Plot: the cooper gang has just gotten back from their trip in time when they realize things have... Changed.The cooper van has changed into a cop car,the Klaww gang was outside, Clockwerk was in front of them,and Carmalita...was gone.Then all of a sudden,Murray was starting to dissapear... And sly was gone.

Sly's life: Sly woke up in the hideout in Mz. Ruby's fortress.He was surrounded by voodoo mystics who whipped their bad mojo at him.Sly was knocked unconscious,and was taken to Mz. Ruby herself.

Bently's life: Bentley woke up in a jail cell in Jean Bison's sawmill.Jean had just entered,and was looking at Bentley like he was wearing a skirt." dare to destroy my trains,destroy my northern light battery,destroy my lumber jack games...and...and destroy ME?!" Bentley just stood there as he shut the cell door and left Bentley alone in the dark.

Murray's life: Murray woke up in Venice,Italy.Don Octavio was ready to strike,and Murray was confused."Ughhhhh..." Murray managed to say before he got beaten up. The last thing Murray knew was that he was thrown in the canals...and when he sank,he realized what had happened to Carmelita.

Bentley: "SLY?SLY!CAN YOU HEAR ME?I'm CALLING YOU?DO YOU READ ME?!I'm IN THE..." said Bentley."QUIET,TURTLE!Or do I need to send my guards in there to "intimidate" you?" Said Jean."Oh,really?I've beaten you before,why can't I do it again?"Bentley argued."HA HA HA!Come on in here,boys!This guy thinks he can beat us?What do you think of THAT!"the sawmill erupted in laughter and Bentley sat there,embarressed."what's wrong,turtle?Miss your gang?You're not the only one with a time machine.Don't you realize that?!AND I HAVE NEVER KNOWN DEFEAT!But you can try all you want,puny little turtle.ALL TURTLES ARE SO STEW-pid!"Said Jean Bison,confidently."what's wrong,honey Bunches?Can't figure out how to open the cell door?"Said Jean again."Alright,jean.Let's do this."Said Bentley."Whoa,is that a challenge?Alright turtle,when you figure out how to open that door,then we'll see how strong you REALLY are.MEN!Guard this door.Don't let him open that door an INCH,you hear me?!!"ALRIGHT,TURTLE.SEE YA LATER...OR MAYBE NOT!Ha ha ha"Jean said before he blew up the key to the door.