Hex Alucard is a member of the Syndicate. He's a Romanian Vampire Bat. He voiced by



He originated in ancient Transylvania; once a holy priest but was corrupted by the dark influence of the devil himself after making a deal to save his life. Cursed to forever live on as a blood sucking creature of the night; turning innocent victem into his loyal minions. He was awakend in the present day by Drako and joined the Syndicate

Sly Cooper: Legacy Thieves


He is shadowy, devious, twisted, and he's known to be hospitible, humble and pollight twords his guests


Hex is a powerful sorcerer; who is a lot older than he looks; he’s more than 500 years old having used a special body transference ritual for over 5 centuries with hypnotoc abilities. He has shown super strength and he can fly. He has a sign of Vampirism as he hasa craving for the blood of his victim, unless he maintain his self-controll


  • He's very simular to Count Dracula