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Prologue: Trapping a Thief is the tutorial episode in game title unknown. This is the first tutorial episode which allows control of Sly, Bentley, and Murray, all in one episode.


Time: 3:09 A.M. Prague

Sly slowly walked on the tightrope that led from the roof of the Safehouse to the top of the gloomy abandoned mansion that once belonged to the Contessa. The security systems that once existed, such as the lasers and spotlights, were all long dimmed and broken; the mansion itself was a wreck, as no one had dared go near the place after Contessa had ran from it for refuge.

"Remind me why we are visiting the Contessa's place again, Bentley?" Sly stated in his com link.

"It's simple, actually. There's a piece of paper I need you to get that discusses the Contessa's plans with the Clockwerk eyes with Arpeggio." replied Bentley.

"But...why the Clockwerk Eyes? We destroyed everything he had a while ago."

"I know, but...look, just get me that paper, ok? It's a long story, I'll tell you about it once we're in the Van."

"Alright pal, anything for you."

As Sly made his way to the top of the mansion, he noticed a quick movement far below him on solid ground. Sly stopped for an instant, then continued. "Bentley, can you do another check of the mansion for me? You know, to make sure it's truly abandoned?"

"Can do, but it'll take a few seconds. You keep moving, I'll cover you if you need me to."

"Thanks pal."

Sly continued traversing the wire, and then did a quick leap off of the wire onto the roof...or what seemed like the roof. Sly went directly through the hologram and landed into what seemed like a factory. Sly covered his eyes due to the immense amount of light throughout the factory. It was lined with conveyor belts, full of mechanical arms and legs, most of them rusted through time and age.

"Bentley, I don't think this mansion's abandoned"

"Right you are, Cooper." said a mysterious voice.

Sly looked up quickly and saw a spider-like figure walking towards him. As her face emerged from the shadows, Sly strafed away from the figure. "Contessa! You're still in existence?!"

"How amusing of you Cooper. Of course I am still here. Why wouldn't I?"

"Didn't you get a job as some sort of freak analyzer or something?"

"You say it so crudely, as if you like flaunting your lack of intelligence. Let's just say that my job was...a little boring."

"So what are you up to now, huh? Making a robot army is not like you."

"That is one thing you are correct about, Cooper. A robot army is not my thing at all. But, as you discovered moments ago, looks can be quite deceiving."

"Sly, I...I can't believe it! Her whole mansion is a complete hologram...gah, why didn't I notice those trees before! Sly, we need to resort to plan B; get out of there now!" Bentley blared in Sly's com.

"Listen, usually parties are my thing, but I think I'll come back when the main eve-"

"SILENCE! You think you can just drop into my place uninvited and expect to leave like the gentleman you aren't? Not this day Cooper, for I am one step ahead of you." Contessa snarled.

Contessa leaped towards Sly at a speed much faster than their last encounter, and Sly was pinned down, unable to move a single muscle. Contessa grabbed a black sheet...

"Murray, hit it! Sly's in danger, and we've got no backup. His com link's dead, which means we can't do anything."

"The Murray will save Sly! Don't worry about a thing Bentley, I'll save him!"

"Murray, no! We don't have anything planned. I lost you and Sly once, and I'm not willing to let it happen again!"

"Ok, so if we're not going after Sly, what are we supposed to do? Just sit and wait?"

"I hate to say it, but yes. Unless we can get-"

"Why hello there Cooper gang. What a nice surprise for you to revisit my location. Has that document about the Clockwerk Eyes really that appealing to you, my snubby turtle friend?"

"Let our friend go!" Murray proclaimed.

"Shut up, you fat hippo! No one asked you to-" Contessa replied

"I said, let our-"

"Murray, please, just calm down. I'll handle the talking." Bentley said. "What do you want?"

"Oh, I've already got what I wanted, I just wanted to tell you two that your little raccoon is in good hands. Have a wonderful night!" Contessa finished.

"Sly...Sly!" At this point, Murray was close to tears, and ran towards the darkness of the outside world, breaking the door wide open.

"Murray..." Bentley watched hopelessly.