With Panda King back in, they relaxed in Seoul for a while before heading home to Paris to plan their next objective.

Chapter 5: Anarchy in the U.K.

The Setup: With Panda King back in the gang, they now needed to get their frogman, Dimitri Lousteau, back on the team. They discovered Dimitri had also been captured by the same person who captured Panda King, and the marine iguana's current location was in London, in the United Kingdom, whch had been quarantined for unknown reason: people couldn't get in or out of Britain's capital. Not a big challenge for the gang, but now they had to discover why this inauthorization in and out of the city had started in the first place.

London, England, U.K., 12:12 P.M.     

Sly's Jobs:     
Buckingham Palace

Anti-Dimitri's base of operations

Glad You Came: Sneak into Buckingham Palace and take recon photos of what Dimitri's brainwashed alter ego has done.     

Bentley's Jobs:     

One Thing: Hence the title, Bentley needs to locate a special object located somewhere in the London towers.      

Murray's Jobs:

Breaking the Law: Get in a big enough fight to tick off the guards and heavily deplete the amount of Dimitri's forces, then destroy his alarm buzzers around the city.

The Guru's Jobs:

Operation: Day Tripper: Start off by possessing a guard and bringing him to Bentley for questioning about entrance codes. He then enters the codes and gets Murray inside Buckingham Palace in position to "crack some skulls." Sly then unlocks the keylock to Big Ben so Penelope can watch from up above for air support in case anything goes south. Murray then gets the guard's attention so Panda King can get in and attempt to diable Dimitri's hypno-device, but gets caught red-handed by the reptile and engages him in a boss fight, with the bear emerging victorious. He disables the device, grabs the clue, and he and the rest of the gang make a run for it.

Westminster at Night

Penelope's lookout spot during the operation

Panda King's Jobs:

War Pigs: Light up enough torches on London Bridge to call up Anti-Dimitri's War Pigs, then take them out.    

The Trooper: The previous Panda King mission attracted the attention of a "legendary" British general hired by Anti-Dimitri known as the Trooper, Take him out then with help from Bentley and the Guru.

The Getaway: The gang is now completely back together, but before they can celebrate, Carmelita arrives just barely missing the gang, but manages to end Anti-Dimitri's quarantine and as a result, returns London to its normal state. To celebrate, the fully restored Cooper Gang relaxes in the United Kingdom for a while, then head home to Paris, thinking of what to do next.

Chapter 6: Vicarious

The Setup: With the gang fully reunited, they could pull off heists with little problems now, so when they discovered the next clue was in Central America, the capitol of Honduras to be more exact, they loaded up the van and headed down to Tegucigalpa, where the civil unrest has spread to the city and curfews and creepy-looking guards patrolled the streets. The gang needed to find out what exactly had happened, and get the clue in the process.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 9:57 P.M.

Sly's Jobs:

Statue of Valle in Tegucigalpa

Morazon Plaza, where the corrupted Contessa rules

El "Policia" de la Plaza: Sneak in the Morazon Plaza and investigate it to see who is leading this dictatorship.

Bentley's Jobs:

Honduran Hacking Hijinks: Get a general idea of the security and locate the clue's room location.

Murray's Jobs:

Bananas and Blueprints: Throw bananas to lure one of the Contessa's monkey generals to knock him out and take his blueprints while he is asleep.

Panda King's Jobs:

Operation: Toxicity: Sneak into the sewers with Dimitri and get into position while Sly and Bentley enter the Morazon Main Building through the roof. They split off in different directions with Bentley hacking the computer's system to shut off the alarm sounding in the sewers. Murray then destroys them so Dimitri can swim in the water and make platforms for Panda King to walk on and destroy the inside security so Sly can walk through no problem. Then Penelope disguises herself as a model to seduce the room guard leading to the vault so Sly can sneak through and open the vault. He grabs the clue, but the hypnosis device corrupting the contessa is on the spider herself in the sewers, so Dimitri fights her, grabs the device out of victory, and they run, prompting the Honduran Military to show up and fix the problem thanks to the satellite.

Dimitri's Jobs:
Portal del Angel

A similar building to the gang's safe house

Super Sonic Swimming: Engage a cocky Latino swimmer in a race for a satellite to contact Interpol.

Sly Copycat Much?: With the help of Sly, sneak into a security office and do some platforming to disable outside security.

The Getaway: The device Dimitri grabbed was far away enough from the Contessa that she was reverted back to normal and forced to go back to work immediately after Carmelita apprehended her, therefore reverting Honduras to its normal state. The device was worth a lot of money, so the gang sold it and spent the money relaxing in Latin America for a couple of weeks before heading home for their next idea.

Chapter 7: Welcome to the Jungle

The Setup: Like in New York at the beginning of their adventure, Bentley informs the gang that they aren't heading back to Paris just yet since he had found a clue in northern South America, so they load up the van and head on down to the Venezuelan jungles of Auyantepui. However, when they arrive there, the famous Angel Falls are not going down to the ground; instead going into a machine for some reason, and the trees are getting chopped down as well, turning Venezuela into a stripmall. The gang needed to stop this soon.

Auyantepui, Venezuela, 2:22 A.M.

Sly's Jobs:

Social Satellite Savings: Hook up satellites around the jungle to find where Jean Bison's camp is.

Angel Falls from our camp

Shut down thanks to Jean Bison's camp

Bentley's Jobs:

Demolition of the Dead Life: Destroy the bulldozers tearing down trees to steal the devices for wildlife preservation.

Murray's Jobs:

Bolivar Bandit: Use a disguise as a Venezuelan IRS auditor to trick the guards into spending all their Venezuelan money for bankrupting their oil supply.

The Guru's Jobs:

Chavez Chivalry: Convice a group of secret police of the Venezuelan government to get involved in the heist. If that doesn't work, possession is necessary.

Penelope's Jobs:

Dam Demolition 2: Part I: Use your R.C. chopper to destroy the top security beams, then the R.C. car to destroy the bottom beams once they've been weakened.

Panda King's Jobs:

Dam Demolition 2: Part II: Destroy the actual dam now that security has been neutralized thanks to Penelope.

Dimitri's Jobs:
Caracas Arepas Bar

An area similar to Jean Bison's camp

Operation: La Bamba: Dimitri hides at the top of the waterfall with Penelope both with cover support from above. Murray gets the secret police in position at the waterfall while Panda King fires rockets to tick off Jean Bison, while Bentley rewires the alarms in his house to draw him out of hiding. Dimitri dives in to pounce him, but gets spotted and thrown down, so Penelope grabs a remote to order the police to attack Bison at the right moment. She wins, grabs the clue from his pocket, and the gang gets out of the scene.

The Getaway: By the time the Venezuelan secret police discover Sly and the gang were thieves, they were long gone, and Jean Bison got fifty years behind bars for all the destuction. As a result, the president raised a fund to reorganized the jungle to its former glory. Due to the federal government being on their tail, the gang jetted back to Paris as soon as they could.  

Chapter 8: Fake It

The Setup: The gang is heading to a sort of familiar territory; more familiar to the Guru: Sydney, Austrailia. It was here where they discovered the next clue's location and an old rival: Don Octavio, who was apparently doing a charity opera concert at the Sydney Opera House to get an early parole. However, the gang knew something was fishy, so they decided to get to the bottom of this situation.

Sydney, Austrailia, 4:18 P.M.

Sly's Jobs:
Sydney Opera House

Location of Octavio's "charity" performance

Sydney Satellite Sides: Get control of Octavio's satellites around the Sydney Opera House to get the dirt on his operation.

Big Game Photography: Take pictures of Octavio doing anything suspicious around the city while taking a stroll.

Bentley's Jobs:

Opera House Operatives: Working with Dimitri, sneak in and uncover showtimes, show basics, and hidden areas.

Murray's Jobs:

Operation: Remedy: Use your strength to pry open a secret entrance to the opera house storage room. Free the captured perfrmers and then project Octavio's plans to the whole public. In the meanwhile, Sly opens the vault to get the clue and with the help of Panda King, they blow open a patch in the basement for a quick exit. While Murray tries to escape, he gets spotted by Octavio and shuts down all access to the building, claiming to suicide bomb the Opera House unless people agree to listen to his music. Bentley is still in the building and fights him together. He obviously wins, unlocks the house, and helps the rest of the gang escape.

Panda King's Jobs:
Reflections of sydney

Demolition, Um, Demolition: Destroy Octavio's supply with help from the Guru of explosives to stop a possible future bombing.

The Getaway: It took some doing, but the gang managed to get the eigth clue and save a lot of lives, right under Interpol's nose. Octavio, like before, was apprehended and recieved a life sentence behind bars due to his actions. Interpol as a result donated all the money he actually made to charity. The gang relaxed for a while in beautiful Austrailia, then headed home to find their next target.

Chapter 9: Holiday in Cambodia

The Setup: The gang doesn't have to head that far this time, since Cambodia is only a couple of days away from Paris, so they load up the van and head to the areas of the southeastern Asian country. They soon discover that the place has been "Chineseified" to put it delicately, a clear sign that their old adversary General Tsao was in control of this area. They needed to get to the bottom of this predicament quickly and swiftly.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 7:52 P.M.

Sly's Jobs:
Cambodia-2395 - Amazing Angkor Wat

A similar building to General Tsao's palace

Nine Thou: Hook up nine satellites to the safe house area to get information of Tsao's objectives and schemes.

Operation: Ground and Pound: Start off by going through the vents and letting in Panda King to take down Tsao's head of state. Meanwhile Murray, Bentley, and Penelope all go in trips to steal the clue and the general's loot. Everyone gets in the van, but Penelope gets captured, getting Sly and Bentley to help her, but Tsao has improved since all his time in prison, so he takes them out with no difficulty. Penelope breaks free and fights him, winning and helping the gang escape.

Bentley's Jobs:

Lights and Sounds: Hack the security system and with the help of Murray take out guards to deteriorate chances of surprise during the operation.

Penelope's Jobs:

Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Seperated): Use the car and R.C. chopper to attract the general's secret agent squad and keep them seperated while you take them out.

Dimitri's Jobs:

Don't You Worry Child: Dimitri has to swim under Tsao's palace to disable his security and free Inspector Fox from his clutches. Afterwards. it's up to Carmelita to disable vent security and escape.

When the nature is hungry...

Architecture like the gang's safe house

The Getaway: With the fight over, Penelope helps scrape Sly and Bentley off of the ground and escape before Carmelita spots them. Due to his capture of her and his past crimes, Inspector Fox gave General Tsao a double sentence, which is forty years behind bars. The gang now indirectly helped the gang fix up Cambodia, while having a holiday (er, vacation) they would never forget, but not in a good way. They relaxed in Southern Asia for a while, enjoying the food and wildlife, and then headed home to Paris in order to plan their next heist.

Chapter 10: Eye of the Tiger

The Setup: The gang starts to head for an unusual location in Africa known as Equatorial Guinea, after learning that an old tiger adversary known as El Jefe was in town, making sense since he was Hispanic. He had somehow overthrown the poor capital and took it for his own territory. Sly knew that he and the Cooper gang had to take back the capital and overthrow El Jefe, and get the clue at the same time.

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, 10:46 P.M.
Malabo Harbour

A peninsula like the current location

Sly's Jobs:

Satellite Sabotage: Take over the satellites to gain access to El Jefe's schemes.

Africano Assimilation: Work with Dimitri to tail El Jefe from the water and above, then sneak into his office to take out his personal security.

Bentley's Jobs:

Operation: Monkey Wrench: Sneak into El Jefe's quarters and put a group of security monkeys to sleep. In the meanwhile, Murray steals a bunch of bananas from El Jefe's garden and uses them to trick the monkeys into taking out the head of security. Panda King and Sly both sneak in and attemp to grab the clue. Sly grabs the real one, but Panda King gets cornered by the tiger dictator himself, fighting him and emerging victorious. He and the rest of the gang then run for their lives.

Murray's Jobs:
Copa Classic

Childish Chivalry: Dress up as a female and trick the guards into letting you into the cigar room to take them away in order to anger El Jefe.

Penelope's Jobs:

African Air Time: Disable the tiger's air support and then ground troops in case of backup.

The Getaway: As a result of all the explosions going on in town, the other African country armed forces got involved, including Interpol and Carmelita, but the gang was already gone by this time, and El Jefe decided to go peacefully to become his cousin Rajan's buisness partner in carpet selling. Equatorial Guinea was restored to normal, but due to practically the entire continent getting involved, the gang had to flee back to Paris.