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After a year of feigning amnesia and working with Interpol, Sly has decided to use the opportunity to propose to Carmelita. Unfortunatly, its around this time that a new group of master criminals have decided to seek retribution against the last of the Cooper Clan. After storming Interpol HQ in Paris, and nearly assassinating Sly and Carmelita, Bentley comes to the rescue. With Sly's cover as "Constable Cooper" blown, he and Bentley are forced to flee, while Carmelita is arrested for aiding and abedding the Cooper Gang.

With a dangerous new Interpol agent assigned to arrest Sly and kill any Cooper Gang member that gets in his way, Sly is furiously denied the immediate chance to spring his love from maximum security. To make matters worse, they discover that the vault on Kaine Island has been ransacked by the same group that tried to kill Sly. Making off with his family's ancestral canes, the Klaww Syndicate's members are utilizing the powers of the canes to further their own individual schemes. Meanwhile, the Syndicate's top assassins hunt the Cooper Gang as relentlessly as Interpol, while madmen around the world are plotting and profiting from the powers of the stolen canes.

Sly decides to take the fight to the Syndicate. He and Bentley must reunite the Cooper Gang, if they have any hope of freeing Carmelita, getting back the stolen canes, and stopping the maniacs that have declared war upon the Coopers and their allies.


  1. Pre-emptive Strike (Paris, France) - Sly and Carmelita's lives are in danger, as the Klaww Syndicate revals itself to the former thief and declares war on him and all his loved ones. Trapped within Interpol HQ in Paris, with assassins and agents both gunning for the couple, Bentley is their only hope of escaping alive.
  2. Only the Rocks Live Forever (Centennial, Colorado) - The Cooper Gang Rides again! Sly and his friends are back in action, as they try to locate the missing citizens of a small Colorado town. Unfortunatly, that means confronting a renegade that's sparked a uprising on the local indian reservation, and bribed the Tribal Police to aid them.
  3. Safari, So Goodie (Nairobi, Kenya)
  4. Red Sky at Morning, Aviators Take Warning (Miami, Florida) - Penelope rejoins the gang, but then tells Sly that he's contracually obliged to fight for the title in the upcoming A.C.E.S. dogfighting tournament. This will be easier said than down, when he discovers that Penelope's rival won't allow him to throw the tournament, and will kill him and anyone that stands in her way of obtaining the title. Things are going to heat up fast, in the tournament's newly relocated venue of Miami, and as the other teams are made up of the world's most dangerous criminal organizations. Bentley works to find out which them are in league with the Klaww Syndicate.
  5. Long Hard Dreamtimes to Come (Lexington, Kentucky) - The gang discovers that the Guru has been abducted, by a vengeful apprentice. Tracking the wannabe country star to Kentucky, the gang must liberate the Dreamtime master, whose being held in the seedy outskirts of town until the Klaw Syndicate arrives to claim him, and guarded by a vicious biker gang. It things couldn't get any worse, this particular gang has been trained in the ways of masterting the mystical powers of the Dreamtime, and channeling it into their weapons and motorcycles.
  6. That Sinking Feeling (Mistaken Point, Newfoundland)
  7. Páirt a Ghlacadh nó Bás (Cork, Ireland) - The Cooper Gang must prevent a rising star in the IRA from executing a major deal that would unite the pacifist splinter factions under his command. However, Sly soon learns that the charismatic terrorist has been using ancient celtic magic to aid him. Now the only way to counter the vicious madman is to gain the alliance of a legendary guardian of the crown...a werewolf!
  8. In the Criminal Justice System... (New York City) - A crime boss in charge of all the Syndicate's manpower is finally located by Bentley. Unfortunately, he's soon after arrested, and quickly arraigned. The cane in his possession is locked away as evidence, and will likely remain there if he's convicted. The only way to retrive it and any info he has on the Syndicate, is for the gang to rig the trial so that the mobster gets acquitted.
  9. A Shadow of a Doubt (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  10. Working Through the Payne (Belgrade, Serbia)
  11. Cooper's Eleven (Las Vegas, Nevada) - The gang has been building and preparing for this job, a crack at robbing a Las Vegas casino tycoon, whose really the financial backbone of the Klaww Syndicate. In order to bring them down once and for, Sly intends to pull the biggest heist yet, a criminal feat that will put the Cooper Gang back on the map. He plans on simultaneously robbing the vaults of the five casinos owned by the stage magician turned money launderer.
  12. The Boys are Back in Town (Rio de Janiero, Brazil)
  13. (London, England)
  14. (Prypiat, Ukraine)
  15. (Ciudad Juarez, Mexico)
  16. Escape from Alcatraz (San Francisco, California) - Sly has finally been captured by Interpol. Now the rest of the shaken and broken Cooper Gang must free him, as he struggles to survive on the newly re-opened Alcatraz Island. Refurbished and designed to house a population consisting of the world's most vicious killers and white collar masterminds, the Gang discovers the majority of them are foes from the past that they helped put out.

The Cooper Gang

  • Sly Cooper - Master Thief
  • Bentley - Brains
  • Murray - Brawn/Getaway Driver/Dreamtime Apprentice
  • Penelope - RC Expert
  • The Guru - Mystic
  • Dimitri - Frogman
  • Jim McSweeney - Security Expert
  • Panda King - Demolitions Expert
  • Carmelita Fox - Former Law Enforcer/Marksman
  • Angela "Bluegrass" Buchanan - Sound Frequency Expert/Former Dreamtime Master
  • Jing King - Master Escape Artist
  • Jean Bison

The Klaww Syndicate

A group of influental criminal masterminds decided long ago that the Cooper Clan had to be stopped. Although considered a lineage of the world's greatest thieves, they also made it their mission to bring down fellow criminals that committed much more sinister and malevolent crimes. Making enemies for centuries because of this code of conduct, the Klaww Syndicate has dedicated itself to destroying Sly and ensuring that the Cooper lineage doesn't live on.

The original founding members combined their resources and manpower to form the Klaww Syndicate. From the shadows they initiated their first attempt at Sly's destruction, by creating the threat of Clockwerk's return. With founding member Arpeggio putting together a rag-tag group of villains, the "Klaww Gang" stole the Clockwerk bodyparts, then led Sly and friends on a wild goose chase around the world to retrieve them. The plan was to have Sly killed in the attempt to stop Clockwerk from being revived by the energy of the rage-induced citizens of Paris. But upon Arpeggio's betrayal to gain immortality, and Neyla's own doublecrossing to become "Clock-La", the plan fell through.

The founders decided they would not fail again, it was decided to recruit vast amounts of new members to the Syndicate, increasing thier resources, manpower, and overall influence in the underworld. The main body of the Syndicate would be composed of various mid-level crime lords, gang leaders, racketeers, mobsters, con-artists, and general psychopaths. All were enlisted by the gurantee that with the Sly and the Cooper Gang destroyed, their criminal enterprises would survive and prosper. The founders would make up the high echelon of the Syndicate, running the organization under heavy secrecy.

The Upper Echelon/The Founders

  1. The Xeral - ???
  2. The Praetor - Raccoon
  3. Arpeggio - Parrot (Deceased)
  4. Dr. Pariah - Dodo
  5. "Scorpio" Carmine - Scorpion
  6. Zergane Zyon - Wolf
  7. Miroslav "Tesla Coil" Payne - Manta Ray
  8. Cerebro Salazar - Anaconda

Lower Level Members

  • Tecumsah Thunderhide - Stallion
  • Angela "Bluegrass" Buchanan - English Springer Spaniel
  • Martin McGonigal - Atlantic Puffin
  • "Anchorhead" Neptune - Hammerhead Shark

The Canes of the Cooper Clan

  1. "Tennessee Kid" Cooper - Expert Marksmanship, Rail Slide
  2. Matthew de la Coopeur - Slowdown of Time
  3. Salim al Kupar of Arabia - Sandstorm Manipulation, Hides the location of a Magic Lamp
  4. Slytankhamen II - Invisibility
  5. Rioichi Cooper - Enhanced Agility, Ninja Spire Jump
  6. Sir Galleth Cooper of the Knights of the Cooper Order - Explosive Kinetic Charging
  7. Slaigh Cooper - Superhuman Strength
  8. Henriette "One Eye" Cooper - Superhuman Sight, X-Ray Vision
  9. Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III
  10. Otto von Cooper
  11. Bruce O'Coop - Expert Hacker
  12. Sir Andrew Cooper - Thief Replica
  13. Huckleberry Cooper - Probability Manipulation, Advanced Invisibility when in Duress
  14. Karen Coopergiwa - Coin Magnetism
  15. Augustine Cooper - Defy Gravity
  16. Rob McCooper - Hat Mine Trick
  17. Dev Cooperinda - Slow Motion Jumps