Episode 1: The Fast and the Ferocious


Cinematic Animated Cutscene

Scene: The screen fades from black from Sly’s symbol and shows the gang in the team van, Bentley and Penelope at a computer with a map plotted out, plotting their course across the world and tracking the energy signature from the 10 gems, the closest one being in the Paris area and Carmelita pulling up police files, images of a devious and shady looking black panther showing up.

Sly: To find out who Dr. M had working for him and where they were Bentley managed to track the energy signature of the gems through the device left in the Louvre and the closest one was located in Monte Carlo, and it was in the hands of Monaco’s most notorious crime boss and pro-racer on the Monte Carlo circuit; Axel Dasher.

Scene: The images zoom in on the police file of the Black Panther and give info on his backstory and everything about him.

Sly: In the beginning he was just a rookie street racer, challenging anyone and everyone he could find on the late night racing strips of Rio; pretty soon he made a name for himself in racing and made it in a few pro matches; however due to his over confidence and lack of mercy he was targeted by the mob who control the more…seedy sections of the racing world and he was in a tragically accident, leaving him scarred for life as well as having his title stolen from him by a man by the name of “Maxwell Potimus”.

Scene: Images show of Axel racing and being one of the best and beginning to cheat after letting the fame go to his head; the mob watching him and then a tragic crash during the Monte Carlo Grand Prix a few years ago.

Sly: That accident changed him, and now he’s a ruthless crime lord in Monte Carlo but no one knows that; he managed to cover his tracks with the help of the very mob that caused his accident, given he took out their leader and all. He runs a fancy hotel/resort & casino called “Racing Aces”; he’s rumored to be organizing this years Monte Carlo Grand Prix and has “plans” for the lead racers…I don’t know what he’s up to yet, but I can be sure it’s no good…and that gem he has will only increase his chances…so it’s high time we shifted into high gear and showed this chump the true meaning of speed!

Sly Cooper & the Gang in…

The Fast and the Ferocious!


In-Game Cutscene



Monte Carlo, Monaco; France: Operation Day 1, 9:30 P.M.


Scene: The camera pans into the shining city of Monte Carlo, lights flashing, hotels open, people roaming the streets, music playing; and the city is live with lights; and on the farther side is the race track and already, cars are speeding through, training for the up and coming Monte Carlo Grand Prix. The team van drives through the city streets, everyone in the van looking on in awe; many of them hadn’t been to Monte Carlo and were surprised at the sights, Murray feeling the adrenaline floors it and races into the car garage of the safe house they arranged for, the team getting out of the van a bit dizzy and surprised.

Sly: Whoa Murray what’s the rush? I know we’re on a job but jeez

Murray: Sorry Sly, I was feelin’ the rush! I love this city…just something about this place that always has me more pumped than usual! Like there is something here waiting for the Murray to find it!

Bentley: Well hopefully one of these days you’ll find what you’re looking for but for right now we need to stay focused and get the job done, we’ll need to survey the area and get a feel for what Axel might be up to…Good thing Dimitri has contacts out here; this Penthouse is perfect to set up operations.

Dimitri: Oi, no problem turtle bro, Dimitri le grand has le gangs back big time; this penthouse is totally greasy sweet!

Bentley: Well put Dimitri, alright Sly I’ll need you to go on recon around the area; I’ve scanned the area and set up key point for you to take pictures, once you finish come on back to the safehouse and we should be ready with a plan to start by then.

Sly: Roger that Bentley…

Scene: Before Sly leaves Carmelita grabs onto him and pulls him close and whispers in his ear with a smile.

Carmelita: And after this mission is over…you and me have unfinished business ringtail

Sly: -Gives his trademark grin and chuckles a bit and kisses Carmelita quickly on the lips- Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten…now go on.

Scene: Carmelita let’s go of Sly, but of course Sly doesn’t pass up a chance to tease Carmelita and gives her a playful tap to the rear with the side of his cane and grins slugging it over his shoulder, seeing her giggle and blush in response.

Sly: Hehe I can tell I’m probably gonna pay for that in some kind of way later…Alright time to get to work.

Monte Carlo World Guards

Ground and Rooftop Guards: Black cats and Rabbits

Flashlight Guards: Lions

Stealth Guards: Chameleons

Sniper Guards: White Doves

Mission 1: Hitting the Town

Gameplay: The mission begins right after the Cutscene ends; take control of Sly and head out through the parking garage and there will be waypoint markers all around the city go to each and take pictures. You’ll need to take snapshots of the Monte Carlo racing circuit, the workshops, and the racers. Once you take a picture of the racers, Sly will overhear them talking and Bentley will tell him to eavesdrop in on them to see if he can gather any Intel

Conversation between Racers

Scene: There are 7 racers, 6 male and one female; the female looking to be a good looking cheetah woman with long blonde hair with black highlights and a leather black and yellow racing suit on with the letters “ F.S” stamped on the back.

Racer 1: So Sparks whatdya think your chances of winning this year are?

Sparks: Humph must you really ask? I’ll win this year like I do every year…even if that dirt bag Axel decides to try and sabotage the races again…I swear one day he’ll get his…

Racer 2: You should be careful Sparks; Dasher has eyes and ears everywhere…

Sparks: Ha! Oh please he’s sent his pathetic goons after me before why should I be worried? Besides I got a personal score to settle with him for what he did to Maxi…

Racer 3: Still goin’ on about that accident that Maxwell Potimus had? C’mon let it go, all the evidence they found say that Dasher had nothing to do with his accident or the disappearance of his wife and kid

Sparks: Believe what you want, I know a guilty man when I see one…

Racer 4: -Sarcastically- And who are we to argue with the great Felicia Sparks…

Scene: Sly listening in can’t help but look a tad conflicted and confused about something; as if he’d heard that name before.

Sly: Felicia Sparks? Now why does that name sound so familiar to me…

Bentley: -Over com-link- I don’t know Sly but that name has my brain jogging too

Murray: Ditto and double for me…I can’t help but feel like I know her from somewhere…

Bentley: Well whoever she is, we should keep an eye on her…she might be useful to us somehow later…Anyway now that you’ve finished at the track, head over to Dashers resort and take some photos, would be good to have eyes on the inside.

Sly: Roger that, I’m on my way.

Gameplay: Leave the race track and head to the casino/resort and take a picture of the entire hotel. Once you do that, go to the front door and take a picture of the bouncers at the door and Bentley will bring up that there is no way inside through the front without a disguise and that’s the only way in since there are snipers up on the roof as well as stealth guards. Sly won’t be able to find a good way in, and the only ones the bouncers seem to be letting in are the bartending bunny girls and Sly gets an idea and calls in Carmelita.

Sly: Hey Carmelita…remember how you said you’d love to wear one of those bunny girl suits one day…

Carmelita: -A bit confused and questionable- Yeah why?

Sly: Well now’s your chance…I need you to swipe a bunny girl costume and finish taking recon for me in the resort.

Carmelita: -Reluctantly- W…What? No way! I said I wanted to wear that for you not strut around in it, in a hotel and resort full of drunken slot machine playing slobs…

Sly: We don’t have many other options here Carmelita; C’mon…and look on the Brightside…you’ll be able to keep the costume after the mission is done…

Carmelita: -Sighs in annoyance- Fine I’ll do it…where can I find one?

Sly: I’ll distract the guards out front and you speed in and head for the bunny girls stage dressing room…from that point it should be pretty simple.

Carmelita: Fine but you owe me for this ringtail…

Sly: And when have I never repaid in full?

Carmelita: -Giggles a bit- Good point…

Note: Carmelita’s gameplay is very similar to what it was in Sly 3, but with changes of course to make her flow better, as well as her own set of power-ups, special moves, and a stealth takedown of her own.

Gameplay: Take control of Carmelita who is currently standing at the top of the penthouse looking down upon the city; you’ll now utilize a new ability that both she and Sly have called: Ferial Rush. Which; when equipped, allows you to hold down onto the selected button [L1, L2, R2] and slow the scene down and target what are called “pounce points” and bound across distances quickly and get across area’s quickly without just jumping off a building and having to have to run across places and encountering guards. Use this ability to get to the ground quickly once Sly has distracted the guards and get into the casino.

Once inside head through to the back quickly and you’ll be in the bunny girl dressing room [and yes all of the bunny girls are actually bunnies ha-ha] Grab the nearest costume and at first Carmelita will complain on how tight and revealing it is and will grab a tray of drinks and head out into the open area. From this point begin taking recon. Take recon of the slot machines, the blackjack tables, the roulette wheels and the high intense surround sound speakers and the effects it has on the stealth guards in the room; which Bentley will find rather interesting.

After you do that one of the bunny girls will come up to you and say that Dasher requested a special cocktail drink to be delivered to him ASAP. Go to the bar and a mini game will ensue where you must match the buttons as they scroll across the table to mix the drink perfectly, if you mess up more than 4 times you’ll be seen as a phony and the mission will fail. Once you’ve successfully mixed and poured the drink. Go to the nearby elevator and go up to Dasher’s penthouse and deliver his drink and he’ll begin to speak with you as his sips his drink sitting on a throne like chair at the end of the room.

Dasher: Thank you girl…it’s times like these that I need a strong cocktail…

Carmelita: Well…sir if I may ask…what seems to be troubling you?

Dasher: This damn Grand Prix…rigging it is taking a lot of time and money, that I am quickly running out of…I’ll need to further rig the sets on the games so that more people play and more people lose. More they play and lose, the more money I have…and this race…oh I’ll be sure that this year…that little pest Felicia doesn’t stand in my way…I’ve made special arrangements with a hitman to be rid of her…in fact he should be here in a moment…

Scene: From the elevator behind them, lumbers out the hitman and it’s none other than Don Octavio.

Dasher: Ah! There he is right now…welcome Octavio…

Octavio: Ah good to be a here Mr.Dasher…so you a need a me to take a care of a little lady eh? Seems a simple enough for a big time man like myself…

Dasher: Don’t underestimate her…she’s a lot more powerful than she looks…hm…Bunny Girl, leave us…he and I have business to discuss…

Carmelita: Oh…yes sir…forgive me…

Scene: Carmelita begins to walk out but not before Octavio gets fresh and taps her behind and Carmelita uses every ounce of control she has to keep herself from cleaning his clock. Calming down she gets in the elevator; and just before the door closes, the binocucom comes up and it’ll tell you to take a picture of Octavio and Dasher and then Carmelita will radio into to Sly.

Sly: Did you get what you needed?

Carmelita: Mostly yeah, but I couldn’t stick around to hear them talk…and Octavio is here too…and I am so gonna kill him before this mission is over…no one slaps my behind and lives to tell about it…

Sly: -Chuckles- Except me…

Carmelita: -Blushes- Oh hush Sly…anyway I’m on my way back to the safehouse now.