One night Sly decides to take a trip to see his lifelong friend Bentley.The next day he leaves on his trip,thinking back to all his adventures Bentley,Murray,and himself has had over the years.Sly thinks to himself I wonder if Bentley is up to pulling off a job one more time.He thinks to himself what is something valuable,that will be hard to get,and I have only one chance to get at.While on the plane with a couple hours till landing,Sly gets a newspaper.With in about 20 minutes of reading he stumbles upon a article that says museum presenting three rare jewels from shipwreck.The plane landed at night which gave Sly an oppurtunity to use the rooftops as a quick easy access to there hideout.Sly got there within minutes,for a normal person it would have been a while.Fortunately Sly was a master thief and knows a lot of his ancsestors moves.Sly finally entered the hideout, Bentley was shocked, its been so long since they have seen each other so they hung out for a while.Sly was unsure if Bentley would help him pull off one more job,but he asked anyways.Bentley thinking about finally said i guess i could have one more go,what do you have in mind he asked.I was reading a news paper while on the trip the big museum in this town is presenting three rare jewels tonight.I suppose i could hack into the system of that place and find out the security it should take about 10 minutes he said.Minutes passed Bentley finally said this might be tricky the museum is 30 stories high i hope you brought your cane.I have it but Bentley calm downwe used to do stuff like this all the time Sly said.Sly you don,t understand there is a lot of people there not including security guards,employees,and the people watching the cameras.We will have to take a indirect approach Sly said.Wait i think i have found a week spot! Bentley said.Before the presenttion the guests will not see the jewels because that would spoil it the lights will be off and you can make the quick grab.Sounds easy Sly said.Later, at the museum Sly sneaks past the guests from the ceiling grabs the jewels right as the lights come on and jumps out the window not knowing of what is through it.As Sly is falling, Bentley who was on the roof decides to go the way he goes hearing the guests who were wondering what happend to the jewels sees Sly falling, immediatly catches up is worried.There is no where for them to make a safe landing Sly throws the jewels to Bentley and says I know your wheel chair can slow down and glide to the ground,but i don,t think it will slow down that much for both of us.Sly whos trying to come up with a solution is thinking if I dont come up with something were both dead.He says to himself if I dont do something we both might be done,but i got to save Bentley to.He immediatly tells Bentley to meet him in the alley across the street in 5 minutes.Bentley said i,m counting on you Sly you better survive,I will Sly said sharply and told him to go.Sly thinks of something quick he grabs hold of the building trying to slow down a bit a jumps off the side to a statue in the middle of town like 30 feet away and lands safely using the NINJA SPIRE JUMP move from the THIEVIUS RACCOONUS.Sly met Bentley in the alley way just like he said he would Bentley who is relieved that Sly is ok head back to the hideout and take a look at the jewels and both say to each other a job well done.Sly who says out of nowhere, its good to be back in action I think i might be doing this a little while longer, Bentley said with enthusiasm i,m right there with you.