Futuristic New York is a hub world in Sly 5 that takes place in New York, 2134 AD. The villain here is called Someone.


The gang ventures here to save Sly’s great grandson, Dylan Cooper. They discover that Someone learned with Dylan when they learned in Elementary School. Someone hated Dylan because Dylan always stole his mechanical pencils... So when they grew up Someone took revenge and built a robot army, took over Manhattan and pot Dylan on the spike above the Empire State Building, which makes the escape impossible for 2 reasons:

  1. If he jumps, he'll immediately die.
  2. If he'll try the elavator, the Gargoyles that are watching will attack him.


  • Metal structures
  • Floating vehicles
  • Empire State Building
  • Central "Park"
  • Someone's office (inside the Unisphere)
  • Statue of Liberty, now attack robot
  • Subway
  • Many Skyscrapers
  • Clue Bottles
  • Secret Sly Masks
  • Safehouse

Dylan's Cane

Dylan's Cane is a lightsaber that can perform a laser in the shape of I and also C, and he can electrocute the guards with it.


Robotic Giraffe- Flashlight Guards

Robotic Hamster- Rooftop Guards

Robotic Dog- Second Rooftop Guards

For Sly, Bentley and Carmelita it is very dangerous to face guards because they are too strong.

Pickpocket treasures

  • IPhone 34k- 500 coins
  • Mechanical Pencil- 200 c.
  • Robot eye- 100 c.
  • Golden Hotdog- 500 c.


Say Chease! (Sly Cooper)

Sly takes pictures of the operation:

  1. Empire State Building
  2. Dylan's Cooling factory
  3. 4 Gargoyles
  4. Statue of liberty

Beatdown (Sly and Murray)

Sly steals 8 keys to turn on the elevating system back on. Then Murray gets up the the final floor of the Empire State Building and fights the 4 Gargoyles in a boss fight: You punch one normally until 1/4 of his health is gone, then he flys away and the next one comes... After you beat all of them, Murray says to Dylan: "Hey Dylan! Your great grampa send me!"

"Sly Cooper? And you must be Murray! The fat guy that died in..."

"Just come and don't bother me".

Subway Chase (Sly and Dylan)

Sly must find the 20 "Wanted" posters of the Cooper Gang that Someone put recently. After that is complete, find your way to the river and toss the papers to the water. Then when Someone gets out of his hiding, Dylan encounters him. Afraid, he escapes and Dylan chases them as Someone heads to his base of operations in the end of the Subway tunnels. Bentley says to Dylan not to enter, because it is very dangerous, and only Sly could do it, because he's perfected the Shadow Power.

Bzzzzzzzzzt (Carmelita and Dylan)

Carmelita and Dylan enter Dylan's Cooling factory, and discover that all the power is drained. So together they use Carmelita's Shock Pistol and Dylan's Lightsaber to turn the power on.

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