Sly 4 sign

Sly 4 is an upcoming sequel to the Sly Cooper series. Its trailer was revealed in The Sly Collection after completing all three games. Sucker Punch has yet to reveal any news on or in relation to the game. Since the trailer doesn't actually show the face of the raccoon in the grass, it could be possible that it is Connor Cooper, as well as Sly Cooper. However, this has yet to be confirmed. According to The Second Funniest Podcast's Facebook page, Kevin Miller (the voice actor for Sly in all Sly games) has been contacted about voicing Sly in the fourth game. There are at least 12 noticeable clues in the trailer:

  • There are 2 Clue Bottles - one in the right top corner and one near the left top corner.
  • The Rooftop Guard is wearing a turban, which possibly means that this scene is set in Asia.
  • The background music seems to use some sort of Asian instruments.
  • There is a visible bamboo tree.
  • The Flashlight Guard has a tail and seems to be an antelope, which are commonly found in Asia and America.
  • The Rooftop Guard (Close observation is needed) appears to be a Dr. M-type monkey, which are found in Asia and Africa
  • The ribbons hanging from Sly's mask have been made longer, provided that the raccoon is Sly.
  • There is a visible banner reading "locksmith"
  • There are 6 items that resemble Lives: 1 on the corner of the rooftop, 1 on a log from the rooftop, 1 on the side of the rooftop, as well as 3 behind a moving rope on the right side of the screen.
  • The Flashlight Guard has shiny Coins in his back pocket showing that the Coins have improved.
  • There is something gold on the cross bow that the Flashlight Guard had.
  • There is a water wheel near the water falls.

All of the Asia-related clues possibly lead to the conclusion that the gang maybe travels to Rioichi Cooper's time with Bentley's foreshadowed time machine in this level. It could also be related to the Panda King. It was originally believed by many that the guard on the rooftop was Sly, but when closely observed, it was known that it was clearly not him - the guard doesn't stand like Sly and when watching closely he doesn't look like Sly.

Kevin Miller (the voice actor of Sly) has confirmed that he has been contacted about voicing Sly 4. Miller's podcast, episode 302 is about Sly 4.