Premise: It's been 4 years ever since The Cooper Gang had defeated Dr.M and Sly fakeing that he assumed to have Amneisa to be with Carmelita while other members of the gang are doing their own thing; living their happily ever after. Bentley and Penelope have been working together along with Murray for the past 4 years to develope a time machine in order to right the wrongs of the past and get Sly back on their side; however something has gone horribly wrong.

When going to swipe the final piece of their machine, Bentley, Penelope and Murray have a run in with Sly and he is suprised to see them again after all these years, clearly saying something was wrong; and then in a surprise twist, Carmelita is framed for aiding them in their recent caper by a . Clearly something or someone has poessesed Sly to act out this way and it'll be up to Bentley and the others to get Sly back, and then embark on an epic adventure around the world and back in time to stop the master plan of a madman who intends to erase the Cooper legacy forever and take control of the greatest treasure any thief could ever wield; and so time is of the essance!


Prologue Episode: Only Time Will Tell

Location: Washington D.C. Virginia

Episode 1: Fallen From the Light of the Law

Location: Paris; France

Episode 2: Aloha To Destiny

Location: Forbidden Island, Hawaii

Episode 3: Fast and Ferocious

Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco; France

Episode 4: Techno Horror Show

Location: Nexus Island; The Bermuda Triangle, The North Atlantic Ocean several miles off the coast of Florida.

Episode 5: Decent Into Darkness

Location: Transylvania, Romania

Episode 6: The Test of Time

Location: Madagascar Island; Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa.

Episode 7 Treacherous Tombs

Location: Ancient Giza, Egypt; 13,000 B.C.

Episode 8: Medieval Knightmare

Location: Medieval Camelot; England

Episode 9: Sands of Anarchy

Location: Ancient Constantinople Persia Arabia

Episode 10: A Brutal Quest

Location: Celtic Galloway Scotland

Episode 11: Crouching Thieves…Burning Dragon

Location: Eddo Period Feudal Tokyo Japan

Episode 12: A Fatal Scourge

Location: Crimson Blood Island; the Bermuda Triangle

Episode 13: Legends of the West

Location: 15th Century Wild West Tennessee Texas

Episode 14: Corrupted Royalty

Location: Queen Victoria Era London England

Episode 15: the Sky’s the Limit

Location: World War II, Nazi Berlin Germany.

Episode 16:???



Alexander Kronos: A powerful, genius, multibillionaire Lion; who is founder, owner, CEO of his organization Kronos Industries; which manufactures over 85% of the world’s weaponry and gadgetry. He comes from a long family line of great rulers, dictators and men of great powers and holds himself in very high respect and always looks for ways to become more powerful. His most recent venture is to become to greatest criminal mastermind of all time; and is willing to tamper with the fabric of time to do it.

Doctor Cornelius Nexus: A highly intelligent and crafty genetic scientist and a master of quantum and temporal physics. This insidious crocodile is actually the one who taught Dr.M all he knows about genetic mutation and gene splicing. He’s a well-respected genius in the normal community but behind closed doors he’s a maniacal mad scientist who conducts immoral and insane experiments on whomever he can get as a test subject.

Raimundeo Kahuna: One of the most ruthless and shady crime lords known in the criminal underworld; Raimundeo is the man to see if you want someone to vanish; or to buy aim and fire weaponry. This brawny, muscle bound, big Kahuna snapping turtle was born and raised in Hawaii; in his early years he started out as a bouncer and grew more interested in white collar schemes and stealing. He now currently runs and owns the biggest online gadget market…ThiefNet! He also owns a large amount of the islands in Hawaii; his base of operations stationed on the island of Niihau…otherwise known as Forbidden isle.

Rex Velocity: Commonly known as the master of faster; Rex rules the Monte Carlo racing circuit. He’s a fierce jaguar who owns his own crime ring in Monte Carlo and all of Monaco but is mainly stationed in Monte Carlo. His operations include extortion, rigging races, protection and money hoarding. His virtually unchallenged except for the constant interference of a mysterious female racer who calls herself Speed Queen; whom he has yet to capture, but he’s vowed that when he does he’ll destroy her on the race track. He’s incredibly smart and a genius mechanic but he is no honorable racer and cheats on the track.

Hex Alucard: A shadowy, devious, twisted and downright evil Romanian vampire bat. Hex is a powerful sorcerer; who is a lot older than he looks; he’s more than 500 years old having used a special body transference ritual for over 5 centuries. He originated in ancient Transylvania; once a holy priest but was corrupted by the dark influence of the devil himself after making a deal to save his life. Cursed to forever live on as a soul sucking creature of the night, Hex as lived for 500 years and has let the darkness complete take him over; he has even found a way to dip into the true powers of death and the underworld and intends to literally raise Hell.

Isis Sekhmet: Born and raised in Cairo Egypt, Isis was born penniless; a mere street rat child with no family; only instinct and a will to survive. A beautiful young panther; Isis had grown to be a local head hunter, taking targets and collecting her bounty and she was also a tomb raider; raiding the ancient tombs of her homeland for treasure. In her early 20’s she had discovered that she was actually a descendant of royalty; her ancestor having been in line with Pharaoh of the land millennia ago; but her families wealth and respect was destroyed and stolen by the great Slytunkhamne Cooper II.

Aldous McKnight: Aldous is a scheming, conniving, cunning, and ruthless mafia boss; born and raised in Great Britain. He’s a black stallion with a fiery temper and a cunning mind; who runs a cult he calls The Knights Of The Black Stone; a shadowy organization that deals with smuggling, drug running’s, slave trade and much more. A descendent of Medieval royalty and knighthood; Aldous wishes to take his rightful place as king of his nation by erasing the shame put on his clan by the infamous Sir Galleth Cooper of the knights of the Cooper order.

Kadar Akraba: Kadar is a fiery tempered and clever Echidna born and raised in a desert tribe in Saudi Arabia. Taught at a very early age to steal, murder and fight; Kadar was a very powerful young man. When he was 18 he felt the need for more power, as he felt that the tribe didn’t offer him enough; even after murdering his own father to take control of the entire clan; he still wasn’t satisfied. Taking a quest around the world he soon arrived in the Australian outback and met the Guru; where he learned the ways of the dream time; however due to his dark nature by heart he was kicked out by Guru, never to return. He now wishes to gain even more power by ruining the legacy of the greatest thief to even cross the sands; Salim Al Kupar of Arabia.

Callahan Wolfgang: A brutish, wild, destructive and murderous male Wildebeest of Irish decent. He was once a mercenary in a black ops unit in the IRA; his nickname being “Juggernaut Cal” because once he started attacking, he wouldn’t stop until everything in his path was annihilated. Due to his lust for battle and his “coping tactic” was binge drinking; he’d often go into blind drunken rages while on missions and put his brothers in arms at risk. He was eventually discharged from the IRA and had taken up work as a hitman for hire; taking jobs that would kill any ordinary assassin. He loves a good fight and is always looking for new powerful opponents to test his strength; and he currently has his sights on the infamous Slaigh MacCooper.

Creed Jigoku: A rabbit with an explosive touch and a burning black soul; Creed wishes nothing more but to see the whole world burn at his feet. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan; Creed was born into a family who doggedly maintained the tradition of their ninja forefathers. Creed was a fierce fighter, born with an intent to kill and razor sharp intellect. When he was 16 he left home and went to train under the great Panda King; while panda king was still in his dark stage. Panda King taught him the ways of conquest and power and Creed was his best student.

When Panda King was defeated by Sly Cooper; Creed managed to escape the police and awaited the return of his master; however much to his surprise; his master returned weak and peaceful. But he would still try and learn under him; but was displeased with how his master was now; and at a point demanded that Panda King teach him the secret advanced set of Flame-Fu but Panda King refused and Creed went off on his own; and now wishes to gain the power he seeks by taking it from the great ninja master Rioichi Cooper.

Shelia Blackwing: A cutthroat pirate crow with an insatiable lust for blood. She was original born in Blood Bath Bay; and at a young age took on the life of a pirate starting out as a mere cabin girl on her mother’s ship; The Bloody Phantom. Her family was also known as one of the most famous and ruthless female pirate clans in the world; seconded by Henriette "One Eye" Cooper; her family having been rivals with her clan for ages. When Sheila was older she took control of the clan and was known throughout B.B.B for their brutality but was soon exiled for being too brutal. They then took up home in the Bermuda Triangle on an island they dubbed Crimson Blood Island and now sail the seas in hopes to soon take vengeance on Henriette and take their title as deadliest crew on the sever seas.

Sebastian Slade: One of the toughest cowboys to ever roam the Wild West; this rough, tough, rootin’ tootin’, and eagle eyed coyote goes by the nickname “Bulls Eye Slade” having never missed a target. He comes from a long line of western outlaws, in Texas he runs his own band of outlaws and is a notorious railroad train thief, often high jacking the entire train and raiding all of its loot. He’s one helluva marksman, having NEVER missed a shot; he always lands a target in some way. His family used to be the most feared gang of outlaws known to the Wild West; that is until they were all shamed, captured and hung at the gallows due to the interference of Tennessee Kid Cooper.

Lakota Morningstar: Born a Wolverine warrior huntress in her Native American warrior tribe of The Yavapai; she was the daughter of the tribe chief and was by far the greatest hunter and warrior the tribe has seen in many a decade. She has a strong sense of control through meditation and natural self-control but when provoked or on the hunt she’s ruthless and deadly; having mastered Brazilian Dance Jujitsu, she’s graceful as she is dangerous. She cares for her tribe more than anything, and when her entire tribe fell victim to a deadly plague; she didn’t know what to do until she discovered that her only option lay in centuries in the past in the possession of Slaigh MacCooper and she’ll do anything to get it to save her tribe.

Kizhar Blitzkrieg: A cruel, vain, devious and malicious German Eagle and WWII war criminal. Born into a neo Nazi family long after world war II ended and Adolf Hitler had fallen; Kizhar was brought up to hate American and everything it stood for, and that Germany and the Nazi’s were the superior race. Kizhar had an ancestor in Nazi Germany who was actually one of Hitler’s top generals in charge of advanced weaponry and full scale invasions; but time and time again he was thwarted by Otto Van Cooper and his squad. Now Kizhar plans to go back and right the wrong done to his fellow Nazi. He’s a fierce fighter ace and unstoppable once airborne; he’s called “The Scourge of the skies” and anyone who has ever challenged him in the air has never lived to fly again.

Baroness Alexis Diamond: A spoiled, scheming, devious and sneaky ferret born into royalty in London. She was a spoiled brat from birth, always getting what she wanted, bossing people around, acting all high and mighty and treating common people like common trash. So when her parents cut her off for spending too much and her unruly behavior, she didn’t take it well at all, having them murdered she inherited the fortune and now is one of the richest women in all of London and is extremely clever and “high class”. She often uses her charm and methods of seduction to get what she wants and it often always works; she’s also in a way a ruthless criminal as she does a lot of enslavement and slave trading. However she has a insatiable sense of greed and always wants more money and so she plans to go back in time to confront the great Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III and rewrite history just so she’ll be richer.


  • Slytunkahmne Cooper II
  • Sir Galleth Cooper Of The Knights Of The Cooper Order
  • Salim Al Kupar of Arabia
  • Slaigh McCooper
  • Rioichi Cooper
  • Henriette “One-Eye” Cooper
  • Tennessee Kid Cooper

  • Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III
  • Otto Van Cooper
  • Connor Cooper


  • Sly Cooper: The Master Thief/Leader
  • Bentley Wiseturtle: The Brains/Hacking Expert
  • Murray Potumas: The Muscle/Getaway Driver
  • The Guru: Chef Mystic
  • Penelope Squeaks: R/C Expert/Fighter Ace
  • The Panda King: Demolition Expert
  • Dimitri Lousteau: Deepsea Frogman/Disguise Expert
  • Jing King: Demolition Expert
  • James "Big Jim" McSweeny: Muscle