"Chaotic Truble" was a job for Bentley, Murray, The Guru, Panda King and Dimitri in the prologue of Sly Cooper: Dimentional Thifes.


The Setup

Hello, this is Bentley. I am the Brains of the Cooper gang. The Cooper gang is a band of Master Thifes. We go for the one golden Rule: We only steal from other thifes. But our Leader. Sly Cooper, is the person who created our gang. He is from a LONG line of Master Thifes. But Recently, hes been missing. We where restoring the Thifeius Racconus. The Coopers book. But during that operation, Cyrill LeParadox. A Skunk. He was the one eareasing the Cooper history. He was defeated by Sly on his Airship. But after the airship crashed, there is no sign left from him. He may be anywhere in the entire time space. Its been 2 months now. And me and Murray havent been like we used to.

But i got a letter. From a Anonymus source... that Sly was somewhere in 2050. In a labaratory. So me, Murray and our old friends from before, Guru, Panda King, Dimitri and Sly's... Love? Carmelita went to that time epoke. And now... IT WAS TIME. TO BRING SLY HOME.


Gameplay starts whit Bentley. He opens his BinotUcom and talks whit Carmelita. Bentley, after the convesation, walks into a corridor where he learns basic moves. Then he reaches a security computer. He hacks it. When hacked it done. Gameplay switches to Murray

Bentley says that he have to collect a barrel of Dynomite that is in the end of the corridor. And also drag a Lever there that will let the Guru get into a corridor and do the same thing. This goes on for some time. What the pepole learn in there you can Check at the main page of this game at Character Mechanics.

This hapens whit all of the characters. And when done, they all place the Dynomite on the floor in the starting room, whitch happens to be the celing to Sly's Cell.

When entering his Cell you can see a confused Sly, that then is happy to see his friends. They make a huge group hug. And then they are met by... PENELOPE.

Penelope stands in the opening of Sly's cell. Bentley and Penelope gets an argue (I WILL MAKE A DIALOUGES PAGE) that results in Penelope showing off her brand new invention. A Dimension Portal. She activates it and walks out of the Room sucking the whole gang into the next dimension.

Mission Compleated


  • Was wrote at the same time as listening to Christmas Eve/Sarajevo.
  • The name Chaotic Truble is unknown why, becouse it dosnt seem so chaotic, but trubleish.
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