Opening Monologue

"I felt like I could barely stand, with the pressure of everything that's happened in the last 48 hours. Carmelita's imprisoned, Interpol and the Klaww Syndicate are hot on our tails, and besides Murray, Bentley's lost contact with most of the old gang. It all felt unbearable. But I had to pull it together, the Cooper Gang's only hope of stopping these criminal masterminds is by getting back the stolen canes of my ancestors. But first we had to find one of the low-level members of this mysterious syndicate. Bentley crunched numbers night and day, until he finally found a lead.

Charting a flight to Denver, we began to make our way to the majestic mountain ranges of Colorado, where we believe a renegade is on the loose, using one of my ancestral canes to strike back at those that stole his people's land.

His name is Tecumsah Thunderhide. A vengeful young man, Thunderhide's lived a harsh life, growing up on the poverty-stricken reservation outside of the small town of Centennial. He learned at a young age to cherish and protect the natural world around him, and to follow his people's ancient ways, even in the bleakest of times. But as he got older, he grew more cynical, especially as he saw what the white men were doing to the once cherished lands. His rage overpowered him when he discoverd that the Tribal elders were intending to turn what land they held left into a casino, one that stood as a symbol of greed and a mockery of everything Thunderhide was raised to hold dear.

So he took action, and transformed the younger generations on the resevation into stone cold killers. Together they overthrow the elders and began a ramapage across Colorado, attacking towns across the map and commiting antique crimes like train robbery, cattlerustling, homestead burning, and general raids against those destroying the environment. This violent rebellion has eluded authorities for months, especially after Thunderhide joined the ranks of the Klaww Syndicate. For his vengeful crusade, he was allowed to keep the pistols that belonged to Tennessee Kid Cooper. A western outlaw, he invented the rail slide technique, and pulled off hundreds of train heists with his trusty pair of six-shooters. The Thievius Raccoonus claims that these infamous guns never miss a target, no matter what the distance.

I understand Thunderhide's intent, to try and preserve the environment his people once lived on, and the heritage that once made them a proud race. But his crime spree is unacceptable, especially if he intends to use Cooper property to intensify it. Now he's hiding out in somewhere in Centennial, where the population has mysteriously disappeared overnight. We're going to get to the bottom of this, and make sure he can't pull off another raid against those he wants to pay for the crimes of the past."

Sly Cooper and the Gang


Only the Rocks Live Forever



Locating the Man with the Golden Guns

Sly takes recon photos around the tourist trap Centennial, discovering Thunderhide's activist group has cut off all communications. There are no signs of where the missing citizens could of gone, but Sly does discover that the Indians have captured and locked up the FBI in the Ghost Town jail, to keep their location and current operation secret. He also learns that the activists paid off the toughest and meanest members of the Tribal police, to help patrol the grounds around town.

Nearby in the northeast is the old reservation Thunderhide's people once inhabitated. Down stream is the site of what was to be a gambling casino, before the uprising occurred. What remains is a partially burned down construction site. Near the entrance to the Ghost Town is an old cemetary called Boot Hill, with a tunnel opening underneath that is suspiciously bolted shut with a modern security door.

Upstream is the part of Centennial that connects with the highway. The shops are destroyed and have been looted for supplies, and the road is completely littered with abandoned cars and constantly patrolled by guards riding atop armored longhorns. To the western border of town is the Rockies, to the east is the rich plains that have been turned into farmlands. Thunderhide makes his base in the mayor's home, surrounded by armed Buffalo and trained ravens. He's religiously devoted to his prized new weapons, for even blindfolded and standing backwards, he manages to hit an object off the head of a tied-up police officer, a young and terrified recruit. Jeep patrols pass by on a routine basis, which catch Sly off guard and alert most of the guards to his position. Sly barely escapes with all the recon photos he's taken around town, and of Thunderhide.

Boot Hill Bait-&-Switch

Bentley sends Sly and Murray to investigate the tunnel underneath the cemetary. Something important is going on underneath the hill, and its hidden behind a thick metal door.

Mr. Plow

The Heist


Bobcats - Rooftop Guards

Bears - Rooftop Guards

Coyotes- Reinforcement Guards

Mustangs- Flashlight Guards