Opening Monologue

"All we had to go with locating in the next Syndicate member, is that he's the organization's underwater salvage expert. Bentley and Carmelita have tried to cross reference any big salvage operations, both legit or illegal, but nothing has popped up on our radar so far.

Then it hit Bentley that anything the Klaww Syndicate was financing, would be covered up by something no one would guess otherwise. He looked into any recent ocean operations, within the vacinity of shipwrecks. At last, he uncovered a oil rig, just but off the coast of Mistaken Point, in Newfoudland, but there were no sites nearby. Based on its construction time, there had to be Klaww Syndicate operations going on there.

We then got the name of the man in charge of that rig, but McSweeney saw through his given alias, and pointed him out as the lord of the underwater blackmarket, "Anchorhead" Neptune. Once a rig welder, Anchorhead saw profit with his diving skills and became contract salvager, taking chances in order get a payday, as well as preserve the sunken sites he salvaged. But an incident off the coast of Wales, one caused by none other than Fiendish Five member Sir Raleigh, cost Anchorhead both his salvage vessel, the loot, and the site.

Stripped of his legal documentation for salvaging, Anchorhead became a modern day pirate, ransacking and destroying ships for valuables, both sunken and still afloat. His rising criminal empire allowed him entry into the Klaww Syndicate, where he helped bypass the underwater security for Kaine Island.

I feel bad that one of my family's hated enemies ruined his life, but that doesn't make up for the fact that he's now profiting and murdering with one of my ancestoral canes. The gang packed up and set sailed for Newfoundland. One thing still puzzled me, from Anchorhead's location there were no shipwrecks of which he could profit from. I told Bentley to expand the search radius, and he did, to over hundreds of ocean miles. 600km was a site that's had recent activity, based on satellite imagery. But when Bentley pinpointed the exact longitude and laditude, I knew something was seriously wrong.

Carmelita's favorite movie had something to do with that site, as they referenced it..but I just couldn't think of And then it hit the entire gang as we realized what Anchorhead and Syndicate were planning to ransack and destroy. We all blurted out at the same time, it was the last resting place... of the TITANIC!"

Sly Cooper and the Gang


That Sinking Feeling



The Heist


Surface Guards

Oceanfloor Guards

Dolphin - Reinforcement Guards

Anglerfish - Flashlight Guards