Opening Monologue

"As our search for the Guru intensified, based on what little information we dragged out of Dr. Pariah, I began to think. Most of these criminals were out to stop me for my family's thieving ways, but what if some of the Klaww Syndicate members had grudges on specific members in our gang. I asked Murray if the Guru knew anyone who had a big enough vendetta against the Guru.

He was hesitant, but he told us all about one such student, possibly the Guru's greatest student, Angela "Bluegrass" Buchanan.

A failed country music star, she had a one-hit-wonder, then was ditched by her producers and left strapped for cash. She tried any gig she could find, leading her all the way to the Outback. There she was found and trained by the Guru, who taught her the Dreamtime, and gave her the energy to write even greater songs. The Guru, however, saw that she wanted only to profit from these techniques, to use them to make music and create extravagent performaces using the Dreamtime techniques. He refused to teach her anymore, just as she was close to obtaining the title of Dreamtime Master.

From there the clues from Pariah fill in the blanks, Bluegrass got her revenge by joining the Klaww Syndicate and becoming it's Dreamtime Mystic. They helped her to use her powers and combine with music to the fullest degree, and using it to strike back against those in the music industry that betrayed her. Bluegrass then helped abduct the Guru for some unknown reason, and is now holding him captive somewhere in her hideout, just on the outskirts of Lexington, Kentucky.

She now has one of my family's canes, and Murray's mentor. This wannabe star is about to hear the fat lady sing."

Sly Cooper and the Gang


Long Hard Dreamtimes to Come