Description:This is a story about Sly Cooper 5,and how Le Parodox gets his revenge after a year in prison.It's time to do or die for Sly and his gang,but when life is reversed,can Sly stop this maniac for good or will he triumph over the Cooper gang this time?With his new group of villians,he is much stronger now.Plenty of surprises and lot twists in this story!If you like this story,please comment.It means a lot to me! 16:54, February 9, 2013 (UTC)

Paris,France,7:34 P.M.

It was Le Parodox's first jail anniversary.Sly had found us 8 months ago.Le Parodox was clinging to the bars."Get me outta this haunted house,now,or else I'll order my guards to DESTROY YOU!""Sorry,Le Parodox,but you're in the clink for...48 more years.By the time you get out,you'll be 79!""Shut up,Sly Cooper.You're the one who got me locked up in this joint in the FIRST PLACE!""Yeah,it's my job to get horrible people locked up.And you're a horrible person,so...pretty self explanitory.""Don't YOU use big,stupid words on ME,raccoon!When I get out of jail so help me I will-"(A police officer walks in,and Sly and the gang hide.)Le Parododox,it's time for your court session.If you are found guilty enough,you will be hung.If not,you will remain in prison.If you prove innocent,you will be let out of prison.

Paris,France, 3:44 A.M.

"Le Parodox,you have been found guilty.But,you will not be hung.Take him to the prison,men!""Thank, you,your honor." Says Le Parodox.Once back in solitary confinement,he starts to break out.Once he makes a huge hole in the wall with his sward,he runs out,finally free.He breaks his handcuffs,ball and chain,and defeated all the guards that pursued him.He found his old time machine,and traveled to stone age Scotland,where another Cooper lived.He hired a mysterious figure to steal his cane and capture and kill Slai Maccooper.Once killing Slai,no other coopers would have ever been born...not even Sly.He then travelled to Fuedel,Japan,to try to kill Rioichi once again.He hired Penelope,but she refused.She wanted to patch things up with Bentley.So Le Parodox ordered his guards to arrest her and send her back to prison,from which she had escaped after beingnthe black Knight.She was thrown back in,this time in solitary confinement.As she tried to escape,Le Parodox hired another villian to wipe out Rioichi.He hired 7 others to destroy the Cooper clan at the weak points.He went to the construction site of the Titanic.The ship was still being built.