Sir Rhick Von Avrikamm

Species: Rhino

Age: 47

Nationallity: England

Backstory: Rhick was born into a rich, snobby family that raised him to belive that he`s family was superior to anyon else. He excelled in all subjects at scool, but the other kids hated him for he`s rudeness and arrogance. As an adult, he`s parents died after a mine collapsed on them in Tanzania. Rhick inherited the parent`s huge fortune and used it to build a huge mining field in the beautiful savannas of Tanzania. He paid miners and thugs to chase the natives from their homes and polute and destroy the nature to the extreme. All this to seek revenge on Tanzania, wich he blamed for killing he`s parents. He later became a member of TOCO.

Pedro` Armadillo

Species: Toucan

Age: 32

Nationallity: Brazil

Backstory: Born in the poor streets of Rio De Janero, Pedro`s parents where very poor. They where killed by gangsters when Pedro`was 2 years old. He was sendt to a shabby, brokem-down orphanage where the nuns that owned the place had no other choise than to let a local gangster teach the kids morals. The gangster inspired Pedro`through he`s youth to form a big gangster gang. At age of 20, he finally became what he seeked and quickly became the thoughest, most hard-boiled thug in all of Rio. He later became a member of TOCO.

General Savas

Species: Wolf

Age: 56

Nationallity: Afghanistan

Backstory: Savas was just a child when he was sendt to millitary school by he`s father, who was a rough general of the highest order. Savas became best in class. Fighting in the Afghanistan wars, he became a war-hero for Afghanistan, and a dangerous threat to the goverment of USA. At age of 49, he became general of the Afghanistan army. He was now power-crazed and started wars all over the world, so that it would never be peace in Afghanistan. He did this to make he`s dead father proud. He later became a member of TOCO.

Der Chef

Species: Ram

Age: 63

Nationallity: Switzerland

Backstory: As a young child, he had no worries, living with he`s middle-classed parents in the alps of Switzerland. He fought in WWII and was inspired by the german dictators. He wanted to make he`s homeland the most powerfull nation in the world. He seeked to become the prime minister of Switzerland. And after some bribes, threats, blackmailing and manipulation, he became the prime minister. But he quickly changed he`s title to dictator and moved he`s country into a rage of depression and hunger. He`s dream that Switzerland would become powerfull, was gone. He`s only goal now was to become the most powerfull MAN in the world. He invaded many countries for 30 years. At the age of 54, he was brough down by USA and UK. He lived as a retired war-veteran for six years, intill he planned to become powerfull again. He later became a member of TOCO.

The Count

Species: Bat

Age: 597

Nationallity: Romania

Backstory: In the 1500`s, The Count was a mighty gentleman and ruler of the entire east-part of Europe. After he`s empire collapsed, he was jailed. In the dirty, haunting prison he was captured in, he was bitten by one of the other prisoners, who was a vampire.This turned The Count himself into a vampire. The Count lived on for over 500 years as a lonely soul living in he`s abonded mansion in Transylvania. For all those years, he had practised dark magic. He used this to create ghosts and zombies. He was not quite satisfied with this, and decided to make giant monsters and horrid creauters out of dead animals and mud and water mixed with strong, dark magic full of evil. He made the forest below the mountain he`s mansion rested on become cold, dark and hunted. He even placed some of he`s monsters and guards there. The locals in a village near the forest abondoned their homes in pure fright of getting killed. The Count became very powerfull, but also pure evil. He later became a member of TOCO.


Species: Scorpion

Age: 25

Nationallity: Greece

Beckstory: Growing up in a wealthy family on a wealthy island in the south of Greece, Scorpio was a handsome, young boy that everyone loved. He became a fashionist and owned a popular bar. He loved what he did. After he was framed for having poisoned a rich friend`s drink, Scorpio was excilled from the beautiful island. He returned with rage several years later and made the locals he`s slaves. He now ruled the entire, wealthy island. He used it to he`s own joy. He began studeing about weapons and buildt a huge gun factory. He later became a member of TOCO.

Other Members (Already seen in former games)

Sir Raleigh


Dr. M


Episodes Their In

Episode 1: Sir Rhick Von Avrikamm (Mining Field, Tanzania)

Episode 2: Pedro` Armadillo (Rio De Janero, Brazil)

Episode 3: Pedro` Armadillo (The Amzonas Jungle, Brazil)

Episode 4: General Savas (Abandoned City, Afghanistan)

Episode 5: Muggshot (War Zone, Afghanistan)

Episode 6: Der Chef (Mountain Village, Switzerland)

Episode 7: The Count (Transylvania, Romania)

Episode 8: Scorpio (Wealthy Island, Greece)

Episode 9: Sir Raleigh (The Welsh Triangle, Wales)

Episode 10: Dr. M and Clockwerk (Secret Island, The Indian Ocean)